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Thread: Battle of the Dale

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Now in the pages after the Return of the King they Have Short backrounds of The earlier happenings of the Third Age.They Also Mentioned The Siege OF Erebor and the Dale Can anyone Explain a lttle more Animated Wink Smilie

Sauron forged alliances with many evil creatures. Among them I believe the Orcs of Gundabad (If there were any left!)

I think that the attack on Dale was aimed at the Lonely Mountain. The vast forges alone would make the mountain a key strategic target not to mention the treasures and the Silmaril.

I always thought that Dale was attacked by Orcs and Wagon riders but I could be wrong. I don't think that these armies passed from Dol Guldur because the elves would've stopped them easily. I assume the armies marched from either Gundabad or were brought there along the great river (They could've marched but thats a long long way.)

It is also possible that the attack was simply Saurons way of making sure that Dain wouldn't resist him again. Didn't he promise something of the sort when asking after Bilbo?

Most likely Sauron used his northern army/allies to attack Dale and the lonely mountain. The army of dol goldur attacked the elves of mirkwood and lorien. Strategically, it would be a waste of resources and time to have the army from mordor march north to attack the men and dwarves of the north. Sauron's army would have to be in position right before his decisive strike.

What about the kin of the wain riders,they could of sieged the lonely mountain easily under the command of Khamul in dol guldur.Also the easterlings were very numerous and outnumbered The dwarves and men of dale.

Dol Guldur was specifically used to strike the elves of mirkwood and lorien because of its location. Sauron knew that it wouldn't be easy taking the two realms. Splitting its forces even further would be pointless, especially when he already have an army from the east attacking dale. As for the men and dwarves being outnumbered, the attackers usually has the disadvantage when laying siege to a well fortified fortress like Erebor. A large number of force must be needed.

What about the Orcs of the Ered Mithrin, Gundubad included, they could of snuck into Eriador and raided while Dale was being sacked? Then the shire would of burned, Rivendell besieged, and the Grey havens would have to of come to their aid. Then things might of gone bad for the Grey Havens. So many would of died too if the Balrog would of been unleashed, i think that no army in Middle earth could of taken it down without being reduced to rubble and death.