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Thread: Faramir - Gandalf

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When Frodo & Sam encounter Faramir, F. senses something of an elvish air about them, and it's attributed to their recent trip through Lorien and time spent with Galadriel (though the power of the ring, a maian crafted thing but crafted with elvish ideas, may have more to do with it).

but Sam (I think) says he senses something of a Wizard's air (that is, something akin to Gandalf) about Faramir. F. attributes it to, maybe, the scent of Númenor from a far distance. But the only Númenorean connection to wizards I can see is that the wizards were maia and there was a faint trace of maian "blood" passed down through Melian - > Luthien -> the Halfelven, etc. This seems rather off; Faramir should remind Sam of Aragorn more than G. by blood. I would think a Numenorean "air" would be closer to an elvish air than a wizard's.

Is it not, rather, that Sam senses an air of Gandalf because F. has spent time learning from G. what little he could?

Me thinks; In faramir the wisdom and noble blood of numenor are both very strong and thus sam feels that the deep wisdom and love for middle-earth in faramir and gandalf are alike even more so than in aragorn because he has so much of a burden to bear on his shoulders and his mind is bent on it. Smile Smilie
my thoughts once again maybe fly somewhere far and make no sence to anyone but me Smile Smilie
Maybe Sam sensed the same character traits like pity,understanding, and wisdom of heart in both Gandalf and Faramir.
I think each of you have something of it. Happy Elf Smilie