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Thread: Who Is Your Favorite Character?

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And we are still wondering some 70 years later, talking, debating and loving these characters created by possibly the worlds greatest story teller. Just wonderful. Thanks Galin. Perhaps it's exactly as Tolkien wanted.

One of my favourite characters, apart from Sam, is also Gandalf. I admire that wizard because he is not only wise but due to the fact that he has much power and at the very beginning he was even afraid of it. As time went by, when he died and came back to life, he understood many things during the realm of the "2 existences" and learnt that power is good when it's used with care. Has anyone realized the change in Mithrandir past this step? It is a character which I truly love.

Gollum smeagol all the way precious. Also the witch king of agmar. Awesomeness....but I also love Sam. I'm 14 and even I have watched the animated hobbit and lotr. Most ppl I ask about it are like what is that?! Sam was adorable in 1978. Me sir go and see the elves?! OH HORRAAAAAY!! Hehehe...but gollum smeagol is way awesomer heheheheha!

First character I fell in love was Gandalf. Of course the reason was sir McKellen's beautiful portrayal of him - wise, noble man with great sense of humour and amazing warmth, care and grace. Absolutely stunning. Then I find out that Gandalf in the book has all virtues from Ian McKellen's role. Absolutely amazing character, definitely one of those I'm fond of the most.

But I couldn't just choose one and say that's my favourite. There's so many heroes I admire in the books. With some of them, - I could identify with some of their problems. With the other - I could hope I'll meet a person who would be like that in reality. I admire them and they make me smile. Some of them are so multi dimentional,  so and believable, that I find them extremely interesting. Some of them are really tragic, and I can't read their stories without truly feel for them. Some of them had an amazing story arc, like Aragorn for example - "crownless again shall be King" - how beautiful is that?

I couldn't choose one.

I like (in order!): 1) Legolas, 2) Aragorn/Strider, 3) Thorin, 4) Elrond

I always found Melkor to be quite interesting. That he was so different from his siblings and how such a pure being could turn so evil. Very interesting. I hope they somehow manage to make a Silmarillion movie series because I so want to see what Melkor looks like as divine being.


Other than him I like Samwise Gamgee because he is so loyal and who wouldn't love to have him as a best friend? Absolutely hugable! 10 cookies for Sam!


And last but not least I liked Thorin because he is such a tragic figure and I always wanted to know what he would have been like as a king ruling Erebor? I could imagine he would be quite the noble king in times of peace. I always cried when reading the last parts of the book, even as a teenager I couldn't hold the tears back and now that I have a face to that name it is even worse.

My favorite character is Sam, because Frodo probably wouldn't have made it to Mordor to destroy The One Ring.

Strider without a doubt! 

All the characters created by Tolkien are great, they all have something about them that draws you in.

My personal favorite is Old Tom Bombadil  with his bright blue jacket and his boots of yellow.

He is the essence of true anarchy (IMO), not good not bad but does what is right when called upon. No one understands him fully. He doesn't get drawn in by the troubles of the world (good vrs evil) He is a Ledge

Wow, it took a while to read through this thread!  Most interesting character for me is Eol.  Is he dark and twisted?  Sure, that is what is interesting about him.


Favorite character is Silmarillion is Finrod.  He loved men and slayed a werewolf with his teeth.  Holla!


Favorite character in Lord of the Rings, both book and movie is King Theodin.  I mean, the ride of the rohirrim?  Who wouldn't have followed him?

my fave character is Haun

hes loyal and he fights sauron in both werewolf and snake form and wins

not to mention hes a talking dog!

Each character shows the strong and weak sides of his/her personality. I think, we can find something of us in many of them and that's why it's so difficult to find the "best" or loveliest character. Difficult choice!

Melkor and annatar,or Sauron, was awesome when you think of their simaralities. And Aragorn was a key character with a bigger story than imaginable. Elrond was pretty epic too, I had no idea he had a brother named Elros nd that they were captured!

Eh. I can narrow it down (more or less) to three;


The Witch-King of Angmar

Túrin Turambar

I guess I'm quite fond of tragedy. I like characters that aren't the typical 'good guy', ones who aren't so black and white, that walk the fine line between light and dark... and then habitually throw themselves over it, repeatedly.

The fall from grace, the decent into madness - into dark and evil deeds, to unravel in both mind and body. To succumb and eventually be defeated - to torment and be tormented.

... I find characters who travel through those darker aspects infinitely more interesting than someone else like say; Arwen, Faramir or even Boromir - the latter has his share of troubles but he's still rather too wholesome and good for me :P.

Oh geez Sigrun, I laughed when I read your post.  I think that is exactly why I like Eol so much.  Not the popular opinion, but I like him for the very same reasons you spoke of.  But I will say, the sons of Feanor were truly the bad boys of Middle Earth (excluding the slaves of the dark powers of course)!

I feel the same way Sigrun, the anti-heroes are usually my forte, though Turin is easily my favorite.

However I'd disagree about Boromir or Faramir being black/white characters. At least the book versions. Arwen, Aragorn, Hobbits, Gandalf are all pretty black and white. You know immediately and consistently that they are good guys with good intentions. However Boromir later makes you question his intentions and Faramir is just a lost soul. He wants to be on the light side, but because of family history he is occasionally shrouded in dark.

You can really even think of them as one and view their dueling relationship as blurring the line between black/white for both. I agree they aren't quite as....exaggerated as, say, Turin, Eol or Feanor, but I don't think it's fair to call them black/white! They are such a complex duo...

Balrogs, you make a really good point.  I think it makes them easier to identify with as well.  Most of us have a little bit of a dark side.  It is easy to relate with both of them.  I agree, that they really are not as black and white as some of Tolkien's characters.  Not to mention, their relationship with their father is complicated, at best.   I think this adds to the intrigue and mystery.  You are not really certain what they are going to do.

Here are some of my favorite characters.

Aragorn -- noble and just, he is the paradigm of a true king. 

Melkor -- while obviously evil and bent, he starts out as a pure spirit with many admirable traits.  In the end, I've always admired his cleverness.  I think that Tolkien must have patterned his character on Lucifer.  There are just too many similarities.  I also wonder if perhaps he took inspiration from Satan in Milton's Paradise Lost.

Beren and Lúthien - to me, this is Tolkien's greatest love story.  If you haven't read it in The Silmarillion, you should go and do so.  It has jewels and faithful hounds and heartbreaking romance.  What more could you want, right?

Smaug - I've always liked dragons, in part because Tolkien drew a lot his inspiration from Beowulf, although the monster in Beowulf serves a bit of a different function. 


On another note, I would highly recommend that anyone interested in the sources for Tolkien's mythology, in particular the Rings of Power, that they read David Day's book Tolkien's Ring.  It's probably the best scholarly source that I've read on his writing. 





Frodo in a hart beat

Gandalf: smart in every way always tries to help things along

Frodo: I relate to him and he is so brave to take the ring to Mordor

Sam: The best friend a being could ever have so devoted and trustworthy

Aragon: The best fantacy king I have ever herd of

Legolas: Great with the weapons has a knack of looking funny on TV

Glimli: great just great cant dislike him in any way

The list goes on and on and on and on...........

You laughed? So did I! :P

I don't think Boromor or Faramir are wholly 'black and white' but more... good than anything else. They're of the Race of Men so undoubtedly there isn't quite the Elvish 'white/light' about them and I do see the shades of grey in their characters too. But they are so much more wholesome and good and untainted than the likes of others.

I suppose in the end what counts against them (for me) is that in the end they pass the test! Albeit in varying degrees and with great differences, they both acquit themselves pretty well by the end of it. Though I did enjoy the turmoil they each faced - it was short lived.

It's probably why I love the House of Fëanor so. That Oath! The Doom spoken of and how it drove them... sheer madness and desperation, "tears unnumbered" indeed!

All this talk is made me take up The Silmarillion again! Is it strange of me to say that I'm fond of the Elves who commit murder?...

... I think it might. But still! They make for the more interesting lot! I think it's the fact it's more action and less flowery words.

I know right?  I am in full agreement with you.  Maedhros is very cool indeed.  He hangs from a precipice for a few years, has his hand hewn off, and lives to wield his sword deadlier with his left hand, than he did his right.  For better or worse, he is one tough son of a buck.  What's not to love?  All the trouble and turmoil they caused by the oath?  Well hey, we all make mistakes.  Albeit, most mistakes do not cause the doom of a whole people...sigh.  They were, ummm, passionate to say the least!  They made a decision and stood behind that decision.  Whether that was a wise decision or not is a debate for another thread.


I'm surprised that so few people have mentioned Lúthien! She is by far my favourite.

I also quite like Glaurung and Smaug - I wish that Tolkien had written in (or at least, expanded upon) more dragon characters. I love that they're not just physically powerful, but that their most fearsome power is actually psychological. 

I think my ultimate favorite character would have to be.....Ungoliant.

The power, the importance, the intrigue, the story, but most importantly...the mystery. So little is known about her. Only other character to rival her mysterious nature is Tom Bombadil (who I also love). And I like to think the various theories and ideas about her are all "true" to an extent. That is,  were all truthfully believed by many different sources across Middle Earth. Nobody really knows where she came from or where she ended up. But her legacy is one of the most important in all of Arda. And I find that simply fascinating.

And of course the obligatory mention of Turin Turambar. What a great, great, great literary character. Will always be one of my favorites.

Oh, and do balrogs count? Cause they're definitely up there too!

Any character that can EAT itself is rather note worthy I feel Wink Smilie But yeah, there's so much mystery about Ungoliant that leaves a lot open to interpretation, which I like.

Another character I'm quite fond of is Celebrimbor; his end was rather brutal. His part in Middle-Earth reminds me of the saying "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions." I like his character, for denouncing the deeds of his father and kin and for forging his own path - but I imagine, for a skilled smith like him, living in the shadow of Fëanor was difficult.

I could never pick a favorite as there are so many great characters, but...

I am in full agreement with you. Maedhros is very cool indeed. He hangs from a precipice for a few years, has his hand hewn off, and lives to wield his sword deadlier with his left hand, than he did his right.

... I have to say I'm a Maedhros fan, despite any failings (which make him interesting in any case). And there is 'evidence' at least (although this was not taken up for the 1977 Silmarillion) that it was he who was going foster Elrond and Elros with care (not Maglor as it would seem). And with respect to his hanging from the peak...

... if we check out the actual time frame according to the Annals (Aman or Grey), Maedhros (great name) was made captive in this way during Valian Year reckoning, and rescued during Sun Year reckoning...

... keeping in mind that but one Valian Year was equal to [roughly] 10 Sun Years!

surprise I like Celegorm quite a lot; currently he's my fav.   Mhm, let's see ... he likes nature, forests, horses, dogs ... he took the time to learn the languages of birds and beasts (all of them!) - he is exceedingly verbally intelligent ... he has golden/fair locks ... powerful/strong body ... he likes Orome's Halls (ie. merry gatherings). He's a man's nér.  

He does have some bad character traits ... well ... aahhh ... you just have to take the good with the bad. Yea ... something like that. 

Ahhh Celegorm, an interesting choice. Very underrated, glad someone can really appreciate him. Anyone who came directly from Feanor should be quite an interesting character, indeed.

This is such a difficult thread though.

I forgot to ask....do balrogs count? Because they are definitely up there! Giant winged otherworldly beings made of fire, literally, and shadow, literally. I mean, just take a minute to imagine that. PJ did a fantastic job of depicting one, but I still have a handful of images for the balrog...all of them awesome.

Sure he's on the dark side, but there is no denying the balrog is a beautiful, powerful, and fascinating character...all 3 of the traits that generally make the best protagonists as well.

That's a tough question, lets see:

In the Silmarillion I liked Fingon a lot, I almost cried when he died.. (Although I knew this would happen). He helped reuniting the Noldor by saving Maedrhos, although Feanor (Maedrhos dad) betrayed Fingolfin's kindred in a rather cowardly way. A true king! Other First Age favorites: Beleg, Finrod, Fingolfin, Ulmo

Sauron always fascinated me, the way he decieved Men, the creation of the Rings, I just loved it!

And ofcourse, Samwise Gamgee, why wouldn't love this hobbit? And Bilbo, I just loved the performance of Martin Freeman! And Gimli is just soo funny Smile Smilie Other Lotr favorites: Gandalf, Aragorn

I could name a whole list of characters and tell you why I love them, this question is hard Wink Smilie

Fingolfin,Fingon,Finarfin,Finrod,the four f's

Don't forget Feanor.

My favorite character is probably Húrin. At the battle of unnumbered tears he just fights and fights and fights and does NOT give up. As he gets crushed down by hands that he has cut off he still keeps yelling, "AURE ENTULUVA" (the sun shall rise again) which is now how I live my life. When life sucks, I can know that it SHALL rise again. Even when Morgoth curses his kin and tortures his spirit for years he does not give up. He is not all good, he was greatly affected by sitting on that mountain for years, and he isn't nice to Thingol. He is a flying badass who sacrificed himself so that a last hope could be born for men or elves. In the end, he probably died thinking "Wow. my life sucked and I just watched my son cause the destruction of Nagrothrond. Then he protected some men, had sex with his sister, and they both ended up committing suicide. The men he protected are almost certainly now all dead. But I KNOW, that the sun shall rise again. It is not hope, it is the truth."

That's one bad life

My Favorite is Sam due to his Bravery and faithfulness to his friend.

I think Sam was the most relatable character by a long shot. However, I didn't like him all that much. He was able to do what he though was best in a lot of situations and showed much hobbitlike bravery, but I think he only did what anyone in the Fellowship (except Boromir) would have done. I think the story would be different if Frodo had ended up with any non-hobbit member of the Fellowship, but it would have remained similar. They would have eventually decided to take Cirith Ungol as it was the only way through, though everyone except Gimli would probably either know of figure out quickly that it was the lair of Shelob. However, the fight between Sam and Shelob might not be the same as the fight between any other member of the Fellowship. Sam got lucky and they might not. From there they would have been almost strictly better then Sam, and atop mount doom almost nothing would have changed. In the end, while Sam did better then I expected of him, he still didn't do anything extraordinary.

My favorite is actually Legolas (I think most everyone likes him) and I like the way our dear Professer introduces him: "a strange elf clad in green and brown."  No one knows how old he is, but he and Gimli manage to get over the mutual enmity between elves and dwarves and stick together even past the fall of the Fellowship.

I also like Gimli, Galadriel, and Strider (still like the name better than Aragorn).  My little brother like the Ringwraiths, but me not so much.  I think they were weak to fall under the influence of their rings, but I do feel a little sorry for them as they are trapped in their wraith forms and can't die (unless a woman and hobbit kill themSmile Smilie

Anyway, those are my favorites.  And not-favorites.

Legolas sees far and he is also a prince of badasses, yes, and he is really handsome!no. But mine is Fingolfin and Faramir. One is a High king the other is a intelligent, doughty, and a really cool and righteous dude. Faramir was portrayed by David Wenham, who did a wonderful job but was butchered by the screenwriters. Fingolfin was a man of integrity, and he was the most valiant of the Noldor ever, period. He was such a great ruler and even put up with his physco brother who was brilliant but kind of touchy when they mentioned his little Silmarils. Final vote: Fingolfin the high king.

Favorite Character?  But I have like 50!  Okay, I'll try to keep it short Wink Smilie

Bilbo, Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pip, Strider, Gimli, and Eowyn from lotr and The Hobbit.

Maedhros, Fingon, Beleg Cuthalion, and Turin from the Silmarillion and Children of Hurin.  

I'm tempted to put more, but I'll totally end up making a thousand word long post, so better stop myself at my absolute #1 first favorites indecision

No mattwe how much time passes I love and identify with both Frodo and Aeoyn.

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My favourite character would have to be Merry! indecision

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