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Thread: About Names

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So, looking at posts and comments I've seen some pretty cool names; some are from LOTR some are from other books, and some are compleatly creative and bizzar. What I would like to know his how and/or why did you choose them? By-the-way I haven't seen a single one that I didn't like. Big Smile Smilie

Good idea.

Now... waiting for your reply, Balrogs!

Although he wasn't in the book I chose Brego because I fell in love with him after seeing him in the making of specials. Such a wonderful, beautiful horse. Vigo purchased him after the movies were made and took him back to his farm in the US. Wonderful.

I took the name Aylee from my level 90 Blood Elf Rogue in World of Warcraft.  Although I have lots of toons in WoW, she is my main and I use her name for everything!  Yes guys, the secret is out...I am a HUGE nerd.  Addicted to Tolkien and WoW.  Whatever will we do with me?

For my name, I got Marriel from that good old book Red Wall.  The bell maker's daughter is named Marriel after the sound that a bell makes, you know "Marriel".  Then of course Baggins came from LOTR.

I chose Lurtz because since I saw The Fellowship of the Ring many many years ago, i became so mesmerized by how he threw that shield at Aragorn and tried (but failed) to behead him as the shield was stuck in the tree trapping his head.

Also when he got stabbed and just pushed the blade further into himself growling at Aragorn was fantastic 

Ooooh sorry I missed this thread, Indis!! Here's mine but where's yours!?!

Mainly I think balrogs are just some of the coolest creatures in all of fantasy-fiction. Heck just look at the top of this page! And what's more contradictive to diabolical fire and shadow than a children's toy store??

Thus, we have Balrogs R' Us  


Oh and hey, I also loved those scenes with Lurtz, Lurtz!!

I spent thirty minutes to come up with a name that I thought would not have been used, yet would sound like a name that would have been used in Middle-earth. I used two sounds common in his elvish names: gal-, and -dir.

Mellon .simply because it means FRIEND in elvish 

My name is Gôthnakh becaus it sounds orcish/ uruk-hais

i also got it from the game Lord of the rings Online an uruk warboss was called Gôthnakh

so i made a name like that

my name is curuminwe becouse that is feanors actuall name. i didn't want to actually name myself feanor becouse that would be like naming myself eru. but i also thought that if i used a different name that was slightly less reflexive people would think about my name more the way I intended it which is as revering a very great person while not claiming to be this person. so yeah, I think i mite be nobody.

My name, Asëa, is derived from the Quenya term asea aranion, which translates in turn to plant of kings in westron- kingsfoil, or athelas in Sindarin.  I've always been someone who wants to heal, so why not use the name of a powerful herb?