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Thread: Fidouilas

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Hi everyone!This time I want to know your opinion for Fidouilas.I think she was a gentle,noble woman who died from her depress.What surprises me is that after her death Denethor became so narrow minded and cruel.His sons however,were compelitely diffrent from each other.On the one hand,Boromir was ambitious and selfish.He was a good warrior but he did not have the gift to understand how people feel.On the other hand Faramir was more interested in his people and that whas the reason of his father's anger.What do you think?
I do not know about that. People's minds are a touch more complicated than just the outward appearance, and I believe Tolkien understood this when creating this particular character set.

Denethor was a sour old man, yes, after his beloved died. He may have been leaning that way even for a time before. He had many pressures to deal with. He was raising his sons to take over the post he had held so dutifully, and this on top of his wife’s failing health brought him to mind of his own mortality. He watched as the lands around him- lands that were his responsibility, fell into darkness, and try as he might he could only hold fast to what he had left. He saw everything he loved and cherished slipping through his fingers. It was the death of his wife that pushed him over the edge. He had to protect what was left to him, but he could no longer think clearly enough to see what that truly was.

Borimir was a young man forced to grow up too quickly by the heavy expectations of his father, and the burden he saw that he would someday have to shoulder. His father likely had him convinced in his heart that this burden would be his, alone. It is no wonder that he would be very in-turned, self-conscious, he felt that the eyes of theworld were on him alone. He was not so much selfish, as frustrated with himself for not being able to live up to his father’s constantly raising standards. He was a good, loving brother, but there is a limit to what one mind and soul can bear, and Borimir was being pushed to his limit.

Faramir was the younger son, traditionally the outcast, considered the final resort should something happen to the elder son. Denethor was sore at the reminder of the possible mortality of his older beloved son, and also the text mentions that Faramir looked very much like his mother, another painful reminder to Denethor of what he had lost. Faramir was scorned and belittled, set impossible tasks, left to live up to the stuff of legends in order to gain his father’s attention, not even approaching his respect. Faramir therefore turned to the people, as Borimir was always off on his father’s errands, and he found acceptance and friendship. The people taught him that his best was enough, and all they expected, and so he was not pressured inwards, as was Borimir, and he had already accepted his own mortality, so he was not driven into frenzies like his father, worrying over who would protect what was precious to him if he was gone- he trusted the people to do that.

This is how I see it. I hope it helps you a bit, even though I am no expert. It maybe less complicated than this, or even more so. This is just how I see it…
Finduilas is difficult to analyze, because we see little of her, and that long after her death. I have little to offer besides the traditional view of her as a sensitive soul ill prepared to confront the horror of living within sight of Minas Morgul and Orodruin. The very qualities attracting Denethor to her ensured she couldn't long survive in Minas Tirith. And of course her early death was a body blow to Denethor II who must have felt it to presage the ultimate fate threatening both he and his wards. Of course, there's a school of thought that says if you name your daughter "Finduilas" you're just asking for trouble. ;-p
If we are talking about Finduilas (I am not sure who Fidouilas is) then what Finduilas are we talking about? The one that got nailed to a tree, or the delicate flower that whilted under the ruthless image of the Eye?

If we are talking about Denethor's spouse, I reckon she was the sister of Prince Imrahil, born in T.A. 2951 in Dol Amroth, who married Denethor in T.A. 2976 and died in T.A. 2988, when Faramir was 5 and Boromir 8.

As for her character, she was kind and gentle (which shows in Faramir's character; she may even have passed Elven blood to her sons) and indeed she whilted like a flower in Minas Tirith, unable to cope with the horror in the East. Not everyone can be as brave as Xenarwen, Warrior Princess. *sobs*

If we are talking the daughter of Orodreth, the golden-haired she-elf that loved Túrin Turambar then we are talking about an impossible love... for Túrin Turambar did not like blondes. No, that was Túrin Morambar.
But alas, she realized this too late and ended up nailed to a tree, provoking the wrath of a yet young, but already obtuse, Fangorn. Happens when she-elves go after mortals. Never ends well - even though daddy always warns them.
Happens when she-elves go after mortals. Never ends well - even though daddy always warns them.
Ah but these younger generations never listen to their fathers until after they have made their bad decisions. (I warned my daughter that that Dodge Ram pick-up truck was going to slurp gasolene big-time: like 4 mpg) and sure enough she bought it and it does and now she's unhappy.) Kids!!! Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
I came across some wise words in some book that I read recently: "By the time a man realizes his father was right, he has a son who think's he is wrong", or something like that. I forgot the exact wording, but that is basically what it said. Although it's at least five years ahead before I would even get married, through my vast reading, I have found that it is usually true. But in my case, I won't know that from personal experience for about 20 years minimum.Smile Smilie
Although it's at least five years ahead before I would even get married

Why, you've already ordered a South-East-Asian or Eastern-European bride?
Why, you've already ordered a South-East-Asian or Eastern-European bride?
Naw, nothing like that, it's because, he doesn't know any available millionairesses and he doesn't yet want to get a second job, which will be required in order that he can afford to support a wife in the manner in which she wishes to be kept.