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Thread: Carcaroth

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Does anyone have a good picture of Carcaroth at all....???....i'm desperate please help..
Hi Leaves Smile Smilie I welcome you to PT Smile Smilie
I'm sorry I cannot help you with that but feel free to ask the council members .They always help a friend in need Happy Elf Smilie
Hi Mellon.....thanks for the warm welcome...

So how do I ask the council members..??

and what can I buy with my Mithril pieces..??
Hey you ..look at your account or go to message board in the forum
Just have....cant find any council members..!!
Have you checked out the thread about :Characters , if there are anything about Carcaroth ?
Im sure Grondy . Vir or Armariť will help you when they read you thread..sorry I cant help you any further ..Loss are you out there ?
Welcome to Planet-Tolkien Leaves. Happy Elf Smilie You can contact we council members via the "Contact Us" link at the far right of the menu which is at the bottom of our banner; this sends us each an email; one of us will try to answer it when we can. You can also send an individual member or a council member by name, a PM via the menu under "My Account". Or you can simply ask your question in a thread, but try to put it in an existing thread about the same topic if you can find one, or start a new thread if you can't. At least one council member monitors (reads) every thread with new posts daily; this may be the quickest way to get a variety of answers due to the amount of SPAM we receive via email.

Now then, as to finding a picture of Beren's hand remover, I don't know where to find one, but you might try a Google search for "Carcharoth" "+artwork". Also search for "Anfauglir" "+artwork".

Has anyone yet done an Illustrated Silmarillion? I haven't heard of one, but then I haven't even viewed the Illustrated Hobbit or the Illustrated Lord of the Rings, which I know are out there.
I gladly provide a pic of the mighty and dreadful Carcharoth : Carcharoth
Oh Vir Big Laugh Smilie You always make me laugh
Very good Vir! I like that one. Ha Ha Ha Smilie

As to a picture of Carcaroth, you could try searching the net for known Tolkien artists, (John Howe or Alan Lee, for example), as they are the most likely to have done a picture of the dreadful beast!

Hope it helps. Serching Smilie
Vir! as I said earlier, you are a beast!

But that sure is one cute beast you have there!

Leaves, I picture Carcaroth as a giant shaggy wolf with dreaery black eyes and and saliva-dripping mouth. The teeth are huge and smelly, of course. And he is all black, with only his white teeth shining in the shadow. His limbs are thick and tufts of fur are ruffled due to his pugnacious nature. And his ears stick straight up, for he's always alert.

Oh, well, I really don't have any images to help. It seems as if no one really likes the beast enough to draw him. But you might wanna just search up some berserk wolf; it would most close resemble Carcaroth.
H guys...again thanks for the warm welcome...

I have managed to find only 2 pictures of Carcaroth....one a simple sketch the other an epic piece with Luthien holding him at bay....the only thing is he looks like a giant huskie and far too cute to be The Red Maw...!!

Not unlike Vir's Pekinese in fact..!! Dog Smilie
Roger Garland created a painting of a rather dreadful Carcharoth : Roger Garland's Carcharoth