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Thread: Princess Lùthien

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You will find Luthien's story in The Silmarillion.

Princess_Luthien, you had posted this topic twice in General Discussion so I removed one of them.
[Edited on 6/9/2002 by Rednell]

[Edited on 6/9/2002 by Rednell]
and if you want a more rythmic version of it read GEST OF BEREN AND LTHIEN or THE LAY OF LEITHIAN tokien wrote this long before lotr, tho it is unfinished but still....
Big Laugh Smilie COULDN'T HELP MYSELF heh i had to post this...

"And thus in anguish Beren paid
for that great doom upon him laid,
the deathless love of Luthien,
too fair for love of mortal Men;
and in his doom was Luthien snared,
the deathless in his dying shared;
and Fate them forged a binding chain
of living love and mortal pain.

Beyond all hope her feet returned
at eve, when in the sky there burned
the flame of stars; and in her eyes
there trembled the starlight of the skies,
and from her hair the fragrance fell
of elvenflowers in elven-dell.

Thus Luthien, whom no pursuit,
no snare, no dart that hunters shoot,
might hope to win or hold, she came
at the sweet calling of her name;
and thus in his her slender hand
was linked in far Beleriand;
in hour enchanted long ago
her arms about his neck did go,
and gently down she drew to rest
his weary head upon her breast." --Lay of Leithian

wouldn't it be nice if we finished this geste, we can do it as a guild! anybody? anybody? I Love You Smilie (i like the fluttering heart is all)
I moved this topic from General Discussion because I thought it was a better fit. The poem ought to go in the Writers Guild but it is within topic here. Smile Smilie