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Thread: elves/elfs

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ummm. were elves immortal in middle earth or in the undying lands or not immortal in middle earth and if somone went to the undying lands ANYONE! would they nvr die too?
oh and if they are imortal in the undying lands what.. are they born they grow it takes along time and when do they stop aging until there stillalive but a big shrivel flesh?
I think we touched upon something similar recently, in another thread, but perhaps a few comments from JRRT himself...

'In this mythical 'prehistory' immortality, strictly longevity co-extensive with the life of Arda, was part of the given nature of Elves; beyond the End nothing was revealed.'

'They are therefore 'immortal'. Not 'eternally', but to endure with and within the created world, while its story lasts. When 'killed' by the injury or destruction of their incarnate form, they do not escape from time, but remain in the world, either discarnate, or being re-born. This becomes a great burden as the ages lengthen, especially in a world in which there is malice and destruction.'

JRRT, selections from Letters

As for the Undying Lands -- the land does not confer immortality (strictly longevity co-extensive with the life of Arda) on Mortals. And the Elves are 'immortal' already in Middle-earth, though they will ultimately fade in the body if they do not go to the Undying Lands. It can get more detailed than this, but this is a general description anyway.

By 're-born' Tolkien means reincarnated (that is, at least he ultimately would 'mean' reincarnated).
oaky thhanks ill be getting the.. silmarillion or howevr u say but ya hah $ issues i want my first car and the other books i havnt read about middle earth.
You may be able to find The Silmarillion in your local library. Check it out and read it; then you will know whether you desire your own personal copy prior to buying your first car. Cool Elf Smilie
And The Silmarillion can take you where no car can.

Of course if you need to get to the bookstore or the library, you might need a car too Wink Smilie
But if you've got enough money for a car, then you can spare ten to fifteen bucks on the Sil, and work another two hours before getting the car, right?

Seriously, though. The Silmarillion is a must-read for true Tolkien fans. It's the ultimate legendarium, and it certainly covers the longest period of history in the world he created. Get it!
Definately a must read, when you have a rich story spreading over hundreds of years, you feel you must know the history or the story won't seem complete... If you did actually save a few cents (american?) a day, you could easily save up enough for a library card or the actual book within a few weeks... Plus, the majority of what we talk about will become much clearer and we wouldn't be always telling you to get it Orc Smiling Smilie
Or... hint it for a gift on a special day? Pary SmilieOrc Smiling Smilie