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Thread: Who Is Your Favorite Character?

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I've said before, if the Sil. ever gets made into a movie, then I would be so absolutely enraptured with Finrod I'd be likely to forget Legolas....* dreamy look* of course, by the end I'll be crying like a baby...
It would be hard to pick one, but probably a toss up between Turgon and Tuor with the edge going to Tuor because a) mortal, which makes his accomplishments in that company the more impressive and b) that part of the story appeals to the romantic in me (though Turgon gets tragedy points there, too.) Needless to say, Eol...ugh! Awesome was the fall of Gondolin! I'm still floored by the wisdom, grandeur, and nobility of Turgon (can't believe Orcrist was just gathering dust under the Lonely Mountain throughout the War of the Ring) but I've always had a soft spot for the mortals that make it in the Eldar world. Echthelion (BOO Gothmog!) and Glorfindel are great.

After that the list gets a bit crowded. Manwe is suitably kingly, but he'd be lost without Vardas wisdom. Ulmo, well, he should be higher given my love of Gondolin (Osse is a punk!) Mandos is imposing, and has Feanor et al. living with him. Yavanna gave us the Two Trees, and you gotta like Tulkas as the only Vala who can kick Morgoths --- one on one.

Olorin (of course) and Melian; pretty much anyone from Doriath, really, which brings us to....

Beren (but not in LT; making him a Noldor took all the fun out of it for me,) Luthien, Huan, Mablung, Huan (hitting all around him; I also like Carcharoth,) Beleg, and, of course, Thingol himself. I run hot and cold on Turin (see handle) but I definitely like Tuor better. Hurin Thalion and Huor ('natch, though I'm still a little upset at Hurin because I (in case you missed it the first time) love Gondolin.)

And I LIKE Feanor (a lot) and probably wouldn't if he lacked the tragic flaws. Still like Maedhros, too, but I can't stand Curufin. Finrod for his loyalty to and sacrifice for Beren, and Fingolfin for what he did to Morgoth. Finarfin because there's no blonde Noldor without him, and I'm really partial to blondes (like Galadriel, whom I still think was miscast in the movie.) I can't really say how I feel about Fingon because my impression of him is sort of "Congratulations, you're High-King of the Noldor. BTW, you're also dead."

Can't like Tuor and Idril without liking Earendel, but he still feels like an afterthought to me; I think I prefer Elwing, but she didn't take on Ancalagon.

From the Trilogy I probably like Aragorn best of all because it seems the Elder Days are echoed most strongly in him and Galadriel. Then probably Sam, who saves the day not once, but twice. Faramir and Eowyn give him competition though (there's that blonde thing again.) I'm still a bit upset that there was this speculative/tentative beginning of things between Aragorn and Eowyn in the movies that's totally inconsistent with Aragorns character. Recap of the options: destroy the Ring, beat Sauron, take the crown (or winged helm, as the case may be) of Gondor, and wed Arwen, OR perish in the attempt. Either way there's no room for an Eowyn romance, and Aragorn says as much once in the books, seeming to expect the latter. My two cents.
I'm still totally of the Felagund fans. Because I think he's really got that soft side to him. I've always liked that. And his sacrifice was sooooo touching. The words he said to Beren. And last of all " But Felagund comes no more/ Into this grey world of tears and war." I read that part of the Lay of Leithein over and over again.

Felagund seems to me to have everything a good person is supposed to have. He's got the valour of Fingolfin's house, the wisdom of Finarfin's house, and some kindness of his own heart. He really knows things. He actually thinks of the world, the fates and the more deeper stuff. I think he ponders more about the more important aspects of spirit than any other. He doesn't just think about fighting and ridding the earth of Melko, but beyond. His debate with Andreth was very interesting too.

I like Galadriel too, I guess. She was really my first favourite, before I read the Sil or knew anything of Finrod. But then after that she seemed to me to be a bit too proud and stubborn for my liking, although I still like her. She became wise in the end, after all. And I hope she got a happy reunion with her brother...

I also like Turin. He gets a lot of tragedy points from me. But his tale is really just too dark. It makes me feel sort of uncomfortable. But then he was really just Fate's plaything, and Melkor's victim. The slaying of Beleg really gave me the creeps. I reread it four times before I could believe it was really what had happened. I really liked Beleg too. He is sort of like Finrod...
My favorite is definitely Gimli. Always been a dwarf fan.
I think Aragorn comes top of my list
I love strider because he is so kind and mysterous. Not much is really known about it seems tome anyway.
I prefer Legolas as his accuracy with a bow and arrow is exceptional. His character is deep and full-filling. ( I am very analystic!!) I am not just saying this based on the film though. It is based on plain knowledge of the character.
I think Fingolfin has got to be the top for elves. That desperate heroism displayed in challenging Morgoth to single combat. Foolish yes, but he alone of all the Elves wounded Melkor with steel, and had the chance to avenge the Noldor.
Gimli is my favorite dwarf, while the cousins Tuor and Turin, and Beren are tied for Men.
But I think that my all-time favorite is the one-and-only, Tom Bombadil.
if the Sil. ever gets made into a movie,

I plan on being the person to make that happen, as well as several other movies. However, the Sil could not be made into just one movie, it would have to be like a series of movies. Like one would be the tale of Beren and Luthien, another, the story of Turin. It would be an imposing undertaking, almost like making a whole movie solely out of a history book. There's four thousand years of recorded history, plus an unknown period of time before the measure of Time began. You'd have to come up with quite a bit of dialogue, as well as a way to cramn about a hundred years into four or five hours without boring people.
Sorry, I kind of got carried away. This is a fav character thread, my apologies. I think I'll start a thread in "General Discussion" about movies people want to see made. I don't know if there's already a thread for that, if so Grep or somebody will move it.
Like Valin, i always liked dwarves, it just falls in naturaly for me, sort of
I like Gandalf, for obvious reasons, and some others in LOTR. And I like threads that aren't scrambled.
And... Frodo Wink Smilie
And Pippin and Merry Wink Smilie
And Faramir.
Lego-lass, because she stacked like a brick out-house. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
hmm, my favourite character has got to be Gandalf, wisedom is what was needed in desperate times he was always there when needed

he arrives precisely when he means to

everyone loves Gandalf, they love his words, who wouldnt??? Orc Smiling Smilie
Thank you, thank you!
My favourite character is Arwen because of her beauty and wisdom.I also think that her decision to abandon immortality for a mortal man whoose fate was not sure,shows rare mental greatness that not everyone has.
I assume your Arwouen is the equivalent of our English Arwen. Teacher Smilie

So tell me: how do the Scandinavians pronounce 'Kraken'? (I saw PotC: Dead Man's Chest this afternoon. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Grondy, what's with Kraken?
Grondmaster I'm greek not Scandinabian!After all I did not know spelling was soooo important!!!!!!!!
Sorry Ninerl, spelling isn't important, but the different translations of Tolkien's books have different spellings and often entirely different words for character names. I thought this was one of those occasions.

The bit about the Kraken is in the new PotC 2 movie, the two comic relief pirate characters are having an argument over the pronunciation of the word and one of them asked the other how Scandinavians pronounce the word: is it kray-ken or crack-ken? Its like how to say tomato: is it toe-may-toe or toe-maw-toe?
It's Kraah-kunn, like in German.
The Witch King. He slayed those Dunedain like all Noldors killing Orks. Only if he knew that Aragorn was Dunedain Orc Grinning Smilie there would be no king.
My favorite is legolas, because he's a brave soul, and a fighter, also likes dwarves!!!! and maeglin: he likes Dwarves, can speak dwarvish and was different.
Legolas: surfs everywere, great with bow.
Maeglin:Badass evilness (COOL!) Smile Smilie ,and a dab hand at welding.

They're both so cool, I can't decide.
Can I have some help.
P.S no opinions from fangirls, as may not help (All fangirls must DIE!)
P.S no opinions from fangirls, as may not help (All fangirls must DIE!)

Haha, look who's talking...
Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
They're both so cool, I can't decide.
Can I have some help.
Go with Legolas as long as your not thinking of 'Little Orly', not to be confused with 'Little Orley'. Happy Elf Smilie

Grondy says stay away from men and boys like 'Maeglin: Badass evilness'. They'll only break your heart; they are pure disaster. The girl thinks she can change his ways, but she seldom can and it always ends in tears. Here endeth the lesson. Read Smilie
Among the Ainur,my favourite is Varda.She is the most insightful of the Valar who saw the mind of Morgoth.Another reason,she was the most loved and also was the highest in reverance.Given many titles for her splendour...wow...I wish I could be like her...and I am pretty sure that making stars and kindling them is not easy.Not forgetting my final reason for idolising Varda,Morgoth fears her the most amongst the Valar...being feared to such a great extent by the mightiest of them all is really something.
Among the children of Illuvatar,Eowyn is my favourite.She has everything in her...beauty,chivalry and grace...it takes a lot of guts for a woman to ride for war.
...it takes a lot of guts for a woman to ride for war.

It takes alot of guts for anyone to ride to war. Not so difficult to push a button from miles away when you outnumber the enemy considerably anyway...you know..progress. No offense to anyone currently serving in the military, though. You're the one risking your life, not me, and I admit that my opinion of courage would probably change considerably if our positions were switched.

I've said this before and I maintain it. My favorite character might be Boromir. I really believe that he meant well and just didn't understand what he was doing. After all, being more or less royalty, he was brought up to believe that he was solely responsible for the security of so many people. He therefore, probably, believed that power was invested in him for the purpose of the protection of others. When power was denied to him, he felt useless and wronged. After all he did use his power to defend Merry and Pippin despite the cost to himself. He rode to Rivendell alone just to see if there was a chance that he could save his people. Had he just wanted glory, he could have stayed in Gondor and died admirably in front of hundreds or thousands of adoring subjects. Instead, he died underneath the shadow of his forefathers' legacy (Look whose "epic" now!) within site of home. Of course, many people make this point. I just like pointing out that he was more complex than the arrogant brute that he is usually made out to be. I have similar opinions regarding Sir Gawain, although I have not studied the Arthurian legends deeply. T.H. White The Once and Future King Have you read it? Good! Now read it again!
my favourite characters in the trilogy is,and allways will be,the evil Witch-king!

Kind regards,
Ihimiri,the Witch-Queen.
i like Aragorn and Sam
Obviously, Morgoth Very Evil Smilie Very Evil Smilie
Galadhriel, the fair Lady of Light
any elves. all elves kick butt :p
i just like how they are portrade ( i cant spell :p )
tall, blonde, slender-thin features. plus i like the craftmanship on their blades and bows, entwining leaves, overlapping roots and vines. :p
pointy ears... Elf Smilie
big bulbous noses...Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Oh, that sounds more like Dwarves rather than the Elvesees.
plus i like the craftmanship on their blades and bows, entwining leaves, overlapping roots and vines.

I guess you haven't seen the craftsmanship of dwarves then? Our weapons and armour are made with fairer designs than any elf weapon can bear. And hath thou not seen the cities of the dwarves? There can be no fairer dwelling than them! Oh sweet khazad Dum...
my fav. character is Legolas because he is wistful and moves like a dancer on the dark stage. my other one is Gandulf because he is the oldest and the wises.
My favourites characters are Legolas and Gimli because I like how these traces were enemies but they are best of friends!! Legolas because he is just amazing how he can run across thick snow with hardley leaving a print and because his eyesight is brilliant he could probualy spot a man from 12 legues away!!
I really enjoyed reading the Lord of the Rings! Read Smilie
Of course I like and admire the nine, they all have a special place in my heart.
But again I must point to Eowyn, because her life was filled with such pain and emptiness and hopelessness as one by one people died and left her bereft, nearly dead inside.
The coming of Aragorn, in my opinion awakened something deep inside her and she quite naturally fell in love with him, or perhaps the fantasy of life with him-all the magic and making herself alongside him renown by mighty deads.
The added grief of knowing that he loved another would have perhaps just killed the heart of a lesser woman. Her beloved brother had been banned by the creepy Wormtongue supposedly on behalf of her dear but quite useless and demented uncle(for the time being)
I love that she had the once in a lifetime opportunity not only to face an enemy, but THE ENEMY and take the Witch King down. How glorious to have that hunger to do something really fabulous for her people come true and in the b argain meet and then love in a real deeep way Farmair whom I deeply respect. She was in some respects so ordinary, aside from her beauty, living a life of quiet despair like millions of others. I just loved her dignity and her courage and her sweetness.
Of course I like and admire the nine, they all have a special place in my heart.

The Nazgl? Why, that was unexpected.
Of course I like and admire the nine, they all have a special place in my heart.

that's the Fellowship... Wink Smilie
my other one is Gandulf because he is the oldest and the wises.

I'm going to read The Lord of the Rings again now! I never met a character called Gandulf! Orc Grinning Smilie Elk Grinning Smilie Elf Winking Smilie

My all time favourite character is Aragorn!
I never met a character called Gandulf! Orc Grinning Smilie

Gandulf was the seventh son of the seventh son of Poppa Smurf, but he still wasn't much of a wizard. Would you want everything you touched to turn into a foamy resemblance of its former self? After he accidentally turned their toadstool house to foam and it blew away in during a high windstorm, his parents fitted him with a pair of white gloves and things turned a little more normal for him.

Then in 1969, Gandulf was hired by Parker Brothers in their Sporting Goods Division, where he worked in the production department. That portion of the company is now part of Hasbro due to a series of mergers and acquisitions. Gandulf has had a direct hand in the manufacture of all their creations that have "NERF" as part of their name. NERF, which rhymes with Smurf, stands for Non-Expanding Recreational Foam.Teacher Smilie

And if you don't believe my little factoid, so much the better. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

But of course, Smurfs aren't the creation of Tolkien and thus Gandulf can't be my favorite character. I lean more towards Tom Bombadil. Happy Elf Smilie
"There Melian came, the Lady grey,
and dark and long her tresses lay,
beneath her silver girdle seat
and down unto her silver feet."
- who could resist falling in love with this introduction.

Melian was indeed special.Her entry into the plot was original.It was she who began the inter-racial union "trend".Her unconditional love,though not presented in elaborate sub-plots like her daughter Luthien's,touched many hearts.I truly admire the ability to care and love with level-headedness and this maia was at the top of my list.Melian definitely stands out for all the right reasons!

See I have always liked bad guys, and Lurtz (Ugluk) is an awesome fighter, so he would probably be my favorite character. For the good guys I would have to say It is either Gimli or Eomer.

I just had this feeling the first time that I heard the name of Prince Imrahil the fair I loved him, Don't quite know why but I wish he would have been a fleshed out character in one of the films

I would like to know about Prince Imrahil and his blood line. Is he a man rich in Numenorian blood, or does his kin have Elvish blood somehow in the mix. I think Legolas recognises the presents of Elvendome in him upon meeting him yet he is treated as a Lord of Men by everyone else. If anyone knows more I'd love to be pointed in the right direction.

There is a small section about Imrahil's bloodline in Unfinished Tales...

There used to be a small Elvish port near Dol Amroth. It was here that Nimrodel was headed when she became separated from Prince Amroth. With her was a companion, an elf-maiden called Mithrellas. When they became lost in the forest Imrazor the Numenorian found and harboured Mithrellas, eventually marrying her. Their children were Galador, who became the first Lord of Dol Amroth, and his sister Gilmith. Imrahil was the 22nd Lord of Dol Amroth, and as a descendant of Galador also carried this Elven blood (albeit much diluted). Mithrellas was a Silvan Elf, rather than a Noldor or Sindar, but this blood was said to have ever made the Lords of Dol Amroth noble and fair in face and mind.

Great, thanks Val. I'll have to dig out UFTs and have a good read.

I think this matter is to be seen as a legend within a legend, or as Tolkien put it in 1972, concerning the princely house of Dol Amroth: 'this line had a special Elvish strain, according to its own legends' Legolas appears to believe the legend just by looking at Imrahil, so if you take it as true you would at least be in good company.

In a text written before The Return of the King was published, Mithrellas was said to be one of the companions of Nimrodel who fled Lorien in the year 1980 of the Third Age. She was ultimately harboured by Imrazor the Numenorean, who took her to wife.

Granted, it is hard to see how Legolas could be wrong, and the author does provide a somewhat detailed tradition in posthumously published papers, but I note that the tradition itself includes the detail that after this Elf maiden had born children 'she slipped away by night and he saw her no more'

So I think Tolkien plays with the legendary status of this tale: on the one hand it might be thought that it was well known that Imrazôr had taken a 'fairy wife', however it might also be wondered why she appears to have fled so early -- thus her time was limited here, at least; in other words, perhaps this very action led some to wonder about, believe, or even start the tale that this woman had been one of the immortal folk?


Anyway, the founding of Dol Amroth is another matter: according to an author's note to Cirion and Eorl (Unfinished Tales) the founding of Dol Amroth may go well back before Galador (son of Mithrellas according to the legend), with the name 'Dol Amroth' being applied much later. This is a late note, but if I read the description correctly, in a very late note (December 1972 or later) Tolkien again refers to Nimrodel in any case, with:

'The legend of the prince's line was that one of the earliest fathers had wedded an Elf-maiden: in some versions it was indeed (evidently improbably) said to have been Nimrodel herself. In other tales, and more probably, it was one of Nimrodel's companions who was lost in the upper mountain glens.'

Which again, considering 'one of the earliest fathers' here, seems to imply that the line started nearer the drowning of Amroth instead of much earlier. With respect to these accounts Christopher Tolkien notes:

'... the two statements can only be reconciled on the supposition that the line of the Princes, and indeed the place of their dwelling, went back more than two thousand years before Galador's day, and that Galador was called the first Lord of Dol Amroth because it was not until his time (after the drowning of Amroth in the year 1981) that Dol Amroth was so named.'

Skipping over the further difficulty of an Adrahil mentioned here, Christopher Tolkien also notes that while his explanations to reconcile the seemingly variant accounts are not impossible, they seem less likely than there being two distinct and independent traditions of the origins of the Lords of Dol Amroth.  

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