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Thread: Legolas

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Ladylike Grondy? Is there something you're not telling us? Animated Wink Smilie
So, maybe "genteel" would have been a better word than "ladylike". I tried to modify the latter with the old "fart bit", because I've never heard of one of those being described as feminine. Tongue Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Obviously you've never heard what my bright young engineers call me. And I'm just 30-something. Smile Smilie

'kay, we believe you're a bloke G. Animated Wink Smilie
Or maybe one of them there ladyboys I keep hearing about Animated Wink Smilie
Plastic, I think you are in serious danger from Grondy's moderator's pruning shears. Moderator Smilie

And I still say that the majority of elves had dark hair and that golden or blonde hair was considered unusual among the Noldor. Now if only I could find the quote that supports that...Read Smilie Might be somewhere in the Sil I think. The Noldor princes being described as mostly dark haired, unless their name starts with "Fin" (except Fingon?)

And where did Tolkien say their hair was long? I seemed to have missed that part. *sniff* Elrond has short hair! Wink Smilie

Welcome Longbow13,

I can't actually remember anything that described Legolas' hair, either colour or length....I also had thought that he had dark hair though. I could be very wrong though. Smile Smilie
he's blonde on the cover of my copy of Two Towers...although it's kind of wavy and really girlier than it was in the movie Tongue Smilie I don't remember him specifically being described with blonde hair, but I always pictured him that way...
Well now, I must admit that I initally pictured him blonde (first read of LOTR) but I seem to recall something in the Appendices changed my mind...if only I could find it again!
Read Smilie
I thought PJ was about right with his way of picturing Legolas. Except the magic quiver thingie, I had noticed it too. And the hair didn't seem to trouble his shooting, did it? It's just like in Man in the Iron Mask, the musketeers all had long hair, but it never got in their way. I remember thinking: if I had long hair like that, and had to fight like that, the hair would be all over my face... Very Big Grin Smilie
Naw, they just used hairpins, barrettes, ribbons, and/or axle grease to tame their hair during skirmishes. Ha Ha Ha Smilie
And I still say that the majority of elves had dark hair and that golden or blonde hair was considered unusual among the Noldor. Now if only I could find the quote that supports that... Might be somewhere in the Sil I think. The Noldor princes being described as mostly dark haired, unless their name starts with "Fin" (except Fingon?)

Of the elven races, The Noldor characteristically have dark hair, the Vanya golden hair, the Teleri, Sindar and Nandor sandy, blond or brown hair, and the Avari woodelves chestnut to dark brown hair.
Although blond hair was unusual in the Noldor, Finwe's second wife was Indis, a Vanyan. Her two sons, Fingolfin and Finarfin, had golden hair, and the trait was carried by their offspring (which included Fingon, Turgon, Finrod, and Galadriel. Glorfindel, too, would have been of this house.)
The reason several of them with Fin in their name had golden/blond hair is because Fin is Sindarin for hair.
As for Legolas. I'm not sure what his hair colour would have been, but being Sindarin (being ruling class he was Sindarin and not Avari), his hair would most likely have been Sandy, blond or brown. Not much help in this debate.
just for a change of pace...I think he was a redhead. Wink Smilie
Actually, I believe someone else actually asked Tolkien that in a letter. The person confused Quenya with Sindarin and translated "legolas" as "Firey-locks" or something. Tolkien was horrified, as he thought that this would imply that Legolas was a balrog!

Red hair was not unheard of among the Eldar, but rare, according to the"Peoples of Middle Earth". Two of Feanor's sons had reddish or coppery hair. I guess there are some variations on the standard "dark" hair. Maybe elves arent so similar after all?
Very Big Grin Smilie

Blond hair goes better with the pointy ears! Paranoid Smilie
Both me and my cousin are total Legolas freaks. I kow more that her so I'm always telling her stuff. She almost cried when I told her Legolas wore a wig and she danced around th room and gave me all these hugs when she found out Legolas lives! Elf Smilie I like Legolas too, although I've had a bit more time toi get a hold of myself than her, so I guess I can't blame her!

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I think that my mom has the total hotts for Legolas
Am I glad my mum's too old for that... Tongue Smilie

Anyway Elves should have blond hair. They don't look with dark hair. Dark hair's for dwarves (in my humble and one-minded opinion Animated Wink Smilie ). Cool Smilie
No mom is too old to have the hots for Legolas or for any gorgeous hunk for that matter. Some of us just keep it secret from our daughters.
My daughter thinks there is something seriously wrong with me, I think. But she loves me anyway. Big Smile Smilie
Ok I think I put that the wrong way: my mum is 63, not interested in movies, she doesn't speak English and in general, she's just a loving and caring housewife. Big Smile Smilie
Orlando Bloom looked just like I imagined Legolas looking like, but his performance didn't really impress me that much. He was too perfect, I wanted him to fall down just once when he was doing one of those all impressive big leaps. He didn't have any good lines, either, but this was of course the screenwriters fault. I liked Legolas in the book a lot better though, especially when they're going through Lothlorien.
It seems that Elves never fall over or hurt themselves accidentally, doesn't it?

Can you ever imagine Elrond tripping over the hem of his robe? or Legolas stepping in some horse droppings? Or Arwen getting a splinter or getting paper cut? Elves seem to be extraordinarily dexterous. No fair. Big Laugh Smilie
I would love to be an elf then, because I am always hurting myself. I just broke my toe today. You are correct Allyssa NO FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sad Smilie
Ouch.... Hope you get better soon Mellie.
Yeah, that must have hurt, Melliot...I hope you get better. I have fortunately never broken anything, maybe that means I'm an elf!
LOL! I can just see Elrond falling over his robe or Legolas stepping into sth smelly and yukky. I just pictured it when I read your post Allyssa, and it got me ROFLMAO!!! Very Big Grin Smilie

Nope, never broke anything either. But had loads of other stuff without breaking anything though. So I'm not an elf. Thank god! Tongue Smilie

Mellie: hope your toe's healed by now... Big Smile Smilie
Well, I found out I'm not either, Tommy...fell out of a tree Sad Smilie
Just a question, but if elves never die then shouldn't all of Middle-Earth be over-populated?
No they, being the first environmentalists, they have practiced birth control from way back. After the first generation, where there were sometimes five or even seven offspring, they figured out the cause and started limiting the size of their families to two or three children. Also their child bearing years were limited and most of the elves by the Third Age, had departed into the West, to the Plain of Valinor in Amon.

Now Valinor might be overrun with those arrogant pointy-eared buggers, Tongue Smilie but as most of it lies over the western horizon on many of the maps I have seen, it is probably less populated than say, middle America, except for the coastal region which will have a slightly higher density.

All the above is mere conjecture, you understand; however, if you look at the genealogical charts at the back if the Sillmarillion you will see what I mean. Like Arwen is only something like the fourth generation from Olw and fifth from Elw, if I am reading them right. Read Smilie

[Edited on 2/10/2002 by Grondmaster]
Grondy is correct about the elves in ME. They married relatively late in life (sometimes when they were over 3000 years old), and I suspect this reduced the number of children they could bear - err have.

"...It might be thought that, since the Eldar do not (as men deem) grow old in body, they may bring forth children at any time in the ages of their lives. But this is not so. For the Eldar do indeed grow older, even if slowly: the limit of their lives is the life of Arda, which...is not endless...

"There were seldom more than four children in any house, and the number grew less as ages passed;...

"Also the Eldar say that in the begetting and still more in the bearing of chldren, greater share and strength of their being, in mind and in body, goes forth than in the making of mortal children. For these reasons it came to pass that the Eldar brought forth few children; and also that their time of generation was in their youth or earlier life,.."
-Morgoth's Ring: Of The Laws and Customs Among the Eldar, J.R.R. Tolkien.

[Edited on 3/10/2002 by Allyssa]
Thanks, that was interesting Big Smile Smilie
Yeh, Legolas is much better in the book than in the movie. And I fall down a LOT but strangly I've never broken a bone in my body. Guess I'm an elf too.
Welcome to our forum Elven_Archer. Smile Smilie
Yeh, Legolas is much better in the book than in the movie.

Hiya Elven Waving Hello Smilie I liked him better in the book too, he was to quiet in the film Orc Sad Smilie

No smilies in signatures please, Halo. Moderator Smilie

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I posted a Legolas article last night that had a few words about his horse mounting segment. Happy Elf Smilie
Legolas kicked the crap out of those orks in the two towers and there will surely be some butt kicking in the next movie too: Return of the king.

Very Big Grin Smilie

( P.s Legolas rules)
I've posted this in another thread, but since this concerns Legolas I'll post it again, and this time with a little more information. It's not funny or anything, just something I want to say.

In TTT Mr.Bloom forgets to put on his blue lences...couldn't they've fixed that with a little resketching?! Even I know how they could've done that!

When Gandalv draws Sarumann out of Theoden (wich is a really stupid scene!), you can see Mr.Bloom trying to fight in the background, but it's obviously that he doesn't hit them at all! It looks really fake, cause you can see that he hits nothing but air. Of course this is not his fault, they should've re-shot that scene....anyway that's it.

Oh and by the way...he is really hot Tongue Smilie

Didn't find your post Grondy..I really want to read that one! The horse-thingy scene was really absurd....

[Edited on 24/1/2003 by Celebrian]
Wow... I have read all of the post dealing with this and there is so much I want to say. (Now, if I can just remember it all... Tongue Smilie )

Orlando Bloom as Legolas = HOT!! Big Smile Smilie
Orlando Bloom as Himself = NOT!! Sad Smilie
I think thats all I need to say about that.

If Legolas is 2778, and elves marry off at the ripe young age of 3000, hypothetically, doesnt that mean that in 222 years he can marry someone? I mean, it works...Doesnt it? And, if you could, would you wait around that long for him? Heck yeah, if Legolas looked like Bloom did in the movie. Why not? I got nothing else going for me on This Earth. How about the Middle One? But again, Legolas in any other form... muh...thats iffy. How do we know exactly what they look like? We cant agree on a hair color. Which btw I think is blonde. While I cant recall Tolkien ever mentioning it specificially, its always blonde on the 80s book jackets. I know thats not saying much but ya know...

And to Addi, yeah I do think *prays* that he will have an incredible fight scene in ROTK.
Didn't find your post Grondy..I really want to read that one! The horse-thingy scene was really absurd....
Read Smilie Celebrian: Click on Archives under *Website* near the bottom of our menu over to your left. Then click on January 2003 and scroll down and click on That FX Shot: Legolas Mounting The Horse which I posted on 12 January 2003.
Apparently you're in the minority on the horse mounting thingy, Celebrian. Most everyone I've talked to thought it was awesome. Ah well, to each his own.
Well, about the horse mounting thingy, I've gotta say it was a bit too much. Can't he just jump on the horse like any other guy/elf?

Oh well, Orlando Bloom as Legolas is anyway the hottest, most handsome, sexiest, most adorable, cutest and most wanted elf I've ever seen!
Orlando Bloom without the make-up, the hair and eyes, though.. Uhm, no way. He's NOT as hot.

I liked Legolas even before I saw the movie, but after the movie... woaw..
Hi Airecristiel. Got to agree with you about Orlando. He is a bit of a dissapointment isn't he? He looks so much better as a blonde.

I liked the horse-jump-mount thing. For a minute there, I thought he was going to get trampled, and then... WOW. Big Laugh Smilie

But I still think that Tolkien intended Legolas to be dark haired. Orli could have looked just as good in a long dark wig - couldn't he?
Naah.. I mean.. it is LEGOLAS, not Orli I find hot. Leggie, with his strong, beautiful hands and swift, graceful walk...
*Airecristiels sighs and loses herself in a daydream about... Making Out Smilie *
Okay, let me just state my opinion. I THINK ORLANDO BLOOM WAS A GREAT LEGOLOS!!!!!!!!! Well, I can't say i particularly like his lines in the movie, I also think he becomes more out going as time goes on. He starts making more jokes and stuff. I especially like the orc head chopping contest between him and Gimli.
Legolas...yes indeed a perfect Elf and fighter.
Always helpful and a bit bad but still Elf
I must agree with you that Legolas was very cute and hot in the movies, but in the real world he is not as cute! Sad Smilie But there are at least one movie coming with Orlando, maybe two! Big Smile Smilie At least there is "the Pirates of the Caribbean" and there is maybe the film "Troy". And I cant wait to see him in those movies, and see how he will look like! Tongue Smilie
*deep breath*

Hi folks. I have this thing about making my first posts on a new forum REALLY count.

So I give you two things.

[url=http://www.istad.org/tolkien/legolas.html]Everything there is to know about Legolas, his unusual upbringing, and his family history, based on Tolkien's writings, notes, unfinished work, and letters.
Warning: it's long.
Bonus: while Tolkien never came out with an exact figure, he left enough clues behind to answer the question "how old is Legolas?" at least approximately. See the "What's His Age?" section.
I think you may be pleasantly surprised.

And on a lighter note, the ever-evolving, ever-popular [url=http://www.istad.org/tolkien/pilinn.html]The Boy with the Bow: stunt archery in LOTR.

Hello and wlcome to PT Sepdet. Waving Hello Smilie Big Smile Smilie It's a welcome change from normality to see a new member really making an effort to make insightful posts. I found the whole of that sight useful, thanks. Wink Smilie
Welcome to Planet Tolkien, Sepdet. That's a very informative piece about Legolas. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Is it your own site or one you have come across?
'tis mine in all its geekly glory. Waving Hello Smilie
Naah.. I mean.. it is LEGOLAS, not Orli I find hot. Leggie, with his strong, beautiful hands and swift, graceful walk...
*Airecristiels sighs and loses herself in a daydream about... Making Out Smilie *

You may not think that Orli is hot and Legolas is, but I think they are both hot. About what you said, Orli is the one who created the movements, the structure and everything else of Legolas. Don`t forget that. I must admit that long blonde hair does suit his face, but Orli himself does have a lot of hair styles and the colour black is only one! The pic I have of him, I think he has blondey browny hair like mine and he looks hot, but it wasn`t the hair I was looking at really, it was the body...Yummy!!

Back to the subject.... Wink Smilie

Orli does ave a graceful walk, unless he bowls it, if you know what I mean... Wink Smilie Well, Orli knew he had to be graceful, so he made himself like that for the film and succeeded.

I don`t think what I`m saying is making any sense to be honest. Do you?
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