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Thread: Who Is Your Favorite Character?

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I think you can get THE TOLKIEN READER over Amazon.com, Tommy. I will have to get it myself. Tolkien and Gordon's translation of 'Gawain' is featured in a book with two other translations by Tolkien, 'Pearl' and 'Sir Ofreo' and I have seen it in a lot of bookstores. Another more philological book of Tolkien's is Monsters and the Crtics and Other Essays. I have not read this one either, but I am dying to get my hands on it.
Welcome, Ross, hope to see you around. Check out our 'Information for Newbies thread' in Help.
Back to the subject...another character I really like in ME is the hound that helps Luthien and Beren. I should know it's name but my mind is becoming water...anyone?
Hi there Orimono, just popped my head in to disagree about He whose name I no longer speak, if you've read any of the other boards around here you'll know how I feel about the useless little freak that is S*m.
I have no favorite character however, it's always easier to be negative don't you think? Wink Smilie
Ha! True. True. Winking Smilie
My favorite character changes everytime I read the stories. That is a really tough question. I love how Bilbo is so down to earth, and the fact that there is more to him than meets the eye. But I also think that is true about most of Tolkien's characters. I love Sam's faithfulness to Frodo. Aragorn is so mysterious as Strider. Legolas is very intriging. I love Gimli's character. Of course I love Gandalf.

I really can't answer that. I could list each character and tell you why I like him or her.
It's a hard question, Orimono, but I think it would have to be Aragorn. For someone who's destiny was to be King of the United Kingdom, he was so down to earth. And concidering who he was, it must have been so tempting to just put his feet up in Rivendell, and say, "What go out today? Are you joking? It's raining!"
Instead he led a hard life (somewhere he is described as being the hardiest Man of his age), and fought a lifetime in the cause of good. There wouldn't be many who could face off against five nazgul either (and he drove them off).
On top of that, he was highly educated too. I love the bit in the film where he's stood in the background at Rivendell when Boromir wonders in and drops the hilt of Narsil. I think that one scene beautifully showed the difference between the two of them.
I liked him in the book, and I think Viggo did a brilliant job of him in the film too. (And if he manages to get a bit of both Arwen and Eowyn in the film, then good luck to him.... except then, it'd be swords drawn at dawn with Faramir.)

Outside of LOTR, I think Finrod Felagund and Fingolfin are my favourites.
I really can't answer that. I could list each character and tell you why I like him or her.

Do so! It will be interesting to read. I'll post my list:
Sam: I love his devotion to Frodo, and his humour. I feel like I am Sam by the end of the book, even though we are not very a like.
Frodo: I can relate to him the best of all the characters, I love his way of thinking, and of course the way he takes the Ring all the way to Mordor.
Strider: I like his mysteriousness, but only when he is Strider.
Gimli: He is funny.
Legolas: I like his love of nature, and the many insightful things he says about the world from the Elves point of view.
Gandalf: How could anyone not like Gandalf?...
Faramir: He is very wise and just as much of a 'kingly perrson' as Aragorn.
Galadriel: I like her sadness. (I know it sounds strange)
Elrond: I like the way he just sort of sits back and moves things with his wisdom.
Glorfindel: I like his mysteriousness, and of course Tolkien's description of him is one of the best in the book: 'his face was fair and young and fearless and full of joy, on his brow sat wisdom and in his hand was strength.'
Cirdan: Another mysterious elf, I love the way that he loves the Sea.
Tom Bombadil and Goldberry: They are stranger and freerer than anyone else in the book.
Pippin and Merry: They are funny, and I like their optomisim.
Now that I've named like all the characters I'll stop... Wink Smilie

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ok Samwise, I can see this is going to be an ongoing tread. I will list a few more every day.

Boromir. I like much better in book than in the movie. I believe the book showed his complexness much better, and how the ring truely affected him. and of course his regret at what he had done. The movie tried, but it just did not come off quite right.

Merry and Pippen were great. just wonderful little hobbits. great personalities. true people, sometimes scared, sometimes brave, not always very bright, but sometimes wise. I identified with them.

Elrond, I love his wisdom. Wish I could be more like him. He reminds me of some one that I am very close to and care a great deal about. Intelligent, hard and cold at times, but very gentle and warm other times. He is also very sad because of the things he has seen and lost, but can put the past behind at times and really enjoy himself.

Well that is all for now. More later.
i agree with you on the borimir thing. He definatly was portrayed better in the book. Wink Smilie (or however you say it)

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I'm more partial to Treebeard.
I'll look for thee, and wait for thee, until we meet again:
Together we will take the road beneath the bitter rain!

Together we will take the road that leads into the West.
And far away will find a land where both our hearts may rest.

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I love Treebeard too. I would have gotten to him next.
I Wonder How They Will Potray Treebeard On TTT Movie!?! Let Me Read Hs Part Again...Read Smilie

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I hope they do a good job on his character in the movie.
The Better Or.... Exploding Head Smilie Dead Smilie

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Isn't he being played by the same person who played Gimli?
Mithras, I hope not! That would be awful! But I wonder how they will portray him. Perhaps we ought to start a Treebeard thread, if there isn't one already... I love him and all the ents, I can relate to Bregalad best though, don't know why.
Hey Gang! Read Smilie

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I was wondering why Orimono's posts kept getting grondied, but now I see. My sig is approved though? Smile Smilie If not, let me know and I'll change it.

Err. O yeah, in answer to Orimono's question, my all-time favourite is... well, guess... Tongue Smilie
But I too could make a list:

- Treebeard: for his humour ("I'm not very... hmm... bendable." Big Laugh Smilie ) and his Entishness and well I just love him.
- Gandalf: for his wisdom, curious character and his wit.
- Sam: for his loyalty, honesty and simplicity.
- The Ring: well, what would the book be without the Ring? Very Big Grin Smilie
Am I The Only On Who Likes Farmer Maggot?!?!?!?! Got The Blues Smilie
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Am I The Only On Who Likes Farmer Maggot?!?!?!?! Got The Blues Smilie
No, Farmer Maggot is an admirable character, I knew many neighbors that fit his archetype, while growing up on my fathers wheat ranch. The salt of the earth who would go out of there way to help those they knew needed help; however, they were still suspicious of strangers and would order them off, if they felt they didn't have a need to be trespassing, this was especially true during pheasant hunting season. Smile Smilie
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Well if i was innocent about this may lightning strike.....the dog next door....

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Orimono_Shujin: Thank you! Smile Smilie

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Poor wittle doggie. Sad Smilie
My favorite character in the book and in the movie was Pippin. I guess I have had a soft spot for those boys who trouble always seems to find and that would be Pippin. He has such childlike innocence and curiousity. But though childlike in many ways he demonstrated such loyalty and courage. Pippin makes me smile not in the "comic relief" way but in a "here comes trouble" sort of way.
Somebody was asking about Treebeard/Gimli, yep, John Rhys-Davies is doing them both. Treebeard will be entirely CGI visually but mr R-D is providing the voice, and he will be perfect I assure you. Anyone who knows him as Professor Arturo from Sliders will surely agree with me here?
He played Sallah in Indiana Jones I and III, the earliest that I remember him in anything was in 'I Claudius' in 1976.
Ahh...that's reassuring. I just couldn't picture Rhyies-Davies looking like Treebeard, if you know what I mean.
I like Farmer Maggot, too, I like Gandalf's description of him: he thinks more than he shows (or something like that), I think it is true of a lot of just, well, regular people.
Rednell, I agree about Pippin. I love the parts of the book when he's in Gondor.
For some reason i always love the lesser characters of books. I don't know why i just find them interisting. Somtimes think im the only person who likes Farmer-Giles Of Ham By Jrr Tolkien! Mad Smilie
I love John Rhys-Davies, and I loved his part in sliders. I think he will do a great job for Treebeard. He was wonderful as Gimli. I can't wait to see/hear him do Treebeard.

I also like Farmer Maggot. So hard and gruff on the outside and so caring on the inside with a willingness to help someone in need.

Farmer-Giles was a great story. Love all the characters in it. But I think my favorite was Smith of Wooten Major.
YEAH... Wink Smilie
I liked Garm, Farmer Giles' cowardly dog. He seemed a right sensible critter to me: being scared of giants, 'n dragons, 'n hares, Oh my!

I can't remember much about Smith of Wooton Major, guess I had better dig it out from where ever it is hiding and read it again. Something about a baker and a faery queen?

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Ya, im gonna read it over again... Read Smilie
Is Farmer Giles still in print? I have not read it.
Back to the original subject, is this question 'who is your favorite character created by Tolkien' or 'in Middle-Earth' or 'in Lord of the Rings?'
Since there has been such a renewed interest in JRR's work of late, pretty much everything has been published again. I purchased Farmer Giles of Ham last year for my nephew but better yet, I bought The Tolkien Reader last week and it includes The Homecoming of Beorhtnoth Beorhthelm' Son, Tree and Leaf (On Fariy-Stories & Leaf by Niggle), Farmer Giles of Ham and The Adventures of Tom Bombadil. I have been looking for Leaf by Niggle, so I was really excited when I came across this book. Read Smilie

As for favorite character: since this thread is under Middle Earth, I would say you could pick out any ME character that you love and adore. Big Smile Smilie
Sam is a good caracter however my personal favorite has got to be Faramir. He is an interesting caracter loved by his soldiers, as he doesn't seem to be changed by the power he commands.
Welcome to our forum Ross. Smile Smilie Hope to see you around.
He played Sallah in Indiana Jones I and III, the earliest that I remember him in anything was in 'I Claudius' in 1976.

Really? I saw that film. Who did he play? Maybe I'll remember him then... Hmmm... *tries to dig in her memory but finds it pretty empty* Wink Smilie

Well h-e-l-l-o there, Ross! (it's hard to be original greeting newbies) Big Smile Smilie

I've been in and out of bookshops every day during this week, but I didn't come across The Tolkien Reader though. That would be the perfect book! Otherwise I'd have to buy all those stories! I did come across Robert Foster's guide to ME (or what was it called again?) and Tolkien's letters and a book called: "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" (?) also by Tolkien. Didn't buy any of them however through lack of money. I did buy Bored of the Rings however. Very Big Grin Smilie Going to read it next week, cos I'm currently reading The Colour of Magic. Don't wanna mix em up.
Back to the subject...another character I really like in ME is the hound that helps Luthien and Beren. I should know it's name but my mind is becoming water...anyone?
Huan Smile Smilie

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2, 3, 4... (sorry couldn't resist that one)
Tongue Smilie Okay Great Plastic One, I was answering the preceding question with my short answer. I have since edited it to to include the question. Big Smile Smilie

Just my little joke, I can't resist it, ever. Probably because of "El Nombre" off of some kids maths show I saw when I was out of work, which had a character called "Little Juan" in it, always made me laugh...
Thanks Grondmaster, I like short answers Big Smile Smilie
Another one of my favorite characters is Fingon and Maedhros.
What about Isildur?Nobody likes Isildur?I think we all owe him the Lord Of The Rings(in my weirdo,paranoic vision Paranoid Smilie One Eye Smilie )Cause if not for Isildur,than nothing would have ever happened...think of it you could say the same thing about 75% of the rest of the characters in the books...i'm talking crap-but it's my first day here and I'm sooo excited and my favourite character is Isildur!
What about Isildur?Nobody likes Isildur?

Orc Going Huh Smilie Wow, people actualy like him? Well, I suppose its only fair that he should have fans too.
But I don't Na-na-na-na-na Smilie
Cuz I like Boromir (the human pincushon) and if Mr Thicky Isildur had dumped the ring in mount doom then Boromir wouldn't have gone floating over that waterfall (what the hells wrong with a nice cremation, thats what I wanna know!) plus Gandalf wouldn't have had to fight the Balrog!!

Cuz I liked I also like Farmer Maggot. So hard and gruff on the outside and so caring on the inside with a willingness to help someone in need.

Unless they were after his mushrooms Orc Grinning Smilie

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Welcome raptor! It is true that if Isildur had not taken the Ring then Lord of the Rings wouldn't have happened. But if he hadn't taken it, I suppose someone else might have.
My favorite character has always been Sam. And another character I love is Boromir. Does anyone else like him? I like Faramir too, but Boromir is just... different from everyone else.

For some reason I never actually liked Frodo. Maybe that's just me, but... i don't know...
Had Isildur taken the ring, but instead of claiming it as his own pressiousess, had followed Elrond's advice by casting it then into Orodruin's fire (Mount Doom) we would have missed out reading at least four very fun and exciting books. Without the forerunning publishment of The Hobbit and LOTR, one can almost guarantee that the Silmarillion would never have appeared in print.

(My grammar went a little shakey there, but you can probably catch my drift.) Smile Smilie
My point exactly. Smile Smilie ISILDUR,ISILDUR,ISILDUR Smile Smilie .And Pippin.
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