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Thread: Anyone Can Play

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Hey its me, Durin. I thought it might be cool to make my own little RPG deal. I figured it like this; it'll be like a story, each character will affect the story and we add out own little twist that the others have to adapt to making it a guessing game and kind of like real life. Anyone can join at any time all I ask is we treat each other with respect, no one character is better than any other. Agreed? Once again, anyone can join. For my part, I choose my character to be a Dwarf Wizard named Shareg Villusian. Let the fun begin, any questions just ask.
I'll gladly join. Ok my character is a ranger born in Bree and goes by Erumber the Stray. When more people have joined you should be the one to choose a point where the adventure begins.

I greet you warmly. I was afraid people would think me strange for creating this. Its nice to have people who share the same values as I do. Thank  you.

Oh no don't worry about that. People here like these RPG's . Also people here aren't judgemental so don't fret when you want to post something you think is strange (cuz it's probably not).

Arath of Gondolin stands ready.

"If you will have me, I shall be your guide. There is no path in middle-earth unknown to my feet."


Twas' about time for another adventure methinks Smile Smilie


Edit: Please start a thread in the roleplaying guild. and feel free to browse through all the adventures past. (I quite like the one named: A meeting in Rivendell.)

Greetings all. May I join your party? I am Bran, a man from Esgaroth. I tire of the mundane and seek a life of adventure. At your service.
Well I'm ready when everybody is. My weapons are a sword and two daggers. One of my skills is stealth.

Greetings Arath and Thranduil. I am glad you have joined our  little excursion. I propose a vote. Shall we begin our tale before, during, or after the War of the Ring? I was hoping we might tell a tale of the Dwarves during the War? Perhaps fill in some of the gaps and create a story to do my namesake Durin's race a justice that Professor did not give them in the Trilogy? (meaning no disrespect to the Great Professor of course.)

Sure. That would be a good idea, Durin.
I'll go with your suggestion. I came here in answer to your plea, you are our leader. What is our quest?
Yes. What is our quest?

*pulls a grim face* My friends, I bring sad news from my kinsman Dain Ironfoot of the Iron Hills. According to many recent reports a Balrog has taken refuge near the Hills and is slaying Dain's people.My heart burns with anger at this revelation. My goal is to sunnder a small army to defeat this monstrosity.

Since some of you folks wanted me to join, here I am now. Smile Smilie

I choose my character to be Saegron Ithael, a powerful wizard who has existed since the beginning of times. First, I lived in Valinor with the lords of the west, then I flew to Beleriand on the back of a great eagle to fight against Morgoth and his evils alongside with elves and men. When my work was done there, I chose to become a wanderer, so that I could journey across Middle-Earth as a free man and leave the duties of a wizard behind me.

Well, I guess that once a wizard, always a wizard.

So, how about that balrog? I'd love to cook something out of it's wings.

And oh. When the actual thread will be made?

A Balrog eh? Well I did say I wanted adventure! I do not know what use my modest bow and arrows will be against such a foe but with wizards and hardy Dwarves by my side I shall fear nothing. When shall we depart, I am ready.
Good ridance it will be when we get through with this fiery demon. More sharpened my sword hasn't been. My sword is at your service my companion and together we will finish this beast.

Excellent, if everyone is ready we shall begin now. how does Bree sound for a good starting place? Oh, and my own weapons are a war hammer and two gauntlets with collapsible blades. May the Valar protect us.

Oh, and I am creating the actual thread in the RPG forum today under the title, Durin's Vengance, if everyone is in agreement?

Oh I'm sorry, I didn't introduce me... I'm Theodinaith, an Wandering Elf from Ered luin. Currently, I am paranoid, and trying to hide from some angry people. A minstrel I am, but I always carry some knives, and don't underestimate my power with the flute...

Belegror, dwarf - male here. This is the first time I try this kind of deal, so feel free to write to me, or post any advice you think I should know of! Im looking forward to see how this gathering of heroes, in the making, turns out!


- Bel



I guess I just learned rule nr. 1 when joining rpg's: Always introduce yourself and make sure you're welcome in the story.

Is there still room for a descendant of the Longbeards? My axe is sharp and I like killing goblins and drinking  ale.

- Bel

But of course Belegror. Anyone is weelcome and may stay or depart at their own free will. Though it seems that I have been elected the "leader" of this excursion, none of you are under any obligation to obey me. This group is each free to do as they wish.

Today, im going on christmas holiday at my parents. I dont know how much I will get written on our adventure but I will try to add a story or two sometime.

If one of you want, feel free to use Belegror in your part while im away, otherwise he'll get a bit restless!

 Fare well


- Bel

I am Voron, a wandering Elf from fallen Gondolin that takes the paths that most allow me chances to bring pain to the servants of the Dark. I lost all when the Hidden City fell and vowed to never put down my bow and blades while Evil preyed on the weak.  I am passing through Bree after helping a village retrieve children from a band of Orcs and after overhearing a balrog being mentioned offer my services to this brave bunch. . . 

But of course. One of the Fair Folk is always welcome. I apologize for taking so long to reply. I have not had access to the computer. I welcome you Voron. I might also add that you need to introduce yourself in the guild. Im afraid we were a little distracted. Feel free to join at any time my friend