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Thread: Pippin

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E) Pippin becomes the Steward of Gondor, ...
F) The fact that Pippin becomes Steward of Gondor, ...
So where does it say that Tommy? Give us chapter and verse please. Or maybe you just picked the wrong title? It is okay, we know you have so much to read that you don't have time for retention; we love you anyway. Smile Smilie
:o How did I fail to notice that one!
Maybe the reason you missed it was because you seldom take time to read what went before, because you were so busy making postings? No, that's someone else's proud excuse. Big Smile Smilie
tell me about it! these posts are ruining my school work! it takes me about an hour to check my email these days..
No no no, I read everything first and only reply to that which I find to be wrong, or funny, or worth commenting on. I just somehow didn't click on the word Steward, thinking it to just mean handy little helper guy to Denethor (oops!)
No no no, I read everything first and only reply to that which I find to be wrong, or funny, or worth commenting on.

In short, everything on the board Big Smile Smilie
Yep, it was a veiled compliment to you guys! Big Smile Smilie
btw, I just looked at my stats, and I appear to be responsible for nearly a quarter of the posts on this site :o
holy cow, plastic
you need to get out more! Wink Smilie
D'you want to lend me the cash? Wink Smilie
Humor is of course vital in the trenches of war. I recall my father telling me about how funny people become when your hunkered down. But Pippin's theme is always food. I was thinking about that... don't we all know someone who is always asking where the next meal is? And isn't it always the skinny little kid who is asking for more chips or sneaking chocolate from the pantry? I think Pippin gives the reader a real relation to something they understand. "When do they eat?" is often an overlooked theme in many stories (have you ever noticed the lack of "meals" in a novel?).
haha plastic, i would if i could. but i'm broke as it is.. aren't we all?

hey! i'm the always the one who asks where the next meal is coming from! could i be... pippin's soul mate?!
Err... Sorry, the well thing was in the book (but not the same as in the film, by which I got confused, I guess) , and Pippin was not Steward, but soldier of Gondor, again, sorry...

Good point there faye. It's like in the movies when people can live without going to the toilet or eating... Big Smile Smilie I think all of the hobbits were wandering all the time when the next meal would be, but Pippin was just the one who always said it... Smile Smilie
I think Pippin is like the cutest hobbit in the movie. Merry, Sam, and Frodo are all equal and very very close behind. Pippin is just so adorable. He looks so hobbity!!
I couldn't distinguish Merry from Pippin in the movie at first, but I think they were just like Laurel and Hardy. A great couple, both very hobbit-like, actually. And Sam was too, I think.
Im sorry if this sounds mean but is anyone else sick of people who confuse Merry and Pipin. I took my friend to see RTOTK, and yes she had seen the previous two and she still didn't know who was who. So throughout the whole film i had to explain that 'this is Merry, his hair is slightly curlier. Oh and that's Pipin he is the funny one. No thats Sam, he is the fat one!'. It was rather annoying.
I had no trouble telling Merry from Pippin; my problem was identifying which actor's name went to which character's face, for I'm not a frequent movie goer and have not kept up with their careers, but I will say they both played their parts quite well.
Pippin rocks! It`s not only his accent, but his entire being that is so original and so cool. I think we could watch a non-appearing-Peter-Jackson LotR (and I think it was a far better movie if there wasn`t a fat, drunk, ugly, pig eating a carrot), but on the other hand, the whole movie was a lot more sober without Pippin. Aaaanyway, I`m maybe not realy clear, but I think Billy Boyd has his place in this whole movie, unlike tha fat pig (He-Who-Should-Not-Be-Named). Period.
shadow, do you have something against PJ, who is possibly one of the greatest directors of all time?

to stick w/ the board topic: I LOVE PIPPIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he's such a dynamic character. i mean, look at how much he changes from this immature, goofball, stealing-from-Farmer-Maggot's-crop hobbit, to this proud little warrior, saving Faramir's life! He was, in my opinion, one of the best written characters in the books. He was also very well-done in the movies, and played by the perfect actor.
Meia, since Shadow comes quite rarely to PT, I'll answer you for him (I think he won't mind me doing so... hehe). It's not that he doesn't like the movies; he just has a problem with some aspects and the way PJ chose to present them.

As for Pippin... He is the character with the most remarcable maturing, since he's so childish at first. He's brave, friendly and has a good soul. I too think that Billy Boyd interpreted just the Pippin I imagined from the books.

Pippin was in fact the only child of the Fellowship : he wasn't a Hobbit adult, as he hadn't reached the age of 33 yet. So why blame him on being 'childish' ? He grew up all right. Literally, even.

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