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Thread: Official (?) Character Listing

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I think that is somewhat like Taz is expecting with the unfinished Guide Project, speaking of which, it probably could use a little more work by the membership. Smile Smilie
I have contributed some stuff to the Guide Project. Dont think I know enough about anything else. Elrond and family are my area of expertise.

Maybe we could pinch some stuff? Just kidding!! Big Smile Smilie
I'm sure our Guide Project could be a lot better than that list, though it is a very good one.

I'm gonna do some work on that list of mine after the exams, see if I can make sth out of that. Should be all right. Big Smile Smilie
I keep adding bits, but concidering how large and full Tolkien's world is, it seems a mammoth task to undertake. If each person on the forum just added one piece every week or so, the results would soon begin to come together.
Many hands make light work, or so they say.
I am a bit stuck with what to add...can anyone suggest anything?
Well what I did is this: I made a list of all the characters I met in LOTR, and now I'm planning to do some research on the most important of them, the ones I know some things of, and I'll try to add that. Maybe someone could do that with the Sil or UT? I dunno... Big Smile Smilie
I added some things to the Guide Project, but since Robbie started 3rd grade, I have been really busy. Will try to get back on it though soon.
That list is pretty darn good! As far as I can see, they only made one mistake which is only a mistake if you're picky like me: Tolkien did not meet a Gamgee on a holiday. The name Sam Gamgee was a well-known one in connection to the cotton industry, and Tolkien used it and later got a letter from a man named Sam Gamgee, Tolkien wrote back to him and sent him all the books. (the letter is featured in LETTERS, it's pretty funny, read the letter). So you see how I am... Big Laugh Smilie
Can't we do anything with this? Good information, Samwise! Big Smile Smilie
I look forward to receiving them, Mellie. I've been too busy recently to add any pieces myself either. It can be time consumming at times.