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Thread: try this again: Tom Bombadil

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Hello all, In celebration of the Hobbit release some friends and I decided to write Tolkien papers. I wrote on Tom Bombadil and I examined the major theories and put forward my own, it has been receiving very positive feedback so I though I'd post it here for other Tolkienites to enjoy: [http://www.whoistombombadil.blogspot.com/]

I need a lot of time to digest all those texts, but I'm sure it will be time well spent Smile Smilie Thanks for the link.

I enjoyed reading that, so kudos for the well written post.  

I always liked to think that Tom was an incarnation of the Flame Imperishable itself, something which always was, and as such had no care for matters of the world because he will always be, just perhaps not in that guise.   

However, your theory fits with a lot of points and I would like to see how it stands to testing and poking.