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Thread: Name of Characters.

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Can anyone tell me whether a name can be a definite sex - male or female?

For instance, take the name of Evenstar, cannot a person be a male and the Evenstar of his people?

It was Earendil afterall who is referred to as the Evenstar.
It depends on what the name means. The ending -iel often means 'maiden', but not here. In this case Undůmiel means evenstar, not even-maiden. I keep forgetting this, as I usually think of Arwen when I hear/see Undůmiel and therefore see it is a feminine name.

It comes from UndůmŽ, meaning twilight/evening, and -el, meaning star. (If I'm not horribly mistaken.)

Here is an nice article about elven names and how they are made.
Now We Have All Got Elvish Names
Thanks Amarie. It was very helpful thought I would have wanted others to put in their thoughts too.