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Thread: what character are u most like

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Bilbo Boromir tom bombadil
Gandalf Gimli Hurin
Frodo Faramir turin
Aragorn Elrond neinor
Sam Arwen turgon
Merry Glorfindel
Pippin Haldir
Legolas Galadriel
Oh... at first glance I thought you had listed them as First name and Last name and I was wondering for a moment who these were. But hah, I'm slow!

Anyhow, why don't you take a wild guess? Wink Smilie
emmmm gimli maybe lol Winking Smilie
Hard. I'll choose Glorfindel or Faramir to tell the truth,really.Big Smile Smilie

Awww, I woulda chosen Tom Bombadil... but it's not there........
Well,honestly,Galadriel and I share certain common qualities:
1)We both love power
2)We both don't like war though we don't mind assisting those in war
3)We love leadership
4)We loathe evil minds
5)We both are percetive in understanding minds and the torment of hearts
I feel I'm a blend of Eowyn and Arwen....strong, loyal,devoted to the important people in their lives. Elf Smilie
Elrond. Mainly because I shot war-crys of 'GET THE FAT KID!" (This is Sparta Style) in Snowball fights Big Smile Smilie.

And Elrond is Kick-Butt!

Or some Form of Elrond/Isildur Combined.

(Isildur's win at the Battle of the Last Alliance was a Fluke!)
I like Elrond too.

Myself? I see myself as the nurse in the Houses of Healing in Minas Tirith Smile Smilie
Surely you don't mean Ioreth?
Yes, the very same Smile Smilie
What a coincidence, I posed this in Another Tolkien Trivia Game last month.
Who was Gandalf referring to when he said he will take her to the woods,but not to her sisters?

Grondy of course got it right.

I relate the very most to Aeowyn and then very next to Frodo.How about you then?

i personally believe that i relate to arwen and possibly Goldberry mixed together.

I think I can post Cirdan. Possibly one of the most interesting ( for me anyway ) Elves in the entire history of the Eldar. Whether, as some believe, he is one of the oldest Elves, a first generation Elf of blessed Cuivienen, or simply an ancient Grey Elf Great King Thingol kin, he truly is sadly overlooked in all writings. He is mentioned throughout some of the greatest events of the Elder Age and right through to the start of the 4th Age and of course his great journey for the first time to the ancient West. Yet we know very little about him.

I suppose I would be most like Aragorn, since we have a lot in common. Apart from being tall etc, I've also travelled to places including the middle east (far Harad) and was known by other names given to me,  and had a variety of jobs. I also journey by myself and rely on no one. However, my ancestry is problematical and I'm fairly certain I'm not heir to the Kingdom of Gondor.