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Thread: Lindir of Imladis

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I know it's been a while since the first hobbit movie came out, but what are your guys opinion on Jackson making Lindir his servant instead of just a poet that was in Rivendell. I know there isn't much said about him in the books other than him criticizing Bilbo's work, but his name translates to "chant/sing" I would assume he would just be a minstrel, they even had Bret from Flight of the Conchords play him! Lindir being a musician would have been so perfect. Note: I'm not against his role in the hobbit, I just want to know your thoughts.

I agree that Lindir as a bard would have been nice. Maybe he's a bard with other duties, although granted if you don't illustrate this in the films then the non-Elvish speaking public will have no real reason to think so.

I agree Lindir likely means "Song/chant-man" which in turn could mean he is a person associated with music in some way. Especially given that Lindir comments on Bilbo's song I would say it's a good guess, given the Lindar or "Singers" for example.

Lin(d)- also has water associations (noting Linaewen for instance), considering the connection with music to the melodious sound of running water.