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Thread: Badest person in Middle-Earth

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Yes Fingolfin is a true Badass!

Finrod of course deserves a mention, killing a wear wolf with his own hands and teeth is pretty tough.

Clearly Fingolfin is a total Baddass.

Fingon is also. Anyone who can kill a wearwolf with only his hands and teeth is obviously a total Baddass!

What about luthein. Beren is all trapped in sour ones dungeons and she rides up on a dog and saves him. Then they swag along to the gates of hell and none can touch them... Because of lutheins sheer badassery they are all asleep. She is actually the definition of badass.
Brego, I don't really get your last two posts. Do you mean Fingon or Finrod?

My guess is that it was kind of a double post but with different wording, and Finrod was meant both times.

This scene reminds me of the Volsunga saga -- a bit anyway -- except [among other things of course] that Finrod was able to burst his bonds and then wrestle with the wolf, but still used his teeth.

Sigmund was bound, and ultimately had his face smeared with honey, and when the wolf arrives it licks the honey and sticks its tongue into Sigmund's mouth, whereupon Sigmund bites the tongue off, killing the wolf.

If I recall correctly, Sigmund is free of his bonds after this.

Ahhh. To many Fins! Lol. Indeed I meant Finrod.

I'm agreeing with the Luthien idea here. 


Although, I do kind of like this meme: http://isjeffcartersulking.tumblr.com/post/24693642803

I just realised that I posted twice (above)  my computer crashed and I thought it didnt post!!!

Sorry all lol

So sure finrod killed a werewolf with his teath, but luthein sung a VALAR to sleep with her vocal cords. And she is a Tolkien girl. I'm not trying to be sexist but there are very few girls in middle earth who are badass, at least in comparison to men. So she was a total badass by doing what she did.

Tulkas is what comes in mind as the biggest badass in Arda, he is like the Chuck Norris of the Valar, he kicked Melkor's butt more than one time and he did it with a smile on his face.

Gandalf is the biggest badass when it comes to maiars in my book for defeating the Balrog in combat and for his many victories in battle for thousands of years.

As for the elves Fingolfin is my favorite because he challanged Morgoth to direct combat.

When it comes to men , Hurin would win in a fight against any other man on Arda. Eowin deserves special mention because she slew the Withc King of Angmar.

And let's not forget the dwarves and the hobbits. Thorin Oakenshield is a real badass, Gimli a close second. The hobbits have their own examples of heroism : Bandobras "the Bullroarer" Took and Sam Gamgee proved their worth in battle against the creatures of darkness.

The beasts on Arda that are trully badass : Ungoliant, Glaurung and the creature in the lake near Moria.

Ents are badass in their own special way.


And that's all I got .

i agree with aylee,fingolfin wounded morgoth,top vala,pretty badass

Personally I would want galadrial because in the return of the king it says that the power lurking in lorian is greater than they could deafeat unless there master himself (refereing to souron) came, plus with galadrial you get a bunch of elves on your side to.

In my opinion, towards the ending of the third age, Sauron and galadriel are the two most powerful beings in middle earth. Atleast among the people and creatures that we know of.

There are many that can be called  badass, but people always forget the most badass of them all. This unlikely person has done it all. He is a destroyer, a savior, an escape artist, an assassin,  a thief,and can even be called a true outdoorsman. He is the destroyer of the Dark Lord Sauron. The savior of Frodo. The escape artist who escaped from the clutches of the Nazgul  in Mordor, the elves of Mirkwood, and from the Lair of Shelob. He is a skilled assassin. He assassinated goblins with such stealth that he was able to sneak around unnoticed and snatch away goblins from behind. He has been noted as an outdoorsman. He caught fish and rabbits with his bare hands. The One Ring has corrupted many, but at the end, he was the one that destroyed it. These are just a few examples that makes  Gollum the baddest badass.

what about your own character,Glorfindel,Slaying a Balrog is only one of the many amazing things he did in his lifetime.

Glorfindel is a badass in his own right, but Gollum is THE BADASS of all badasses. Being the destroyer of Sauron (single handedly) resulting as being the one who saved Middle Earth trumps everything.

really Gollum had some amazing stuff in his heart,but he looked kind of gangly

no matter what anyone says gandalf is the best!

after all gandalf is Incanus in the South,sounds like he will set someone on fire if he is Wrathfull

Mim the petty dwarf

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