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Thread: Question on elvish weapons

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Hi everybody! I realise that this is the wrong section, but there didn't seem to be another more appropriate one. I have a question about the nature of first age elvish weapons and their glowing properties. Please excuse my ignorance on the matter! Do elvish weapons only glow in the presence of orcs? or would they also glow in the presence of any of Morgoths creations? I ask because it's relavent to my project here, i'm looking into how i should portray the sword of Glorfindel. thanks all! Lee.
I thought that Gandalf's glowed in the presence of enemies, not just orcs. But I don't think every sword glowed.
Both Glamdring and Orcrist are meant to glow as does Sting and most Ancient Elvish sword or daggers. For what ever reason PJ only gave the glowing property to Sting. Would Have liked to have seen the same qualities given to both Gandalf and Thorin's in the films.

i think the reason they don't in the movies is because PJ was worried it would look like star-wars if everyone had glowing swords.

that said, this question is in regard to the lore rather than the movies.

It should be ok if you make the sword glow. Most of the swords of the high elves had glowing swords. Even narsil glowed before it was broken.
Oh, yes, hadnt thought about light sabers! Lol

I agree that's a reasonable enough film related concern [the Star Wars comparison].

Depends upon how much you make the blades glow I guess, but still.