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Thread: Elven Tall

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Hello. Here's a passage somewhat recently published by Hammond and Scull Smile Smilie


'The Quendi were in origin a tall people. The Eldar (...) they were in general the stronger and taller members of the Elvish folk at that time. In Eldarin tradition it was said that even their women were seldom less than six feet in height; their full-grown elfmen no less than six and a half feet, while some of the great kings and leaders were taller.'

JRRT, from a late text in reaction to artwork by Pauline Baynes


I realize there are other descriptions of Tolkien's Elves to go by.

If you don't know them... good!

If you do know them, try and forget them, don't let them colour your interpretation of this passage alone.

Granted, Tolkien's phrasing is arguably a bit awkward here, but I'm looking for interpretations that are uninfluenced by other Tolkien-written descriptions.


We know Tolkien's Elves were tall, but how tall were the "average" Eldarin Elfmen and Elfwomen according to this, and how tall would you say were the great kings and leaders?

I know it's difficult to not let other descriptions colour an interpretation. If you know folks who have not read the books, you could ask them: your brother or sister, mother or father, teacher, anyone who has never read Tolkien...

... you get the idea. And it's only three sentences

Anyway, thanks in advance to anyone who responds!

Okay Galin,

Just interpreting these few sentences, putting aside anything I have read regarding Tolkien's elves; I would judge this pretty close to what we peeps would judge tall as.   I think that most would consider a woman of 6 feet tall as being very tall and a man of 6 and a half feet, as tall indeed.  But, it is only rare, not unheard of.  So the shorter of the elves I would guess to be a few inches taller than our average.  Say, a woman being around 5'8" and a man being oh say, 6'2". 

Now, the kings.  Well, I am thinking if the average male elf is 6'6" and the king is said to stand much taller, I am going to put him at right around 7 feet.  I would think that he would need to be at least that, to be considered tall by those standards.

Is this what you are looking for, or did I misunderstand the question?  If I misunderstood, clarify and I will try again!indecision

You understood perfectly Aylee! Thanks for responding