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Thread: Prostitution Among Elves?

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So I was having a debate with my friend over whether or not there were elven prostitutes. I claimed that there were not for the following reasons: 1. Sex is evolutionary valuable to us because we need it for our species to survive, but given that elves are immortal, sex would not be as pleasurable and therefore it would not be a very lucrative profession. 2. It is a profession that is looked down upon in our society today, and given that elves are their own form of high society, that profession would most certainly have been shunned out of existence. His arguments were as follows: 1. Sex, or rather "making love", would still be viewed as beautiful given it is the expression of love, and therefore there are probably Lady-Elves who have taken advantage of that. 2. There could be brothels dedicated to one of the goddesses (?) What are your thoughts? Whose side do you take? Going further, was there prostitution among Men? Hobbits? Even worse: Dwarves?

I would say no.

According to Laws And Customs of The Eldar (published in Morgoth's Ring), for the Eldar the act of physical union meant that the two Elves were thus married, and according to Tolkien marriage among the Eldar was for love or at least free will upon either part. Laws And Customs B notes...

'Even when in after days, as the histories reveal, many of the Eldar in Middle-earth became corrupted, and their hearts darkened by the shadow that lies upon Arda, seldom is any tale told of deeds of lust among them.'

In any case this is JRR Tolkien not GRR Martin Wink Smilie

Tolkien's Elves were generally [the larger context here is betrothal and its possible revoking]:

'(...) not easily deceived by their own kind; and their spirits being masters of their bodies, they are seldom swayed by the desires of the body only, but are by nature continent and steadfast.'

JRRT, Laws And Customs B

In my opinion something like Elven prostitution was not even countenanced by JRRT.

Very unlikely. They were not what you would call a horny people and usually remained with one mate forever, even when they died. This seemed to be a trait shared by the High Men as well.