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Thread: eomer

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hi everyone!this time I want your opinion about Eomer ,Third Marshal of the Mark and king of Rohan.In the books he is described as a loyal and kind man.He had a tough childhood because of his parents'death.Despite that he remainded faithful to his king.I want to know what happened after the event of being king.Can you help me?
I wish I could; all I can tell you for certain is he hosted Merry for at least one extended stay, and that the two were relatively close. Guess you save the life of the kings only sibling and he remembers you fondly. Beyond that I can't tell you much, other than to suggest Enyclopedia of Arda (online) as a good source for this kind of thing, though:

Éomer Éadig at EoA

There's also a little backstory on influences here:


Wiki has little to add to EoA on the fate of Éomer himself, save that Elfwines mother was Prince Imrahils daughter Lothíriel, and that "Éomer's sword was called Gúthwinë (Old English battle-friend)." He was 90-91 at his death.
After deftly evading Gimli's axe after choosing the evening over the morning, he married Lothíriel, the daughter of Prince Imrahil (he literally picked a flower, since Lothíriel means 'flower maiden'), and became the King of Rohan which he stayed until his death in F.A. 63 (Merry was present at his death).

His son Elfwinë succeeded him.

Tis also mentioned in the Appendices to LOTR that "often the hooves of the Rohirrim steeds were heard on the fields of Rhûn and Harad" (or something in the like), which means that during the first years of the Fourth Age, he and Aragorn were mostly busy mopping up the lands which used to be loyal to Sauron.