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Thread: Turin Turambar! (a tale of brutally honest ironies)

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Did you check the Characters thread?

Grondmaster moved this thread and its replies from The Silmarillion. There is also Turin son of Hurin found on page two of Characters. Moderator Smilie

[Edited on 30/4/2002 by Grondmaster]
Hi Courtman14!
At last someone interested in Turin - by far my favourite story of all Tolkien world.
Yes Oedipus Rex has certainly much in common with him... but also Siegmund from "The Niebelungen" and his love to his sister Sieglind... And Kullervo son of Kalervo (did I spell it well?) from the Finnish "Kalevala"...
Sorry but i visited the forum on turin already in characters and i found it dissapointiing, so this is my forum on turin i would have prefered that it was not moved to this section because this forum will focus on the story of Turin, the full account of which id give in the similarion and in the unfinished tales.
Sorry Courtman, I didn't mean to dob you in. Sad Smilie

btw, have you checked in to the Writer's Guild yet? or the Members thread in one of the taverns? PT has lots of groovy features for members including things like news, fan fiction, and private postBodys. You might like to check them out.
Deal Smilie Big Smile Smilie
Courtman14: If you would really like this thread moved back to The Silmarillion I can move it back, I just figured it was to be about the character Turin Turambar and not necessarily about The Silmarillion in general. Here you could draw-in any number of references for your discussion. There, it should be more centered on the SIL. I can live with it either way and didn't intend to be dictatorial, please forgive me. Very Sad Smilie
hey dont worry about it, lets talk Turin
by the way Grond i like your quote, those are great books and douglas adams' death recently is a damn shame
I am just reading Turin's tale now in the Unfinished Tales, and I find it so much better than the section about him in the Silmarillion. In the Unfinished tales it seems more...fleshed out, if you take my meaning. I can relate to Turin more now, I couldn't before.
I agree Sam, I like the UT version better too. There is also more about Turin in Lost Tales 2. I went back and read all 3 versions together, and it really filled in a lot of details for me. It also made so much more sense.

Well, if this thread is suppose to be about the ironies of Turin, lets talk about them. There are quite a few out there. Courtman14 this is YOUR thread, so I'll let you get the ball rolling so to speak.
I have found that the Lost Tales focuses more on the small details and the Silmarillion on the big picture. Even so I will have to read both of them twice before I get all of the details out of them.