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Thread: Hurin

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Attention - This post is a reply to a post (deleted) which stated, among others, that Hurin deserved more to be "raised to the status of an Elf" than Huor. I added this explanation and I removed the name of the postAuthorID of the deletd post, because otherwise my post would make no sense:

It was Tuor who was joined among the Firstborn, not Huor, and it is a very logical decision of the Powers because Tuor did not have any dealings with decent, noble Men, but only with Easterlings which enslaved him and tried to break his pride, and with their other slaves, miserable and pathetic. His father Huor died before he was born snd his mother Rian abandoned him while he was still a newborn baby, and went to die on the grave of Huor. Tuor was raised by an Elf Annael, then guided to Gondolin by another Elf, Voronwe, then became like a foster son to yet another Elf, Turgon and married and Elf maiden Idril... So it would be really cruel if he should be sundered from Elves for eternity - he really WAS an Elf!...
As for Hurin, the inverse is true: he certainly would not choose to be sundered from Morwen and his children, even if he could to go to Valinor. He was Hurin Thalion, Hurin the Steadfast!

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Attention - also this post was written as a reply to a post which has been deleted, presumably by his postAuthorID...
Did Hurin slay 70 TROLLS??? I always thought they were Orcs!
Anyway, Hurin was most emphatically not a giant warrior, he was not even tall like his brother Huor and his son Tuor. But he was both fierce and steadfast!

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I just looked into this thread and I saw with much surprise that it is now composed... solely of my own posts! Worse, these posts are replies to entries which exist no more (have been deleted, presumably by their postAuthorID...) and so the whole is not very comprehensible...
I feel I must indicate this because otherwise the whole thread will look VERY, VERY weird!
But, really, nobody wants to discuss Hurin?!