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Thread: The Race you chose on PT

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Everyone must have a reason for choosing their races here on PT.I have always felt I wanted to be in ME,who I actually am,a mortal,hence I chose to be of the race of Men.And also the fact that elves seem to me to be rather high creatures(a bad notion from the movies) with their harps and languages,it put me off.And also I cannot see myself as a Dwarf or a Hobbit.I also wanted to be an Ent but then I love the Rangers more. So come and share why you chose what you choseSmile Smilie

Do you mean the description that appears under our names? if so I wasn't aware one could choose these.

I've always loved Dwarves because of their lore and skills and also because Aule is associated with them (he's my favourite Vala). Also, I think the fact that I absolutely love Khazad Dum and its mysteries played an improtant part in that!


Hail Durin! Wink Smilie

I did not actually choose Gandalf.  It was chosen for me by those who listened to my oral reading of The Hobbit and LotR years ago, back in 1979.  (My characterization of Gandalf is not Tolkien's, but it is unique to me.  I have voices for all the characters, and my Gollum is the same as Tolkien's.)  When I joined this site five years ago, I found that "Gandalf" was very over-used, as were "Mithrandir," and a host of other expansions on "Gandalf."  So I considered how I might modify the name, and thought "Gandalf" combined with his name in the West would be more likely to be available.  Such was the advent of Gandalf-Olorin.

Now why did those students I read to decide to christen me after the wizard?  Well, they liked my character voice for him, for one thing.  And perhaps they also thought of me as the older, wiser, friend who helped them out.  Maybe they were also thinking of my temper.  In any event, Gandalf stuck, and has become my most common nickname ever since.


Do you mean the description that appears under our names? if so I wasn't aware one could choose these.

You choose race and location and username when you sign up. You can also change to a new location in your account area, under Edit Account. This costs 400 pieces of Mithrill.

I chose Elf from Rivendell when I signed up, since I was very fond of elves and Rivendell was what I felt suited me best. If the Grey Havens ever become an option, I will surely move there. 

I was an eagle for a while, but those locations had to go when we got the PT weather back. 

Well said everyoneSmile Smilie

I wish I could hear you read out some of Tolkien's works,Gandalf,although I don't know how that will happenSmile Smilie

I used to be called Merry in school and my best friends were nick-named Pippin and Sam.More than being Hobbit-like we were known for our pranks and humor but now I have mellowed down enough to want to be a gentle,sword-wielding horse-mistressWink Smilie

You choose race and location and username when you sign up. 


Hmm, I must have forgotten. I don't remember choosing anything but my name.

I have never seen a user with no location, so I guess you would be given a random or default location if you forget to choose yourself. Perhaps I knew this once, but I don't know now. Some elf I am, huh? Wink Smilie

These are all interesting responses. As for me....I was in a bit of a hurry when I signed up and, regrettably, just disregarded this option and chose randomly. I'll probably change when I have 400 mithril.

Personally I don't really feel like any of the options. If Balrog from Depths of Darkness was an option, that's what I would go with. Witch King from Angmar would be pretty sweet too...and it's not that I'm evil, I just always thought the bad guys looked the coolest and had the most interesting back stories sad

I chose to be a Dwarf mainly because my first exposure the world of Arda was The Hobbit (There and Back Again) The songs, tales, and the creation back-drop(Silmarillion) with Aule and the Dwarves being "adopted" children of Eru. They had many unsung battles with Dragons, Balrogs, Goblins from the North, spawns of Morgoth. It is a good thing that Gimli got the gift of Galadrial's three Golden hairs helping Wood and Mountain bond once more in the coming darkness of battles over Middle-Earth.

In games, etc. that I can choose the race of my character, 90% of the time (give or take a few %) I choose human. I don't have anything against non-humans in the various stories and lore, it's just my preference (though in LoTRO I do have a dwarf character I play quite a bit). I chose Rhohirrim because I liked how they were portrayed in the movies.

I chose Elf from Lothlorien simple because I admire Lothlorien. So it wasn't so much about the race, more about the place. I love forests, and this country is my favourite place in Middle-Earth. And since it is originally populated by the Elves, I chose to be one of them. If I wouldn't got that chance, I'd probably choose a hobbit.

I chose a dwarf because I was always enamored by the dwarven culture. I read The Hobbit long before I read the Trilogy and that probably had quite a bit to do with this. Kili and Fili were my favorite dwarves in the book and I loved the way they were presented by Tolkien. (I am equally excited for Jackson's presentation too. Not to mention I've always been the dwarf-type in my group of friends. (Shorter, hearty, strong, and loyal) When in games I get to choose my race dwarf has always and probably always will be my first choice.

I have chosen an elf because their passion for nature and also their ancient wisdom. I think I have an elvish spirit and sometimes I like wondering the Elves are spirits of the Nature who lived in the woods taking care of the trees, streams and animals living there. As if they were the guardians of those places and keep a sort of peace or equilibrium in contrast with human behaviour.

For me there was only one choice and that was to be an Elf. Since i was a tiny child and saw in a faerie book a story of a nation of Elves, tall, stately, mysterious and beautifully,royally garbed, i felt i was part of them and they me. I have always lived as i have mentioned before somewhere, with one foot on land on this earth and one foot on that far off place where all are pure and without stain, all are stately and noble, all have gifts that they use to leave a legacy of knowledge and beauty for those coming after, and all wish to live as the highest version of themselves , well forever. So the Elves to me, Tolkien's Elves and not any others save from that book, are who i most relate to , and then after that it would be those of the Rohirrim, and little Eowyn as you might note from my avy.

Interesting thoughts, everyone.

I'm wondering why so many chose Elves. I'm talking about the statistics now - I'm not sure if my impression is right. I'm talking about the aggregated amount, not about the personal choices. Men would be an obvious choice, because we are all mortal, but a lot of members chose the Elves. I didn't see many Hobbits or Dwarves here. Is it a matter of their sensibility? Appeareance? This is interesting. Oh, maybe I am generalizing too much now, and we all know that there are lies, big lies and statistics Wink Smilie

Well, you know us Dwarves, fewer in numbers than Elves but we've been around for a long time whether visible or in hiding! Orc Grinning Smilie


I would venture to say that one factor for the high number of elves around might be due to their positive portrayal in the moves, mostly thought Legolas Archery skills and the Elf army at Helm's Deep. (This is a general comment and not aimed at anyone Smile Smilie )

You're probably right, Thorin.

So you're saying there's more Dwarves here and they are simply hidden? In caves maybe? Big Smile Smilie Sounds like fun!

To be fair there were quite a few of us I can remember; myself, Grondy, Gimli man, Stonehelm, Gimli  axe wielder.


This is the result of my attempt a few years ago to conduct a Dwarf Census http://www.planet-tolkien.com/board/50/3424/0/dwarven-guild Big Smile Smilie

And no hairy women?

Are the Elves supposed to stay away?

I chose to be an elf, actually for several reasons, one of them being(though this may sound terrible) in somewhat of a rebellion against the image of the elves I got from the LotR movies. They came off as vain and proud, just over all stuck-up and snobby. That's NOT what I felt from the books. I loved the elves from the books, and THEY are what I am. Not the elves in the movie. Sorry, movie people.

Another reason is I love Rivendell, and the Grey Havens. They, and Rohan, are the most amazing places ever. Any one of them, I would be happy living in. For this reason and others, chosing between Rivendell and Edoras, elf or man, was very hard, as my personality also fits both the elf from the House of Elrond, and the rider from the Golden Hall. I ended going with being an Elf,and so that is what I am.

Are the Elves supposed to stay away?


You are more than welcome Indis, considering at one time we even had Nazguls and Eagles there surprise

That reminds me, i miss Vee and Lord of All.


'Bout time I stepped into this thread, eh?

Anyway, about being an elf from the leafy realm of Lothlorien. I remember first reading the Lord of the Rings books and going from the sunny, homely Shire to the gorgeous halls and fountains of Imladris or Rivendell and traversing through woods and mountains, the plains of Rohan, the cities of Gondor, and always being amazed at these wonderful places. However, I loved picture that Tolkien, our Professor, painted in my mind of Lothlorien. Just the sun being filtered through the leaves of the tall, majestic trees (I love trees by the way) Gold, silver and green everywhere. True beauty. Really.

Therefore, I chose my race. An elf of Lothlorien.

My race decision was quite simple in all honesty. It has been several years since I have read a Tolkein novel, so I had none of the initial "I wish I was a ---" feelings that are inevitable after reading such powerful fictions. This left me with two options (that I could see)- I could either base the race on myself and choose a name from there, or create a character/ name and choose the race from that character/ name.
As a frequent role-player, it made sense for me to choose the latter of the two, which left only the character to create. Quite handily (for the time being at any rate), I am in a "Dorian De-Lacey" mood, which requires being mortal, and- more accurately, human. I shall, however, not reveal the workings of Dorian De-Lacey (as that would, quite simply, destroy the character- after all, "the commonest thing is delightful if one only hides it." Wink Smilie )

I chose to be mortal as of the many peoples, great and small, of Ea I have always found myself drawn to Aragorn. He is as humble as he is heroic and I feel that actual men where more like him then the real world would be a much better place. Gandalf is a close second as he has the power to rival Sauron's hold on middle EARTH but only seeks to use it to banish him from Ea and then leave middle earth to govern it's self.

There are many elves and hobbits etc that I like, particularly Feanor, for capturing the light of Valinor in the Silmarils). Pippin, for his pure heart and miss understood simpleness and Treebeard and Tom Bombadill both for the shear length of time they have inhabited middle earth and the insight they both have in the nature of everything.

 But to share in the gift of mortal men doomed to die will always be my place in Ea. I have also modeled my username after Elessar but rather shamelessly changed it slightly so it feels like my own creation. In case anyone thinks I made a spelling mistake

I will stop boring you nice people with my incessant talking a go to bed now

How enchanting is your explanation and believe me , you are nothing remotely like boring. I love the name you gave yourself, it sounds so magical. I agree with you about Pippin, he was after all still a tween and full of love of life, it was not ripped from his heart and imagination until he had his run in with the palantir, Sauron and active fighting against such evil and hideous beings. Keep your wonderful comments coming please.

I wish gollum was a race I could chose. Or river-hobbit...or stoor from gladden fields. Something like that!

I am an rivendell elf on here, though I wish that the option of  Mirkwood elf is what I could be- but alas, it is not so.  I have always been very rambunctious, I love nature, trees, and am handy with a bow.  I also love singing and play a variety of instruments, thus my feeling I am quite... Elf-like.   I am not as graceful, if you will, as the elves of Lorien, thus my choosing as an elf of Rivendell.

Asëa, what you wrote made me realize how much the Elves actually differ from each other. And I'm sure that everyone would portray them differently.

Can you use bow? I've heard that requires some strength and only look as easy. I'd love to try someday, but I won't get an opportunity where I live I'm afraid.

i love killing orcs and balrogs,so i am a noldo that stayedin middle earth in rivendell

Hey amras, sounds pretty cool. I chose my elvish background because of their association with Illuvatar and Yavanna, and also for the language and poetry

why didn't i choose Illuvatar, i'm so mad at myself

The Darkness shall spew for into the light, smothering it with tendrils of agony. Snuffing out the last hopes and chords of mortal sand. All before the coming abyss shall be rendered unto ashes and blown amongst the maelstrom! Woe to any who resist the screws of fate that grind your very souls, your faith.