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Thread: Legolas

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no, unfortunately, i haven't seen Orlando in action..
what do you mean nuts?!
I think he should be Letterman. Dave's getting pretty old isn't he?

Orlando is refreshingly loony. I think Jehanne's description of his taste in fashion should give you an idea - polka-dots & stripes, and a colour coordination worse than Bombadil's! Maybe he just doesn't care though, so good for him!
Orlando has this...amazing ability to be both funny and serious on an interview. I watched this one where he was describing Legolas and it was..just amazing to listen to. His voice was almost dreamy and he left no doubt that he loved it.

He is just...nuts on interviews. I just heart this great one of www.orlandobloom.co.nz where he and Ian McKellan are on a radio interview. Orlando giggles, laughs, jokes and makes comments that would make my Englishteacher blush over his accent.

Okay, so I might have been a bit affected by him but I am *not* swooning! I hate that blasted word...

And Dave is getting old, indeed. Still, he is cool

what cracks me up about all the interviews is they start out talking about "my character" and start saying "I" instead of Legolas or Frodo, etc....I'm looking forward to the interview "My two years as an elf."
so he's a hot property now, huh. good stuff.
kinda glad school started cos it takes mind off trivial things like my obsession with orlando.. there are more important things than a crush on some movie star.
What in middle-earth is wrong with my colour coordination, Golly? Big Smile Smilie

I've seen an interview with Liv Tyler and Bloom on telly few days ago. Must say Bloom did look pretty nuts. He had his hair (dark blond with light blond things in it, as I recall it) rather short and peaking everywhere, he had a black shirt on with white big dots on it, and some kinda Grease-looking trousers. My guess is he is nuts... Smile Smilie
Okay, I still need to finish the Fellowship of the Ring. I watched the movie first and 5 months later decided to read the book. (Shocking). I thought (previously) that people who got so involved with LoTR were a bit loony, but when I started to see the rich symbolism and the great story telling and imagination behind everything I got the picture. I wanted to read more about Legolas' character (partly because of the Orlando Bloom issue , on screen all made up he looked really stunning- but let's not go there) and also because as far as I've read, I thought that an elf would be more useful. He seemed like such a scary-cat when the Balrog came, with that silly "Ai, Ai a Balrog!" Gimli and the hobbits seem made of stronger stuff than the elf.
I thought (previously) that people who got so involved with LoTR were a bit loony...

Only previously? Wink Smilie
Welcome to the Forum Clarja, good points, he did seem a bit of a fraidy-cat there didn't he?
haha clarja, no you were rite the first time.
the people who get involved in LOTR ARE definitely loony, just look at Plastic here!
Let me clarify, I really am a stranger here. I generally put down any book that comes from the fantasy genre. My twelve year old brother convinced the entire family to go watch FoTR. After oggling at Orlando Bloom and Elijah Wood I decided to read the books in preparation of the sequels which I am so watching. So all my character interpretations are coloured by the actor's portrayal of the characters. Also so you know, I'm in Southern Africa, hence the crazy time of posting. And I think I have just joined the "loony/bloomy bin" Ha Ha Big Smile Smilie
Clarja: Welcome to the forum and loony bin. Big Smile Smilie Legolas was right to be afraid of the Balrog, an ancient enemy of the Elves. Only an Elf Lord, such as missing from the movie Glorfindel, could stand before one of these unquavering; and even then the outcome would certainly favor the Balrog. :o
Dreadful among these spirits were the Valaraukar, the scourges of fire that in Middle-earth were called the Balrogs, demons of terror... their hearts were of fire, but they were cloaked in darkness, and terror went before them; they had whips of flame.
From 'The Silmarillion' Cool Smilie
Thank you for the welcome Smile Smilie. I found the Balrog very scary (sat with my eyes half closed in the movie and my fingers in my ears - yes I frighten easily. But somehow I found the Balrog more frightening when I imagined it as I read the book. I think that it is the speech that the elves use sometimes that I find incredibly irritating. I found them very silly when reading the Hobbit. I think it's beautiful that they always find a reason to sing a song, play music, enjoy a feast and just party. But I prefer the elves in Lorien much better than the silly elves in Mirkwood from the Hobbit
The wood elves of Mirkwood didn't have the troubles of Middle-Earth on their shoulders like those in Lothlórien did, and as such could be slightly more frivolous, maybe even a lot more. As the Hobbit was more of a children's story even those elves in Rivendell were more frivolous than those in the more adult LOTR's Lothlórien. As an example, the song they sang in the twilight as the dwarves, hobbit, and wizard traveled down the zig-zag path into Rivendell.
O! Will you be staying,
Or will you be flying?
Your ponies are straying!
The daylight is dying!

To fly would be folly,
To stay would be jolly
And listen and hark
Till the end of the dark
to our tune
ha! ha!
The last two stanzas of the poem in 'The Hobbit" found in Chapter 3 entitled 'A Short Rest'.

Compare that to 'The Song of Nimrodel' found in FOTR, Book II, Chapter 6 entitled 'Lothlórien' or the sad song that Galadriel sang in FOTR, Book II, Chapter 8 entitled 'Farewell to Lórien', which ends with
O Lórien! Too long I have dwelt upon this Hither Shore
And in a fading crown have twined the golden elanor.
But if of ships I now should sing, what ship would come to me,
What ship would bear me ever back across so wide a Sea?
The elves of 'The Hobbit' were carefree while those in the LOTR were anything but.
Consider also Sam's description of the elves of Rivendel (book):

"Elves here, and Elves there! Some like kings, terrible and splendid; and some as merry as children."

There seems to be a lot of variation of character among the elves. Perhaps Bilbo only mainly encountered the silly ones and not too many of the "lordly" ones. Gosh, elves are complicated folk!
That's what Elves are for! To bring mystery and delight into the world. And to frighten off the dark enemies with their bows and elf magic! :P

Welcome to the forum, clarja. Another loony greets you! Big Smile Smilie
Hello Clarja, if I have not already said so already.

Another loonySmile SmilieBig Smile SmilieTongue SmilieoWink SmilieCool Smilie
She's even loonier than I am! And I'm Tom Bombadil! I dress in blue with yellow boots and a feather in my ear! :P
How many times do I have to tell you? " Never put anything in your ear smaller than your elbow!"

All together now, repeat after me: "The feather goes in the hat; the banana goes in the ear. The feather goes in the hat; the banana goes in the ear."

Warning: If you must put a banana in your ear, make sure you peel it first.

[Edited on 8/4/2002 by Grondmaster]
Grondy I marvel that you can recommend this! This is a family forum - what will you do if some three year old kid will take you seriously and will REALLY do his best to thrust a banana in its ear???
Well, I can't speak for Grondy, but heck, I'd be impressed! A three-year-old who can not only use a computer, but who's interested in a Tolkien site? Go, kid! Although no kid I've ever known has needed to be told to stick things in his ears. They usually do pretty well relying on instinct.
Eryan: What were you saying, I couldn't hear you? I've got a banana in my ear.

Besides that, a child shouldn't be able to actually put a banana in its ear; the ear is too small and the banana too large. Okay, maybe the stem end might fit. So I've gone back and added a disclaimer to yesterday's post. :P
Well thanks, I'm back from hospital now where they had to spend all night removing chunks of soggy banana from my ear. Apparently I'm lucky that I was already deaf in that one anyway :P. And Birds keep trying to "make friends" with my hat now as well...
you shouldn't have recommended to peel the banana either, look at what happened to poor Plastic!
I think that the best orifice to push the banana into is the MOUTH!!!
Do you know that bananas contain lots of serotonin (sometimes called "the hormone of happiness" although it is NOT really a hormone!). AND lots of potassium (very important for proper functioning oh heart)! AND they are the only vegetal food which can supply all nutrients present in meat?
Returning to Legolas, I am sure that Legolas ate plenty of bananas (called "goldenhorns" in Elvish) and it's because of that that he was so handsome!
A smushed banana in an ear is no more hazardous to the eardrum than creamed spinach or mashed potatoes, or strained wozznames that babies are want to poke into their ears or cassette players. Smile Smilie
Eryan, is there really a reference to Bananas in LOTR? Would love to hear about that! It certainly explains a lot...so is was a bannana in his pocket, not....how very dissapointing to the Legolas fans.Wink Smilie

I dont think we need worry about 3 year olds reading this. Not many kids that age can read! And Jahanne is right, todlers need little encouragement to experiement with poking things in their ears! :mad
I did not really worry about 3 years old, I just wanted to provoke Grondy a little... (ah malicious me!...)Wink Smilie
No I am afraid there was no mention of bananas in LOTR, I invented that offhand... Although I am sure that they must have grown somewhere in Harad!
It certainly explains a lot...so it was a banana in his pocket, not....how very disappointing to the Legolas fans.

My friend, you owe me a new keyboard. This one seems to have coffee spewed all over it. Wink Smilie

This little tangent is very, very funny. I really want a banana now though!
A three-year-old who can not only use a computer, but who's interested in a Tolkien site? Go, kid! Although no kid I've ever known has needed to be told to stick things in his ears. [\quote]

Never heard of Plastic Squirrel, Jehanne? Ha Ha Ha Smilie

I wonder how many people are eating a banana right now... I am, for instance! :paranoid
And you think that's funny?
Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Very Big Grin Smilie
No, really, but I had to comment on that one, right?
Oh alright, I'll let you have this one.
Elf Smilie Legolas was this elf who had a little bow and arrow with which he terrorized the orcs and other baddies of Middle-earth while accompanying his friends Gimli the dwarf and Aragorn the human ranger on Aragorn's quest to become king. During their travels together they befriended some hobbits and a great wizard, whose job it was to herd mankind into the forefront of history and to help ease elvinkind into its background. Very Sad Smilie

Legolas could walk on snow without leaving deep tracks and was never confronted with a bad hair day. Big Smile Smilie
very smooth, Grondy... Cool Smilie no yelling today...whatsa matter - sore throat? Animated Wink Smilie :P
Was that a hint to get us back on topic? Very Evil Smilie
Must admit that it worked...
Hello! I am new to this site but not to LotR. Are we still on Legolas the character?
Hello Chathol-linn, and Welcome.

Legolas went with the Felowship of the Ring as a representitive of the elven people (Peter Jackson didn't invent that political thing, he just exaggerated it). I think Elrond chose Legolas because he wasn't an elf of Rivendel. So it wouldn't look like he was playing favourites or anything. I think this was why he did not immediatley choose to send his sons (*sigh In Love Smilie - sorry couln't help that) and was how Merry and Pippin got to be in.

As for in the movie, How does Legolas know who Aragorn is? Did Aragorn tell him in one of the scenes on the cutting room floor?(*sigh again) I never could understand why Bilbo wasn't allowed to do his bit in defending his friend. Why give Legolas more knowledge than he needed to have? Shaking Head Smilie
Greetings, Allyssa.

Good question - how did Legolas know? This is another example of the superlative job that Peter Jackson the genius did - he got every detail as right as could be. I re-read The Council of Elrond in FotR. Toward the end Gandalf speaks of the record Isildur left of the finding of the Ring. Shortly after that, Gandalf says he left Minas Tirith and at once heard from Lothlorien that Aragorn had passed that way with Gollum. Aragron then speaks of his capture of Gollum, "driving him ever towards Mirkwood....I brought him there at last and gave him to the Elves." So Legolas, son of the King of the Mirkwood Elves, would have met Aragorn then, at the latest.

Sound plausible? BTW - what does it mean to be a Writers Guild Member? Are you a writer? Thanks for the warm welcome!
My welcome as well, Chathol-linn. Smile Smilie

Your explanation is probably right, Legolas could have met Aragorn in his father's Mirkwood hall.

And yes, Allyssa is one of our writers; her new guild is located near our many taverns. You may visit there to see what they are starting to accomplish
her new guild is located near our many taverns.

Ha Ha Ha Smilie some kind of symbolism in that do you think?Animated Wink Smilie
My welcome as well, Chathol-linn. Smile Smilie

Your explanation is probably right, Legolas could have met Aragorn in his father's Mirkwood hall.

And yes, Allyssa is one of our writers; her new guild is located near our many taverns. You may visit there to see what they are starting to accomplish
Thanks, Grondmaster. So Allyssa's guild is locatednear many taverns? Works for me - books and beer are two of my favorites.

Hey - can I submit fan fiction? I have a story about Legolas as a youngster growing up at the court of Thranduil. - Chathol-linn

[Edited on 30/4/2002 by Grondmaster]
We have a section of the Website called Fan Writings, found under 'General' to the left of here. You can ask Taz via the Contact under 'Website' also to the left, about what his requirements are. At the same time tell him how many words make up your story and he may ask you to forward it to him for consideration. Deal Smilie
Shaking Head Smilie Don't send Planet-Tolkien any story without prior approval. Shaking Head Smilie

Or you may want to participate in the Writers Guild and get your story circulated that way. Cool Smilie
Welcome, Chatholl-linn! Pretty late, but still... Big Smile Smilie

Why don't you join the Writers Guild? Doesn't cost you a penny... Very Big Grin Smilie
To Bombadillo - thanks for the suggestion, I will check into it tonight. - Chathol-linn

[Edited on 29/9/2002 by Chathol-linn]
You're welcome... Animated Wink Smilie
How can you become a member, actually? I don't want the writer's guild member status though. I prefer to be a posting freak still... Animated Wink Smilie
Well from there first few post i am rather desguisted. dont get me wrong the movie was great but like in every other case the book was much better. i htink you should have talked about how good leglos was in the book. He is my fav. chacter along with Gimli, Theoden,and Imrahil. Well thats it for right now but please the the book its due respect.
Welcome to the forum, Longbow13. Smile Smilie

Of course Legolas in the book was better, he didn't have to worry about his hairdo. Ha Ha Ha Smilie He also had to be a better archer, as he didn't have a magic quiver-always-full-of-arrows which meant he had to call his shots and when his quiver ran empty, forage for more arrows.
You know, I had always pictured Legolas as having dark hair. I know that elven hair colour is yet another long and involved debate, but did anyone else see Legolas differently from PJ?

I also thought he should have had shorter hair. He was a warrior and a traveller. Short(er) hair would have been far more practical. Dont you think all that eccess hair would get in the way of his shooting? Unless elves have some kind of special magic that keeps their hair in place or something.

I like Legolas with sholder-length wavy dark hair. Grey eyes. Build is about right though. Slim, athletic. Liked the clothes too, except for the boots. Legolas should have been wearing light shoes. And only one knife if memory serves.

And Grondy is right. In the book, we see Legolas pick up arrows after the fighting was over. He even ran out on one occasion. Movie Legolas did seem to have one of those corny "dungeons and dragons" magic quivers.
I'm pretty sure Legolas was described in the book as having really long blonde hair anyway. I do hope we have to see Legolas forage through Orc Arrows at Helms Deep as that should not be left out.
And Longbow13, you're right, this thread did start out a bit crappy and if you think the Movie can't hold a candle to the book then you'll fit in round here just fine. Welcome from me.
finaly i am acepted. Well here and among my frineds. Thaks for the welcome and i hope to put up some good post and what not. I have pictured hime with light shulder lenght straight hair. I dident like when when they had him in the movie jump on top of the cave troll like a crazy barbairan. Along when Arwen helped raise the Ford of Bruin i just started to cuss in the movie theater
Had I not known all that was going to happen, you would have heard me cussing too. How-some-ever, by the time I got to see the movie, we had already beat these discrepancies about the head and shoulders with an ugly stick, so I was forewarned and kept my outbursts more ladylike--which was hard for an old f*rt like me. Big Smile Smilie
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