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Thread: Difference?

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In there time Tolkien and C. S. Lewis were the best of friends; both of witch wrote brilliant novels. The Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings both have similarities and differences. Do you see any?

For one, both Narnia and Middle Earth were created with song.

Themes of friendship, hardship and good versus evil. Natures importance is also a prime theme.

You are so right Brego.  They were both  very focused on good versus evil themes.   I guess this is not much of a surprise when you consider that C.S. Lewis credits Tolkien with converting him to Christianity.  There is also strong threads of Christianity underlying both Professo'rs works.  Definitely more noticeable in the works of C.S. Lewis, but they still exist in Tolkien's as well.  Especially in the character's Morgoth and Sauron.  Both at one time were  enlightened and mighty beings, corrupted by pride and the desire for power.  Remind you of anyone in the Bible?


C.S. Lews stated in "Mere Christianity" that evil was the corruption of good.  I think that theme runs heavily through Tolkien's works as well. 

I like the walking trees in Narnia but they don't talk.  Then again, they have their dryads.  I still like Ents better because they seem so funny but are so wise and they're more humanlike.     


I think Narnia is more Christian-like.