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Thread: Legolas

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Yup, Legolas' father was Thranduil, the King of the Elves of Northern Mirkwood. The same Elf King that locked up Thorin and Company in 'The Hobbit'.
Hmmmm Prince Legolas I think I can definatly live with that.

Brad Pitt, Rosie??? I'm glad they didn't. Not that he isn't great looking but it's so much better sometimes to use not so well known actors portray characters. Even though it might not help them with their future careers eg. Mark Hamil. Not that I think Orlando will have any prob but

I think if I saw Brad Pitt in it I would immedialty think of Jennifer Aniston Or legends of the fall ext and that wouldn't be good when trying to live a fantasy.

Legolas reminds me of Allen Shezar in the manga Escaflowne.
Grond - I'm doing my best here!

OK, Thranduil etc I knew that - but all things considered I would have loved to have seen an Elf from The Grey Havens; I mean the Hobbit we already talked about Mirkwood etc, we've meet Rivendell people and Galadrile at Lothlorien etc, so the only "missing" element are Cidran's people. And sconsiddering the symbolic imortance ofthat lot? I would loved to had more info about who they are.

Maybe Tolkien was trying to make it upto Thranduil considering how "badly" he portryed the ELves in Hobbit.

And lets leave Brad Pitt out of this one!
If Brad had gotten the part, I would have jumped out of the window. He is not how I'd picture Legolas.

Okay, back to the REAL topic...

Legolas, Elf Prince and a fine Elf. I can't get enough of him in the books. (I have justed finished reading the Fellowship pf the Ring...again...before I'll be catching the movie this evening) I love it in the book when he and Gimli argues about being blind-folded. And later, he he offers to take Gimli on the same horse. And he calls him his friend. I think that was very cute. Okay, I am hooked...no need to say that.

Oh, btw..this is my first post here. And it will not be the last. So take care, my friends, until I return.

Legolas reminds me of Allen Shezar in the manga Escaflowne.

a little bit, only i like Legolas a little better. Allen is a bit too much of a player, but he's still cool.

welcome to the forums Menecairiel! ^_^ Big Smile Smilie
Okay, I have another legit question about Legolas, no drooling involved (Brad Pitt? ew). This will probably be a long post, sorry.

How old is he?

Orlando has said he (Legolas) is some 2900+ years old, and he must have gotten that from somewhere, but Tolkien never actually says. So I'm curious, all you expert types, what feeling do you get? Old or young (for an elf, of course)?

He constantly refers to the rest of the Fellowship as children (and how annoying must that have been for Gimli?), and when he says that the Rohirrim came out of the north 500 years ago, he seems to be implying that he was around for those 500 years and this is something he remembers. And he makes poetic observations like the fact that he has watched acorns grow up, grow old and die. The terrifically ancient Fangorn makes him feel like a child again, even though Mirkwood is an old forest itself and he doesn't seem to have any similar feelings towards it.

And yet, he doesn't seem to have traveled much, if he's old. He's never been to Lorien, he's never been to Fangorn (and doesn't know much about it). It seems that elves are travelling less as their era ends, and though he seems familiar with Elrond's home, Mirkwood and Rivendell aren't very far apart. But he does know the Lay of Nimrodel, so he's been somewhere to learn it or it's been brought to Mirkwood, so it isn't like no one travels.

And he acts fairly young sometimes. I can't picture Elrond or Thranduil or the other older elves we know doing the head-count with Gimli at Helm's Deep (one of my favorite scenes). He has a quick temper. Elves seem to be a bit tempermental anyway, but not many of the ones we meet are given to the flashes that Legolas shows (like when Gimli is stubborn about being blindfolded). He completely freaks out when they first see the Balrog. He's flexible enough in his opinions to make friends with a dwarf. He's fascinated with the Ents and eager to see Aglarond with Gimli.

I just can't get a fix on him! The best I can come up with is that he's youngish. Maybe a younger son, probably not the heir (since he seems to be Thranduil's messenger to Elrond, and he's a member of the Fellowship. So "a" prince of Mirkwood rather than "the" Prince of Mirkwood.) He's old enough to be an experienced fighter against Orcs and he has no fear of Men (I'm thinking of the first meeting with Eomer), but he's young enough not to be jaded, like Elrond seems sometimes and like his father (not a favorite of mine) seems most of the time.

What are some other opinions? You guys are the experts after all! Smile Smilie
According to my resources, Legolas is 2778 years old in the end of the book. However, I am a bit unsure about this and I have no idea how my brother found that out.

Some say he is 9000 years old, which I believe to be an overstatement.

Thanks for the warm welcome, my friends.

2778 eh, never really cared enough about Legolas to think about it. But that's pretty young for an elf really, He's only ever seen the Third Age, wheres most of the Elves in the story have been around since at least the second Age. Well, it's not young, but it's not old, if you know what I mean, kind of middle aged I guess...
Hi there Menecairiel, welcome to our world. Smile Smilie
Yeah, not young, but youngish.
Welcome Menecairiel.

I figure Legolas was young enough (by elf standards) to not be jaded and to still love his surroundings. At the beginning of the Fourth Age he, with the Greeewood elves that moved there with him, turned Ithilien once again into the fairest country in all the westlands. This was while Gimli was busy playing stonemason in Minas Tirith and artisan in the The Caverns of Helm's Deep. Smile Smilie
well, if you think about it...Elrond was like 6000ish years old...if we call that like 60 in human time, that would make Legolas in his mid-to-late-twenties in relation to Elrond, which seems about right, in my mind. I think Tolkien made Legolas a little more temperamental than the average elf to give him a bit more personality and to make people be able to relate to him more...most of the other elves seem a little stand-offish...while characters like Galadrial, etc, definitely have personality, I don't know how many people can relate to them.
Yes, it makes sense that Legolas is young(er) than most of the Elves in the story (btw, he and Arwen are just as young).

Like meny young people, he would of course not be tired of his surroundings. And I think 2000 years is enough time developing that incredible skill with the bow. I think that i need 2000 years extra to learn that....

In the movie, you could see that Legolas started as an idealistic young Elf. He knew of course the downsides in history but he was still one fo the first to volunteer, most likely to seek adventure.

However, after the "death" of Gandalf, this changed. You could see it in his eyes as Aragorn ordered/requested him to get the Hobbits up. He hesistated. He was confused. He looked shocked and scared to the bone.

Like most warriors, however, he put that aside and did what he could to fight and survive. The way he watched as Boromir died in Aragorn arms was touching, because it shows just how little Elves know about death. He watched, facinated and yet repulsed. Great acting from Orlando's part. He really showed Legolas as I pictured him in the books.

Wellcome Menecariel.

Legolas's age..He may well be over 3000 but I don't think so. Consider his high regard for the Sons of Elrond. He speaks of them as if they are older I think, but they are roughly 2900 years old. (divide by 144 for elf years - 20).

I make Legolas at perhaps 18? = 2592 just a bit younger. Kind of childish at times (like when he was being irritatingly flippant when they came upon the trail of the hobbits) and adult at others (when he talks about the oak trees).

He did seem to mature as the book progressed. I think that is partly why he and Gimli ended up friends, though no doubt they still got on each others nerves at times!
Wouldn't surprise me if that was tha case. Legolas is a very complexed character and Tolkien did not volunteer too much information about him. Guess that must be the reason why I like Logolas so much. He is very mature yet childish. Stubborn as well, just remember what a noise he made about being blindfolded amongst his own people. I loved that scene...they should have included it in the movie since I feel it contribued in making Gimli and Legolas friends (don't ask. It is more similiar to the term : Beat and make up seen in many a movie and book. Two persons engaging in a confrontation before they put aside their differences and become friends)

Nice seeing you again, Allyssa.


Legolas had a very strong childish side to him. Especially early in the book, like when he shows off on the pass of Caradhras. I wanted to throw a snowball at him! Big Smile Smilie
i didn't think he was showing off at all. just trying to be helpful. since seeing the movie (more over, Orlando as Legolas) i have become a big fan of his character. call me what you will, but i think Legolas' character is perfect for the role he was supposed to play and i'm glad he wasn't a Mr. Perfect like Aragorn. kinda intimidating.
Legolas is a charming character, both in the book and on screen. I liked the part in the book where he says that he is going to get the sun and runs past the others. Made me want to throw him in the snow and show what we do in Norway when it is snowing...

Tell me more about snowy Norway.... Big Smile Smilie
I always thought he was showing off when he legged it over the top of the snow though.
Hey, if you possed the ability to walk on snow without making a footprint, would you not have showed it of?

Norway...err...picture that scene where the Fellowship walk over the snowy mountain. That should give you an insight on the nature of Norway. Add a city with grumpy people and you have Oslo. Take Hobbiton, cover it in snow and let the people grow and you have my hometown. In my hometown, we like to throw people in the snow and put snow down their necks. We like to throw snowballs at them and later go inside and sip some hot chocolade. We also hate winter, or at least I do. I am an Autumn person and a Summer person. I do not like snow, for it is too cold for my skin.

If Legolas could save the Fellowship, he could have come here and saved me! I need it!

Thanks guys! I feel vindicated (the question came out of a fight with a fellow fangirl). And most of your reasons mesh with mine so that's reassuring.

(Hi Menecairiel! Never been to Norway but it's next on the list, since I loved Iceland so much.)
Legolas was my fav character in the book. had a real merry side to him. Orlando Bloom was great in the movie. i liked his expressions (and his hair) a lot.
Legolas was by far the sweetest character in the movie, Gimli was the funniest and not far behind. it was just so sweet when legolas would start going of on those orcs with his bow. I just want to see the fight of Helm's Deep in the next one. It better be good as all the battle scenes in the fellowship.

As a side not legolas was the only one not to be coruppted by the ring also. him and maybe gimli. i might be wrong here but im pretty sure.
Legolas kept clear of the Ring and Frodo. You don't see them talking together after he volunteers to go with them. I think the Ring is calling out for him as well, but he doesn't really desire it.

u thought it was sweet of Legolas to butcher those orcs?
not exactly the word i would've used... more like 'manly' and 'athletic' and scrumptious...
forgive me, what were we talking about?[Edited on 6/2/2002 by Rosie]
Legolas? I haven't read all of the above posts, sorry for that, but I really don't have much time. I still want to reply though. But to what again? Big Smile Smilie Oh well...

Legolas was a good character, but sweet? Naah. He was just the elf of the company, and the one who comes to help when you need it, just like Gandalf. I liked Gimli much more though. Always loved the funny parts... Big Smile Smilie
Legolas was much more than that. he was the eyes and ears of the Fellowship. Legolas was a very complexed character. being an Elf, he had the glow in him that Elves have. And the totally ignorance towards death was amazing. In the movie, there are two points where my breath stops. One, after exiting Moria and the Fellowship mourn over Mithrandir's death. Legolas is in disbelief. He almost looks guilty. Two is when Boromir dies. Legolas look -in the lack of a better word- curious. He tries to get a good view to Aragorn and Boromir. That was kinda funny.

Legolas and Boromir are my favourite characters. Can't help it...

I thought Legolas looked devistated at the death of Boromir. It was a "I can't believe we've lost another comrade" kinda look. That said Olarndo Bloom did a great job with merely facial expressions than most of the cast (with exception of Elijah) and I think it shows in his fan base. I mean the guy said like 15 lines in the entire movie and still everyone is swooning over him... not bad Orli
I'm not swooning over Orlando. Though he did a GREAT job as Legolas, I was in love with the character before LotR was a twinkle in Peter Jackson's eye :P
Or before Orlando was a glint in the milkman's eye? Big Smile Smilie
*grins* You are evil, mellonamin. Yet you do get my point. There are many 'sick' people out there, folks. And I think that Mr. Bloom will find that out rather quickly. Good thing that he is crazy enough to deal with that. Anyone ever seen an interview with him? The guy is nuts! He should be on Letterman..

Menecairiel -It's late, she's tried...nighty!
no, unfortunately, i haven't seen Orlando in action..
what do you mean nuts?!
I think he should be Letterman. Dave's getting pretty old isn't he?

Orlando is refreshingly loony. I think Jehanne's description of his taste in fashion should give you an idea - polka-dots & stripes, and a colour coordination worse than Bombadil's! Maybe he just doesn't care though, so good for him!
Orlando has this...amazing ability to be both funny and serious on an interview. I watched this one where he was describing Legolas and it was..just amazing to listen to. His voice was almost dreamy and he left no doubt that he loved it.

He is just...nuts on interviews. I just heart this great one of www.orlandobloom.co.nz where he and Ian McKellan are on a radio interview. Orlando giggles, laughs, jokes and makes comments that would make my Englishteacher blush over his accent.

Okay, so I might have been a bit affected by him but I am *not* swooning! I hate that blasted word...

And Dave is getting old, indeed. Still, he is cool

what cracks me up about all the interviews is they start out talking about "my character" and start saying "I" instead of Legolas or Frodo, etc....I'm looking forward to the interview "My two years as an elf."
so he's a hot property now, huh. good stuff.
kinda glad school started cos it takes mind off trivial things like my obsession with orlando.. there are more important things than a crush on some movie star.
What in middle-earth is wrong with my colour coordination, Golly? Big Smile Smilie

I've seen an interview with Liv Tyler and Bloom on telly few days ago. Must say Bloom did look pretty nuts. He had his hair (dark blond with light blond things in it, as I recall it) rather short and peaking everywhere, he had a black shirt on with white big dots on it, and some kinda Grease-looking trousers. My guess is he is nuts... Smile Smilie
Okay, I still need to finish the Fellowship of the Ring. I watched the movie first and 5 months later decided to read the book. (Shocking). I thought (previously) that people who got so involved with LoTR were a bit loony, but when I started to see the rich symbolism and the great story telling and imagination behind everything I got the picture. I wanted to read more about Legolas' character (partly because of the Orlando Bloom issue , on screen all made up he looked really stunning- but let's not go there) and also because as far as I've read, I thought that an elf would be more useful. He seemed like such a scary-cat when the Balrog came, with that silly "Ai, Ai a Balrog!" Gimli and the hobbits seem made of stronger stuff than the elf.
I thought (previously) that people who got so involved with LoTR were a bit loony...

Only previously? Wink Smilie
Welcome to the Forum Clarja, good points, he did seem a bit of a fraidy-cat there didn't he?
haha clarja, no you were rite the first time.
the people who get involved in LOTR ARE definitely loony, just look at Plastic here!
Let me clarify, I really am a stranger here. I generally put down any book that comes from the fantasy genre. My twelve year old brother convinced the entire family to go watch FoTR. After oggling at Orlando Bloom and Elijah Wood I decided to read the books in preparation of the sequels which I am so watching. So all my character interpretations are coloured by the actor's portrayal of the characters. Also so you know, I'm in Southern Africa, hence the crazy time of posting. And I think I have just joined the "loony/bloomy bin" Ha Ha Big Smile Smilie
Clarja: Welcome to the forum and loony bin. Big Smile Smilie Legolas was right to be afraid of the Balrog, an ancient enemy of the Elves. Only an Elf Lord, such as missing from the movie Glorfindel, could stand before one of these unquavering; and even then the outcome would certainly favor the Balrog. :o
Dreadful among these spirits were the Valaraukar, the scourges of fire that in Middle-earth were called the Balrogs, demons of terror... their hearts were of fire, but they were cloaked in darkness, and terror went before them; they had whips of flame.
From 'The Silmarillion' Cool Smilie
Thank you for the welcome Smile Smilie. I found the Balrog very scary (sat with my eyes half closed in the movie and my fingers in my ears - yes I frighten easily. But somehow I found the Balrog more frightening when I imagined it as I read the book. I think that it is the speech that the elves use sometimes that I find incredibly irritating. I found them very silly when reading the Hobbit. I think it's beautiful that they always find a reason to sing a song, play music, enjoy a feast and just party. But I prefer the elves in Lorien much better than the silly elves in Mirkwood from the Hobbit
The wood elves of Mirkwood didn't have the troubles of Middle-Earth on their shoulders like those in Lothlórien did, and as such could be slightly more frivolous, maybe even a lot more. As the Hobbit was more of a children's story even those elves in Rivendell were more frivolous than those in the more adult LOTR's Lothlórien. As an example, the song they sang in the twilight as the dwarves, hobbit, and wizard traveled down the zig-zag path into Rivendell.
O! Will you be staying,
Or will you be flying?
Your ponies are straying!
The daylight is dying!

To fly would be folly,
To stay would be jolly
And listen and hark
Till the end of the dark
to our tune
ha! ha!
The last two stanzas of the poem in 'The Hobbit" found in Chapter 3 entitled 'A Short Rest'.

Compare that to 'The Song of Nimrodel' found in FOTR, Book II, Chapter 6 entitled 'Lothlórien' or the sad song that Galadriel sang in FOTR, Book II, Chapter 8 entitled 'Farewell to Lórien', which ends with
O Lórien! Too long I have dwelt upon this Hither Shore
And in a fading crown have twined the golden elanor.
But if of ships I now should sing, what ship would come to me,
What ship would bear me ever back across so wide a Sea?
The elves of 'The Hobbit' were carefree while those in the LOTR were anything but.
Consider also Sam's description of the elves of Rivendel (book):

"Elves here, and Elves there! Some like kings, terrible and splendid; and some as merry as children."

There seems to be a lot of variation of character among the elves. Perhaps Bilbo only mainly encountered the silly ones and not too many of the "lordly" ones. Gosh, elves are complicated folk!
That's what Elves are for! To bring mystery and delight into the world. And to frighten off the dark enemies with their bows and elf magic! :P

Welcome to the forum, clarja. Another loony greets you! Big Smile Smilie
Hello Clarja, if I have not already said so already.

Another loonySmile SmilieBig Smile SmilieTongue SmilieoWink SmilieCool Smilie
She's even loonier than I am! And I'm Tom Bombadil! I dress in blue with yellow boots and a feather in my ear! :P
How many times do I have to tell you? " Never put anything in your ear smaller than your elbow!"

All together now, repeat after me: "The feather goes in the hat; the banana goes in the ear. The feather goes in the hat; the banana goes in the ear."

Warning: If you must put a banana in your ear, make sure you peel it first.

[Edited on 8/4/2002 by Grondmaster]
Grondy I marvel that you can recommend this! This is a family forum - what will you do if some three year old kid will take you seriously and will REALLY do his best to thrust a banana in its ear???
Well, I can't speak for Grondy, but heck, I'd be impressed! A three-year-old who can not only use a computer, but who's interested in a Tolkien site? Go, kid! Although no kid I've ever known has needed to be told to stick things in his ears. They usually do pretty well relying on instinct.
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