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Thread: Merry and Pippin:book and film

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Hello everybody! I wanted to ask you a little thing Smile Smilie In the book,do Merry and Pippin behave like in the movie? Or the are more serious? And,are they both cousins and best friends like in the movie? thanks!! Waving Hello Smilie

Well, yes and no. They are certainly the "light hearted" ones of the bunch, but not quite as crazy as the movies. For instance they never stole the dragon fireworks, nor were they initially met by Frody/Sam while trying to steal Farmer Maggot's crops, nor were they seemingly high and munching out after the Battle of Isengard etc. But Pippin was obviously the dimwit.

A fun fact is that in the book Elrond actually advised against Pippin joining the Fellowship because his behavior was too much of a risk. Instead he wanted him to be a messenger back to The Shire to warn of what was coming. But ultimately Gandalf convinced him it'd be OK. How well it worked out is for you to decide :p

And actually Frodo, Merry, and Pippin were all cousins to some extent. They three were also all best friends. Though Sam wasn't as close to Merry/Pippin as Frodo was, while Frodo was closest to Sam.

Yes there are differences but I loved Merry and Pip in the films. Funny and at times Heartbreaking. I cry still when Pippin finds Merry on Pelenor after the battle. Love it.

Thanks for your answers! Pip and Merry in the film are very cute blush Do you think that PJ changed them too much? Maybe he changed their way to behave to make also some fun in the movie. Wich ones do you like most? The book's ones or the movie's ones? And so don't they sing that funny song " you can serch  far and wide..."? However I love that song surprise

When they find each other after the battle,is the same thing that happens in the book? And when Pip goes away with Gandalf,do they say bye in the same way of the film? 

IIRC it is the same in the book once they stumble across each other as well as Frodo's departure. Though it emphasized more how tall they had become and towered over Frodo and Sam, as drinking the water from the Entmoor rivers gives magical growing properties, which explains why the trees are so tall. So they went down in the books as being the tallest hobbits in history.

I'd say I like the film versions more, but in the book they really are the same, it's just exaggerated in the movies. It was definitely to add comedic relief to the films but I don't mind since it's just an emphasized version of who they were anyways. They were also obviously trying to appeal to a younger generation with all of the pot/pipe-weed references though, same in The Hobbit. Though I wouldn't mind trying some Longbottom Leaf myself...

I don't remember if they sang that particular song in the books though, been awhile since I read FOTR. I'm going to revisit it soon though Big Smile Smilie

Changes I noticed.

Didn't meet in the Corn Field. Met much earlier and differently from the movie.

Merry spend more time in Gondor meeting Soldiers and their sons.

Merry doesn't go to the last stand at The Black Gates of Mordor as he's too ill after confronting to WitchKing. Pippin takes down a Troll single handed during the last stand, however the slain Troll falls on top of him pinning him under its hideous bulk.

The meeting with Tree Beard is totally different in the book. No Orc in the book and they don't climb up the sleeping Ent as they do in the book.

Tree Beards discovery of Isenguard's treason against Fangorn does not happen in the book.

The brief stay in Bree is quite different with Merry actually seeing a Nazgul out on the street and circumbing to his evil and fainting.

There are probably more, I'm relying on memory.

Also I know there was some huge change having to deal with Pippin finding the palantir. I can't remember it and I don't wanna sort through LOTR right now, but I know there was something. Either with the palantir scene itself or when/how Merry and Pippin split ways....

Thank you both Smile Smilie yesterday I wathed TFOTR and TTT and in the second Merry and Pippin look more serious,so I think like you said. PJ probably used them for fun but then he made them more like they are in the book.especially Merry show to be really clever.so I perhaps the difference in just for the first part of the first film where they joke Smile Smilie
I wonder a thing:why do Pippin and Merry and not,for example someone else?
Re the Palantir. PJ's version is quite close to the book in the way that Merry finds it. However the way Merry tricks Gandalf and looks into it didnt happen in Edoras, this happened while camped out on the way to Edoras in the out doors.

I love the strange look Merry gives Gandalf when asked to quickly give the Palantir up to the Wizard. It seems that PJ gave some compulsive power to the Palantir. Merry seems to want to keep the globe and seems reluctant to give it up.

So Palantir hasn't the power it shows in the movie? What kind of power does it have? Thanks Wink Smilie
Franci the Palantirs do have power. In the movie however the Palantir seemed to be a little more addictive than it did in the books. Have you read any of the books?

The palantirs were originally made to be the Tolkien version of Google Earth, but you could also talk through them. You could see anywhere in the world with one, though I think I read somewhere you couldn't see into Mordor without permission as it was covered in shadow. They were also used for long distance communication.

At one point there were many palantirs of all sizes, in the time of LOTR I believe there were only 3 known palantirs in ME, one of which, the one in Gondor used by Denethor, was under the influence of Sauron, who would distort the images, which is what some believe lead to the downfall of Denethor.

And Brego with all respect I don't think the film was very accurate in how he acquired it. IIRC, Wormtongue threw the palantir out of Orthanc  and Pippin saw and went to retrieve it but Gandalf took it immediately (and Saruman wasn't killed), as opposed to Pippin randomly finding it. Also I wouldn't say he tricked Gandalf so much as stole from him. It's another moment where it wasn't entirely accurate but it wasn't completely inaccurate either. I actually really enjoyed PJs version though.

Just like we said earlier with Merry and Pippin, it's another implied detail that PJ decided to emphasize in the films, just like Denthors corruption through the palantir, even though this is only hinted at in the movies.


The palantir was made by Feanor. They were some of the few relics of Aman in Middle Earth during the third age. There was 7 total but only 6 were used to communicate to each other. The other one was used to look upon the undying lands.

As far as Merry and Pippin goes, I like PJ version. It shows how they matured throughout their adventure. One thing about the movies though is that Merry is so unrated. In the book he in my eyes is the smartest of the four hobbits when it comes to survival outside of the Shire.

Thanks everybody for your answers Smile Smilie Now the story of Palantir is clear Wink Smilie I'm sorry for all these dubs but now I'm reading "The Hobbit",so about LOTR I've only watched the films Smile Smilie I agree with you,in the film we can see how Pippin and Merry really can be:intelligent and serious! thanks again!

Well then Franci, after you've finished reading The Hobbit we will all expect a report from you on TLOTR's!

Oh and Balrogs...

Of course the whole scene was different, whoever I meant the fact that Werry's role is the same.

In the book Wormtongue throws it at Gandalf but it hits the ground where Merry retrieves it.

This is all from memory and I start to imagine my own version where Gandalf throws it back and hits Saruman in the head which causes him to fall onto the spike...........

Trivia: Pippin was the youngest of the four hobbits. But the actor Billy Boyld is the oldest.

Yes there are differences but I loved Merry and Pip in the films. Funny and at times Heartbreaking. I cry still when Pippin finds Merry on Pelenor after the battle. Love it.

I cry when Gandalf takes Pippin to Gondor, and Merry stays in Edoras. They are separated for the first time since their journey begun, and it's... I don't know... touching.