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Thread: The Halflings

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I thought that Sam was greatly overlooked considering his part in the story. But other then that love every bit and piece of information I can get on my two favorite halflings: Frodo and Sam. I loved their parts in the movies and in the books. And now I love collecting information on them.
Other information on other characters (merry,gandalf,etc.) is really cool too. As I am collecting information on everyone.
I suggest consulting the books. There's pieces of information about this characters in there, i believe.
Ack! I've already read the books Tongue Smilie
Have you fully mined the Appendicies, for there Tolkien reports even greater honors and rewards for Sam and his many decendants. Being elected mayor of the Shire seven times is nothing to sneeze at.
might it also be worth the effort to read the biographical books like the encyclopedia to Tolkiens middle-earth or something?
You mean like the online Encyclopedia of Arda and Robert Foster's The Complete Guide to Middle-earth ISBN 0-345-44976-2?

yes but the appendices and books are the original source i think so that was a mistake
try this webpage


it's all about sam and his role and deeds during and after the fellowship