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Thread: Haldir, Orophin and Rumil

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Why so many girls/women like so much androgyne men? How on Earth such a preference might have evolved? Because androgyne men signal clearly that they are still young and so it is more probable that they will live longer... and they will be able to take care of their partner and their common children during a longer time? Or perhaps bevause they will beget beautiful daughters, which will not have any problems to find enamoured husbands???
Orophin and Rumil.. So they heve names and they really ARE men! I've wondered about those eleves behind Haldir since the first time I saw the movie. The I know they propably where men, but... look at them. Not my fancy. Not at all. Sorry *NoldorChick*, seems like you must have them all to yourself. Too bad huh? Wink Smilie
Sorry Noldor Chick. Not really my types either. Waaaaay too much make up!

Granted, Haldir is not bad, but the other too...nope. Don't do anything for me I am afraid, but then I am 29+ so maybe that has some influence on my taste?

As elves go, I prefer Elladan and Elrohir (see the Unofficial Fan Club, The Green Dragon). In the movie, I preferred Aragorn/Viggo and Boromir/Sean. YUM! Big Laugh Smilie
That's ok Allyssa not everybody has the same taste in guys i dig guys with long hair i don't know why i just do and i am only sixteen Wink Smilie
i dig guys with long hair
Why do all you girls say this after I cut mine off? Sad Smilie
Don't worry Valedhelgwath i like guys with short hair too he hee! Big Smile Smilie
Hey i think Haldir is one hot slice of elf! so what if he's really arrogant. if you looked that good and kicked a** like he does you would be arrogant too! i don't know about the other two though, they may be his brothers, but i think Haldir got the looks in the family.

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