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Thread: Tom Bombadil's Picture

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There is a picture of Tom Bombadil. It has him hoping on one leg, the other raised up in the air and bent at the knee. His right hand is holding a green leaf upon which are flowers. Bright blue his jacket is, and his boots are yellow. There are apples on the ground behind him, and his left hand is raised to the height of his shoulder. He has a hat the same color as his boots, with a blue belt around it and a blue feather. He appears portly, has a bushy beard, and the expression on his face is a little bit...happy.

Does anyone know where this picture came from? Who drew it, and when they did? I'd look into it myself, but cursory searches are fruitless and I am spread a bit thin as is. If anyone takes the time to search for me, thank you.

Cant direct you as we cant add links here. I think you be thinking of an image created by The Brothers Hilderbrand. Do a google image search....

Sounds very (very) much like the Hildebrandt version from an early calendar.

This one?

(Sorry for the huge picture, I couldn't find a smaller one.)


Yes, this is the Hildebrandt version. It's from the 1976 Tolkien Calendar.


I always loved this painting!

Yes, thank you all very much for that. Sort of been bugging me, and sorry about not just posting a picture myself (couldn't remember if that was allowed). Now I feel kind of stupid, because it says Hildebrandt at the bottom right.

That is a pretty awesome picture though. I love Tolkien calendars...

One of my favourite characters, I was saddened by the fact he wasn't in the movies :/.