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Thread: Míriel Serindë

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Is it just me or am I the only one bothered by Miriel having silver. Okay I won't say bothered but it plays on my mind a lot about how she ended up with silver hair and she is supposed to be a Noldor. Though the fact that she had silver hair lets me believe she may have only been part Noldor then. Any thoughts on this?

I take the description of the Eldar as dark-haired (but for the golden house of Finarfin) to be a general enough statement -- we would seem to have thousands of dark-haired Noldor and Sindar then, but I think there is room for exceptions here and there, such as the silver-haired Celeborn for example; or among the Noldor, the red or red-brown (or coppery) hair of three of Feanor's sons.

Silver seems somewhat suitable for Serinde somehow. Tolkien perhaps liked the imagery of her sleeping near silver willows in Aman.

It doesn't bother me -- at least not like Thranduil being golden-haired for example   

And welcome by the way!