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Thread: Tom Bombadill = Blue Istari?

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I think that Tom was a maiar of Yavanna, of nature.Like Radagast, Middle earth needs people, or spirits who care for living green things and animals.I think that Tom was so entranced by the forests that he never went out.

Only issue with that Amras is Tom claims to be older than pretty much everything in Arda, including the ents, which were likely "planted" when Yavanna came to ME. He also has an incredibly extensive knowledge of just about everything. And considering there is no internet in ME, and almost nobody knows of his existence (to keep him up to date with the times), it's strange to think he just...knows things. Thus, like Ungoliant, it's implied Tom Bombadil was in existence even before "Middle Earth" was nothing more than a dirt square with a lamp in the sky.

Your suggestion really isn't that far out there, but It seems unlikely a maia would slip away from Yavanna and hide in pure darkness without a word, especially if he turned out to be such a good guy. I wish it were as easy as that, Tom Bombadil drives me crazy every single day!!

Personally I like the idea of him being Eru incarnate. There is evidence that both supports and disproves this, but I think it's a fun theory to consider...

If he was Eru Incarnate every elf, mortal alike would fall on their faces in terror.Sauron would be dead without Eru touching him, and the witch king would become a Mall cop! So no offense Balrog's but i say gone native blue wizard.

Lol to each their own I guess, it's actually a pretty widely accepted theory that he is Eru. The point of him being Eru isn't to have ultimate power over the world and save everyone with a deus ex machina, he's only there to live and experience the world he created.

It is incredibly unlikely he is a blue wizard. In fact, the only evidence that would support that is the fact we don't know officially where they went, even though Tolkien has stated in several sources they went East.

Since we can't post links, I highly recommend Google searching Tom Bombadil as Eru Illuvatar, it's very interesting.

Well i guess you might be right Balrog's, but what about the same breed of spirit as old man willow?

I think Old man willow and ents are maiar who came to inhabit trees. Most likely Tom isn't a blue wizard because there is no evidence from the three known wizards indicating it.
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