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Thread: Half-Elven Genetics

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Hi all, my first post on this wonderful forum Smile Smilie I had too much time on my hands, so decided to calculate the elven/human/maia genetic makeup of the half-elven line of Tolkien's characters. Enjoy Smile Smilie


Welcome to PT Wildespace Waving Hello Smilie


Interesting work you have provided here though I suppose one cannot measure accurately the percentage of gene possessed by any of the characters as I still expect a certain random factor would exist in the distribution of genes to the descendants.

Hi Widespace. It's nice to see Elrond's family tree laid out like this. It gives a view from a different angle which for we of the non mathematical type can easily grasp. Good on you. And Thorin good point. There would of course be variants and anomalies littered through the 10's of 1000's of years of history in the genetics area.

Hi Wildespace, that's a nice first post. I remember writing a similar one many years ago, but not laid out graphically.

I think the important thing about Elrond and Elros's lineage is not just that it combines maiar, elven and human genes, but how they unite most of the great houses too.

Through Luthian you have the vital Maiar blood from Melian and the Sindarin blood from Elwe (Thingol). Further Sindarin blood is introduced from Nimloth, who married Dior.

You then have Idril bringing blood from the Noldor house of Finwe, through Fingolfin and Turgon. Celebrian, who marries Elrond, brings further Noldor blood from her mother Galadrial and Sindarin blood from her father Celeborn.

Beren was from the House of Beor, the 1st House of the Edain, while Tuor brought blood from the House of Hador (2nd House of the Edain) through his grandfather Galdor and the House of Haleth (3rd House of the Edain) through his grandmother Hareth.

These unions are important because they give most of the great houses representation in Elrond and Elros. I think it is also significant that their blood contains no link to the House of Feanor.

All true Val. Also as well as the Maian strain, Thingol had both seen the light of the Two Trees and was somehow altered by Melian during their first blessed meeting. It quotes that Thingol, after meeting Melian, seemed and looked like a lord of the Maia himself. Physically altered in some way. So perhaps his power of body and mind was boosted by this union with Melian. Maybe this altered Elven strain was also passed on to Luthien and her relatives meaning that a new hybrid strain could be present in all of the Half Elven.