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Thread: Who Is Your Favorite Character?

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it would have to be Golem (multiple personality disorder)
Eol may have been an intriguing character, but for my money he was a bad seed whose mother should never have let him see the light of day, let alone the dark of night.

I know he so cool! reeheehheee!
My fave charicter? Does it matter if their from the films or not? Cause I'd have to say Lurtz...but unfortunatly he snuffed it, so now my fave charicter is Ugluk.
My favorite characters from the films were Tom Bombadil and Glorfindel. Oh sorry they were cut out or replaced for a nonsenseical love story.
I have to say Legolas for his great cleverness and skill with bow and sword..
My fovorite character is Frodo the ring bearer and Aragorn son of Arathorn. Well I'm not so sure about Frodo but realy Frodo is a cool person. and in the first movie when he went to Rivendail and. and when Bilbo sees the ring an gives his scearty face
So many new members....

Welcome to Planet Tolkien Arwen_RingBearer, ironclan, remi, Einar, Frodotheringbearer and anyone else I haven't mentioned. I hope you all enjoy yourself here.

Keep attracting new members at this rate and we'll have to build an extension to house them all. Smile Smilie
are there any chances u might give out some clues to ur 50 questions?
Sorry remi. I keep them well hidden because several of the members enjoy rooting the answers out from the texts... Do what you can and send them to me though. It's just for fun, and if you get 35 correct answers, it'll be 35 more than anyone who doesn't try. Good luck with them.

Oh one clue... I've been told one of the questions has been answered in a thread that I posted a few weeks ago Smile Smilie

The name by the way is broken down into Sindarin derivatives if it makes it any easier for you to pronounce...
Val (powerful), edhel (elf), gwath (shadow)
my favourite character is Gollum!! Tongue Smilie
Just wanted to say one more thing: in the book I really liked Faramir, but in the movie... Well, if u have seen TTT u know what I mean!! Mad Smilie

I agree with you Remi, Faramir was one of my favorite characters in the book, but he was very disappointing to me in the movie.
Val, I did not know that about your name. It is a very lovely name. Big Smile Smilie
Addi: Welcome to our forum, I hope you enjoy our Website, learning about Tolkien, and sharing with all the members. Happy Elf Smilie
You know remi, we norwegians have an advatage when it comes to pronouncing elvish. I was really happy when i figured that out! Just say it like it was an norwegian word, except for some sounds like th and ch. Th as in "this", and ch like in "loch". Orc Grinning Smilie
You have an advantage if you can speak Welsh as well! (hruuhuwhuw, my scooby doo impression) Big Smile Smilie
my favourite characters :

1. Sauron (who made the Ring so we could enjoy Frodo's adventures?? )

2. Gollum (who destroyed the Ring so Aragorn could be King and Frodo could go back home??)

3. Frodo (who is the only one that dares to enter Mordor and go on a suicide mission??)
My favorite character is Tom Bombadil. Every time I read the trilogy, I expect to find Tom leaping about in Mordor snickering at all its evil, shaking his head at the rest of middle earth, unable to comprehend the greed and deceptionthat allowed such a situation to exist. Tom seems naievly innocent, but posseses supurfluous knowledge. It seems that Tom has made a deliberate decision to be "removed" from the larger world, but he still keeps a keen eye out on it. I see him as a pastoral character. I thinkhe's "better" because he is not burdened by prevelant cares. That may be greedy, but the pursuit of hapiness is a personal adventure.
"show me the precious ring"...then suddenly he put it to his eye and laughed Paranoid Smilie
For me its Frodo. Because I see him as one of the books Anti-Heroes. Frodo a you see him is is small, quiet in nature as are the majority of Hobbits. He doesn't have the strenght of the likes of Gimil, Aragorn and Gandalf. But what he does have is the inner strenght and courage to bear the one ring from the Shire all the way to Mordor and the Cracks of Doom. He wavered a few times as all anti-heroes do but in the end he did not with magic or swords or a army of men and elves. He did it with the help of a friend. And then the great evil as defeated. So thats why it's Frodo for me.
Elemuel, if you want to use the quote function, put your quote inbetween the
boxes in your posting box, and ensure BBcode is enabled. Of course if you knew that already and it was just an honest typo, then ignore me, I'm only trying to be helpful. Smile Smilie
3. Frodo (who is the only one that dares to enter Mordor and go on a suicide mission??)

What about Sam. I think most of the fellowship would have entered Mordor if there paths took them there.
I'm glad somebody else like Tom! Big Smile Smilie
Thanks plastic squirrel, I'm not the most computer literate. I spend most of my time in books. Computers are an adventure for me! Smoke Smilie
That“s true Ringfacwen, it“s very difficult to have an fav caracter because they all have something special.
But since I first have read the books Legolas has been one off my favorites. Happy Elf Smilie
I love Aragorn but arwen is great too, I especially love the combination of the two, they are perfect together.
I like Boromir. Even if he's weak, he's human. Aragorn is to kingly. And Legolos is just to perfect. Sams cool to...and ik wouldn't say no to Eowyn.....
Hey that's a nice idea.
So my fav char. must be all of the elfs!
I really like Aragorn, Legolas, and Sam a lot.

Though for some reason, i adore(love) the names Estel, and Elrohir.
I even prefer calling Aragorn , Estel- just 'cause that name is great. Though i think that Estel feels more like a kidish name-dunno why.

There, that's it Big Smile Smilie
Wiggle Smilie
I would have to say Sam is my favorite character. I love how he's so devoted to Frodo and would do anything for him. But Eowyn is a close second; I can't wait to see how they potray her slaying the Nazgul in RotK! Big Smile Smilie
Welcome to Planet Tolkien Arwen_RingBearer

Thanks, late, but Thanks! Big Smile Smilie
Faramir is the best. hes so sweet and understanding, he just wants to help his people and Frodo. I think thats sweet. i think he should have killed Gollum so they couldn't go in to Shelobs lair, but.....Big Smile Smilie
And even if they had got into Mordor, than Frodo wouldn't have been able to chuck the ring into the crack of Doom without Gollum, so killing him would be a really, really, bad idea. (And just cos I like Gollum)
Plastic, I have to admit that I like Gollum as well.. I think the duel personality he has is just great.
are we talking fav character from a literary or personal view? gollum qualifies for the literary one but personal fav would have to be Eomer. He is just so freakin' valiant it isn't even funny. the slaughter on the Pelennor Fields was the most epic mayhem since Hurin's slaughtering at the Battle of Unnumbered Tears.
Gimli has snuck up and taken the positon as my fav character. I'm not sure I had a favorite before, but I think my anger about him becoming a clown in two towers made me think more about who he really was and it made me like him even more. I feel very protective about him now. Maybe because he couldn't defend himself against PJs ideas. *lol*

But I'm reading lotr agian so we'll see if I change my mind on the way. Wink Smilie
Well, you know what some people say. Sometimes hate brings people together? Well, I don`t know do I? I just felt like writing it. Big Laugh Smilie

I haven`t gone to sleep in 2 days. Just thought like writing that too. Big Laugh Smilie

Oh, well. C ya l8tr! Cool Smilie
Elf With a Big Grin Smilie moonstar posted on 28/3/2003 at 21:22
I'm moonstar and I'd like to tell you my favorite character's, and why I feel the way I do about them.
First, I'd like to start off by saying I just started learning about middle - earth during the past couple of years.But what I have learned so far makes me want to learn so much more! I have never found anything that I feel more a part of than middle-earth!
Which leads me to conclude that I absolutely love all the character's for who they are. Though I have to admit that I do have certain favorites.
I love Sam's dedication to Frodo, as well as their love for eachother;
I love Merry and Pippin's loyalty to Frodo;
I love the fact that Gimli and Legolas bocome dear friends despite the fact that one is dwarf and one is elf;
I also love Gimli's adoration of Galadriel;
I love Boromir's dedication to his people, as well as to his friend's( I cried at the end of the fellowship when Boromir's dying and confessing to Aragorn what he'd done to Frodo, and when he tells Aragorn that "I would have followed you anywhere my brother, my captain, my king," and in response to that Aragorn say's "be at peace son of Gondor.";
I love Gandalf's humor as well as his seriousness;
I love Bilbo's love for Frodo as well as his regret for Frodo's task;
I love Aragorn's love and dedication to his friend's as well as his love for Arwen( I hope to find someone who loves me that much);
I love Frodo's determination to finish the destruction of the one ring even if it means that he'll have to do it alone;
I love Eomer and Eowyn's love and dedication to their people and to there uncle;
I love Celeborn and Galadriel ( I wish they were my grandfather and grandmother);
I also love Arwen, I love her dedication to her people, but more importantly I love her dedication to her own heart(Her stubborness reminds me of my sister, and myself. I don't mean to sound korny but I feel connected to her somehow.)
I'd love to know if I'm not the only one who feels this way. Thank You for dealing with me.
- moonstar Elf Smilie Angel Smilie Elf Smilie Angel Smilie
Aulė posted on 28/3/2003 at 21:27
Hi and welcome to this magnificient website Moonstar....I hope you will enjoy it as much as I am!
Well my favourite character must be Aulė, Ulmo, Manwė or Mandos.....but also Tulkas....he is extremely cool!!
Then there is alot more who I place above the others but these are my absolute favourite!
Sheryl posted on 28/3/2003 at 23:09
Cool Smilie LEGOLAS LEGOLAS!! That`s all I`m going to say. I`m sure someone shall explain why I chose Legolas if you are a bit like why is she acting wierd, which I don`t mind you saying or thinking.
Orc Grinning Smilie gimli_axe_wielder posted on 29/3/2003 at 00:28
gee... I who my favorite is.. Big Smile Smilie
virumor posted on 29/3/2003 at 00:57
My favourite character is Sauron, because he is the Lord of the Rings.
I'm listening to Howard Shore's Samwise the brave and I just now realized that Sam is truely my favorite character out of all of them.

I love Sam! He's such a great Hobbit and friend. I wish I had a friend like that.

There are so many times in the book that I laughed and I cried, but most of those times where because of Sam.
I haven`t come accross anything great that Sam has done yet, in the book. But from the two movies I`ve seen, Sam is the truest friend anyone could have, he is a miracle. For instance, he risked his life so that Frodo didn`t go to Mordor alone and that he didn`t brake his promise to Gandalf. I mean he nearly DIED for FRODO!! Now that is a true friend, you couldn`t get better than that. Wink Smilie

I wish I had a best frind like that....... Sad Smilie My best friend is nothing like that! Very Sad Smilie
This is truly a hard question but I would have to say:

1. Farmir Smile Smilie

2. Gollum Good and Evil Smilie

3. Theodan I

4. Legolas Cool Elf Smilie

5. Merry and Pippin Waving Hello Smilie

6. Aragorn I

7. Eowyn Kiss Smilie

8. Gimli Cool Elf Smilie

9. Gandalf Angel Smilie

10. Elrond Teacher Smilie
Did you notice that there`s only one women in there? Big Smile Smilie
Did you realize ther are very few women in the LotR?

1) Lobelia Sackville-Baggins
2) Dora Baggins (She received a large waste-paper basket.)
3) Angelica Baggins (She received a mirror.)
4) Mrs. Maggot (Basket of Mushrooms)
5) Goldberry
6) Arwen
7) Galadriel
8) Eoreth ('The hands of the King...')
9) Mrs. Cotton, (Rosie's Mom)
10) Rosie Gamgee, ne Cotton

Have I missed any?
Yep, Eowyn and Shelob!
Big Laugh Smilie Oh in that case Shlobb as well!
Lagolamb, yes, Legolas, no!! I know that Legolas becomes Legless quite often, but that`s no excuse for calling him a girl. Big Laugh Smilie
Okay, I shouldn't have forgotten Eowyn and probably should have remembered Primula Brandybuck; however, I'm not sure if Shelob can actually qualify as a woman, a female yes, a woman no. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Yes it's true that there are not many females in LotR. But what strikes me is that many of the females there play an important part. Eowyn, slaying the Witch King. Galadriel in Lorien, and very powerful. And Arwen plays a part in her own way. A few, well formed, strong women in a book is better than no women at all.
And don't forget the brief mention of Queen Beruthial of the nine cats fame, who eventually caused so much trouble for Gondor that they packed her off in a ship with her nine cats (eight black and one white), and sent her drifting off somewhere in a southerly direction.
I love Queen Beruthial, not sure why, but I do. I thought she was a neat character and wish more had been said about her. Perhaps it is because i have more cats than she did. hehehehe.
So you mean all that time of me arguing about there being no need for Arwen to take Glorfindels place as the women in the books already have strong characters has actually been recognised! Cool Smilie
My favourite characters are to many to bring up to speed....I will however mention ONE OF THEM.....AulėBig Smile Smilie
Welcome back Aulė. Everyone has missed you. Smile Smilie
ME ESPECIALLY! Big Laugh Smilie Well, you have been missed, that`s a fact! Big Smile Smilie

My favourite character is, in the books, Sam. That`s at the moment. In the films, hmm....Legolas, Gandalf and Sam. Big Smile Smilie
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