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Thread: a tolkien char name for a dog

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hihi i guess you all think this question is stupid, but still, anyone that can think of a great name for a min pin female?

i already have a dog named up after a char in the LOTR Angel Smilie Orc Grinning Smilie
Funny you should ask that! We also have a Min-Pin female, and we call her Flicka. You can use that if you like. Whatever name you choose, try to find something that conveys the energy of a Min-Pin.
She doesn't sound like a Fang, Grip, or Wolf, or even a Garm or Huan. So, how about Princess Mee from Tolkien's poem by that title found in The Tolkien Reader and The Adventures of Tom Bombadil? Also there are a few lines of the poem listed a few posts down the page of This Link. Happy Elf Smilie

Then again maybe she could be PJ's Lady Arwen who was quite energetic in his LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring.
Flicka like in the swedish word for girl? Animated Wink Smilie
i thought about Arwen, but it's a bit common
I never knew Flicka was Swedish for girl! We took the name from the old children's book, My Friend, Flicka--about a horse.
How about Tookie, after the Took family? Small and always ready for an adventure.

And I'm sure the dog will act a bit "tokig" at times, don't you think Berca? Wink Smilie
WELCOME to PT Berca :wavehello : How about Lass ? (Nickname for Legolas ) Are you from Sweden by the way ?
i'm from Norway, but half of my family is from Sweden Wink Smilie i considered myself a huge fan of Tolkien, but after reading some of the threads here, i do not know half of what some do Ha Ha Ha Smilie

there are so many nice names in the tolkien's world, so i really can't decide. hehe. i already have a "dwarf" in my home Wink Smilie
Is a 'min pin' short for mini Doberman pincher? If so i have a friend who has one of those too, she's had it for almost a year now, but i can't remember if it's a boy or girl.

My other friend has a bunch of Jack Russels and one of them is named "Pippen" (not a typo, cuz it's not from LOTR but from the basket ball player Scottie Pippen.) However it is pronounce the same as Pippin and is still a good name for a small, rambunctious dog. If you need to feminize it up just twist it into Pippa or something, lol.

Or maybe "Tink" as in tinkerbell or something...
it's a miniature pinscher Smile Smilie

gorgeous small breed, about 30 cm tall Wink Smilie
ya i thought so, i just spelled it wrong. So ya my friend has the same dog you do. no offense to you and my friend, but those dogs almost look like giant bug eyed rats. Personally i'd go for a big dober pinscher, but you're a girl i presume and girls like those tiny, cuddly, dogs.
We have a male doberman. Smile Smilie He's so cute! And far from tiny.
now that's what i'm talking about!
We've had our Min-Pin for a few years now, and she is far from being a "girlie dog." You see we also have a German shepherd, a greyhound, and two rough collies. All these dwarf Flicka the Min-Pin, but they do not lord it over her. If anything, she is the dominant one of the bunch and if she latches onto something, it's hers and they'd better keep their distance. I don't know if in her mind she is as big as the greyhoud or what, but she definitely is not a timid little "bug-eyed" pup.
i guess it's like 'small man syndrom' except in this case we're talking about dogs... heh
i'm planning a doberman as well, but i need some more space and time and so on. so 4-5 years from now on Wink Smilie
hmm I don't think I would give a Lotr name to my dog or some else pet, but the idea sounds good and interesting Big Smile Smilie
But I've a black Labrador what i call as "Frostwing" Orc Smiling Smilie I don't really know where I got the idea
My mom found a cat by the gas station, brought her home, and since it is the Christmas season, we called her Holly.
We had a silver/grey tiger cat we called 'Gala', short for Galadriel. And she lived up to her name. We have a few pictures of her sitting on the peak of the shed, back straight, yet completely relaxed, just surveying her fields and woods. We never saw a coyote on the property while we had her... Cat Smilie
I have a dog named monkey miss GOLLUM Mulkey...hehehee.

Smeagol, you really are obsessed with Gollum...

I'd probably end up naming my pet something stupid. I'm getting a cat and I'm seriously considering naming it Pippin.