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Thread: Mortality Question

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It was indeed hard to find. Took me about 45 minutes...
That is a confusing point, but I've always thought that since Luthien made the choice to be a mortal, her descendants would also be mortal. It's like when Elros chose to be mortal, all his descendants became mortal.

Maybe so, but as we know Elwing seemed to have the choice, which goes against that theory.

If you check out Encyclopedia of Arda and look up Dior of Doriath they also seem to think he is Half-Elven with is Sindar blood in him. True it's just somebodies opinion from that site, but their opinions are usually never wrong. You can look up almost anything from Tolkien's work on that site and it's safe to say almost all the information from that site is legit.
I wouldn't really consider HOME quotes as applicable to a character from the Silmarillion. It is too unclear for me. First of all, HOME often completely goes against material from the Silmarillion, and second we do not know which stories of HOME Tolkien wrote first and what their relation is to the stories of the Silmarillion - were they written before or after these stories?

Do not forget that in HOME for instance, Beren is mentioned as an Elf, etc. (I believe this matter has already been discussed by me and Westerly wizard in another Dior thread).

So I would certainly take anything of HOME with a bucket of salt. The only exception is the lineage tree of the House of Finw in HOME, for Christopher Tolkien himself admitted that the House of Finw in the Silmarillion contains mistakes, hence the one from HOME is the correct one.
Maybe so, but as we know Elwing seemed to have the choice, which goes against that theory.

I think Elwing had the choice because her mother was an Elf.
More to the point, what happens if one of the Peredhil chooses to be counted amongst the race of Men?

Do their pointy ears suddenly grow less pointy? Does their shiny countenance fade out? Do they get rinkles (the horror!) & gray hair?

It might be that the lovely Queen Evenstar might have reconsidered her choice after 50 years or so... : "I have chosen like Lthien, the sweet as well as the bitter... but I have not chosen the sour!!"...

No wonder King Elessar had to drag his armies all the way to Rhn and Harad to get ointments for his spouse.
And as for Tuor, THANK YOU LoA! I know I have read that passage about Glorfindel somewhere.So I guess that proves me right about Tuor's fate being sundered from his kin. Otherwise, Glorfindel would surely have said something to correct the songs and tales of Tuor being immortal when he resided in Rivendell.

Dear Cloveress,

I have found the following remark in one of the Professor's Letters :
From letter #153 (to Peter Hastings)

Immortality and Mortality being the special gifts of God to the Eruhini (in whose conception and creation the Valar had no part at all) it must be assumed that no alteration of their fundamental kind could be effected by the Valar even in one case: the cases of Lthien (and Tor) and the position of their descendants was a direct act of God. The entering into Men of the Elven-strain is indeed represented as part of a Divine Plan for the ennoblement of the Human Race, from the beginning destined to replace the Elves.

So indeed, Tuor & his beloved Celebrindal did not end up as did Ceyx & Alcyone. Hence, rejoice!
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