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Thread: Sharku

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Does anybody knows anything about Sharku(old man).
Was his warg different than the others?help?
Sharkey is Saruman, it comes from Orcish sharku meaning old man. That's all.
hey, in the movie, is that warg rider who "kills" or observes aragorn "dying" called sharku?
cuz that would make sense to this post
No, his name was George.
Mud is the name of that dead Worg rider. When he left home for work that morning, his wive had warned him, "If you don't bring home some manflesh for dinner to night, your name will be mud."
The dying orc was not given a name in the script and neither the scene or the orc existed in Tolkien's work.
Like Virumor, I suspect that you are confusing the name given to Saruman by the men and orcs in Isengard. Sharku meaning 'old man' in the orc language.
ok, so sarumon says that he thinks "shrky" and "sharku" were terms of affection for him right?
cuz he says that

wouldnt he know that it meant old geezer?

Hey, us Old Geezers usually don't mind being called 'old geezer', 'old curmudgeon', 'old man', 'old f*rt', etc. Our having made it through life long enough to be called by one of those epitaphs is usually a reward in itself, so we usually just consider them terms of endearment, no matter the speakers intent. Orc Grinning Smilie

i was just thinking of something like that
first people want to be older
then people are happy at their age
then people want to be younger
then people are scared of getting older
then people are proud to have made it that far
Hehe, that is awesome Elrose! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

As far as I know, there isn't an orcish word that radiates a sense of love or endearment. I would guess, since Saruman helped manipulated and breed a new branch of the orcish infestation, he would know a little of their nature, giving him this insight on their language. May haps his claim of "Sharkey" (“Sharkú”) being an orcish endearment was a sign of how the power and sense of the istari was leaving him?
Orc Smiling Smilie
Yes, with asinine taste, the moviemakers decided to list the Orc who knocked Aragorn off the cliff as 'Sharkű' in the cast listing. Dead Smilie Though that wasn't nearly as bad as how they got rid of Saruman and the Mouth of Sauron in the EE...