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Thread: Who is the coolest chracter on midle-earth

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Coolest character? It must be Legolas Elf Smilie
This is extremely difficult to make a choice here, because there are so many characters that are so worthy, but at the moment, Im going to have to say Gandalf.
Elf Smilie
I keep forgeting to recieve the notification

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Yeah, I'm with Elfstone, if we're going for coolest, it has to be Gandalf.
Treebeard, definately Treebeard
That would be Morgoth Bauglir, the guy who started it all!
No. 1- LEGOLAS!!! Wink Smilie Because he`s: SIMPLY THE BEST!!! Big Laugh Smilie
No. 2- ARAGORN Big Smile Smilie
No. 3-Gollum Smile Smilie
No. 4- Gandalf Cool Smilie
Galadriel - she is so old and wise and kind.
Fingolfin c'mon who else challenged morgoth to single combat
of course this is excluding bill the pony that is just not fair he is to cool
Definately Fingolfin, the most valient, but Feanor is a close second if not tied, greatest of all the Eldar! Big Smile Smilie
But why aren't there any cool female characters in FotR or TTT???? In the book I thought both Galadriel and Eowyn was cool, but in the movie..... NOPE!!!

Because PJ can't direct a sign post giving directions. Hence the reason why there are no cool characters in the films.
I have to say, my fav changes all the time. At the moment, i'm saying Aragorn, i'll keep you posted on my favorites through out the year!!!
It has to be Turin Turambar. He just has such an interesting story. Slaying Glaurung as well, now that's cool! Smoke Smilie
Well, I thought I was gonna say Legolas, the very, very, very cute and skillfull elf Elf Smilie
But, come to think of it.. It's Gandalf. Who else possesses the same knowledge and still battles orcs, not to say balrogs! Big Smile Smilie
So Gandalf, it is. Smile Smilie
Legolas=wisdom,kindness and he is clear-minded also so I think Legolas is the Elf
I'd have to go with Aragorn Legolas and Sam,

But i love the name Elrohir and Estel- and i also like Elrohir as a character -even if he barelly does anything-

That's that for me Big Smile Smilie

Wiggle Smilie
I would have to go like this
1. Frodo for his strength, his humility and his faith
2. Aragorn for his charisma
3. Sam for his true and pure heart
4. Legolas, well, he's the elf....
5. Eowyn, she is the symbol of feminine presence in the book and her internal strangth is admirable.
*Ross seems to be looking for an a**-kicking with his latest remark*.....

Big Smile Smilie Tongue Smilie
In the movies it must be Aragorn.

In the books I prefer Beren or Erendil.

Wiggle Smilie
Mine? Gollum-Smeagol, definitely!
The honourable second place goes to Aragorn. Especially in battle-outfit... with a grim smile...
And third: Saruman! Christopher Lee's especially good at playing the corrupted aristocratic (Count Dracula, Scaramanga -the evil double of James Bond in 'The man with the Golden Gun', a cruel judge in 'Sleepy Hollow'...)

But to be completely honest, I like most of the characters. The only one to disappoint me is the film version of Faramir. In the books, he's got quite more spirit, courage and strength of will.

I would have to say...GOLLUM/SMEAGOL is a very cool character, just because there is so much depth to him and because he is so sad and funny at the same time.

Another one that is surprising me...and I haven't heard this mentioned yet here, is SAM GAMGEE! He is a loyal friend, a thoughtful meditative character and uses what intelligence he has EXTREMELY well, he has good intuition, he knows his weaknesses and yet doesn't seem to be intimidated by them. And I like a guy who can get misty-eyed about the elves... Cool Elf Smilie

I would say that my favorite character has to be Galadriel. She is Queen of Lothlorien, first of all, and she posses Nenya, the ring of water, and she is so beautiful. All those qualities make her my favorite ( I would have said Yavanna, but I think of Galadriel as more real, and Yavanna is like a goddess).
Legolas by a far shot! Elf Smilie Elf Smilie Elf Smilie Elf Smilie Elf Smilie Elf Smilie Elf Smilie
In the books of the LoTR, one of my favorites is Faramir. He is quite a tragic figure, but all ends well with himSmile Smilie. Then I'd say Sam, because he is just the most loyal friend and as said before, he uses his intelligence very well.Gollum, as well, is an extraordinary character and key to plot of the trilogy. Luthien is one of my favorites in the Silmarillion.
Alright, Pippin is by far the coolest charater Wink Smilie
Definately none of them! Ulmo is definately the greatest character followed by: Tulkas, Manw, Aul and Fingolfin! I put in Fingolfin because he was the only one to challenge Morgoth Bauglir to a man-to-man combat knowing although that Morgoth was the most powerful ainur ever and that Mandos already told them that no elf, man or dwarf can destroy Morgoth.....but he fought valiantly and injured Morgoth alot... Ulmo is definately the coolest, but I should of put in Oss to because he does alot to... Big Smile Smilie
Then I'd say Sam, because he is just the most loyal friend and as said before, he uses his intelligence very well.

Sam? and Intelligence? In the same sentence? Who'd have thought it? Wink Smilie
Yes my little artificial rodent (plasticsquirrel) Sam IS intelligent.

I think in the movie, PJ wanted all the hobbits aside from Frodo to seem stupid but in reading (again...for the first time) the hobbits--especially Sam are proving to be quite bright.

For one thing, the hobbits as a race are very NAIVE people, they have little appreciation for what happens outside the Shire, and maybe even some don't care what happens beyond their own household. This may lead us to think that Sam is not smart but that isn't necessarily so. In fact, contrary to hobbit tendencies, Sam has quite an extensive knowledge of things like Elf lore, etc. making him smarter than the av-er-age hobbit.

Sam is also a gardener, and that is not an easy job, even if it does require a lot of manual labor. If you have ever known a gardener or farmer by profession or hobby, you know that it requires knowing about different kinds of plants and the conditions they need to grow, how to put certain plants together in a piece of land that will be both hospitable to on another and beautiful together, as well as dealing with all the variables of weather and such things as economic need for a crop or what a client wants in the garden or the overall look of his landscape. We can bet that dealing with hobbits, Sam has tough customers that he has to please, because the hobbits care about their food and they love things of visible beauty. He could not be a shoddy gardener for a hobbit.

In addition, I think that Sam has a sense of his place in the hobbit society...which is emphasized differently in the book than the movie, and which may make him a bit less confident than he would be with more clout in Hobbiton. However, just knowing your place can sometimes lead to using better judgment than if you don't. In the movie, Sam seems to simply be Frodo's friend and only after spying on Frodo and Gandalf does he get roped into servitude by Gandalf...whereas in the book, Tolkien makes it clear that Sam is Frodo's servant, just as Sam's father was Bilbo's servant, as a matter of social standing (I don't know if it has to do with socioeconomics but probably so: Frodo and Bilbo are the employers, so to speak, and Sam and his father are the help.) In the movie, I have also noticed Sam simultaneously displays a lost puppy dog attitude and a fiercely protective one in regard to Frodo, both of which may lead us to think that Sam considers Frodo to be more important than himself. ANYWAY...my point is that Sam's social standing, in my opinion, is what makes him seem dumpier than he is. Sam is quite shy as we discover, in the movie at least, in his interactions with Rosie. And the final thing we note about Sam, is that often times he seems a cross between superstitious and skittish, traits that I have come to associate with someone who doesn't have the capacity to sort out what is really worth worrying about or someone who's reasoning skills have been tampered with. But in fact, these traits serve Sam well as the story moves along because we find out that he has every reason to be mistrustful, asking people to verify themselves, etc. warning Frodo about Gollum, etc because he is in the middle of a life and death mission! I think that Sam under ordinary circumstances is a good judge of character and I can forgive him any paranoia during the journey to Mordor. So as I started to say before....I'm SOOO very good at interrupting myself...all these things might, on the surface, lead to the conclusion that Sam is a bit of a dope.

In fact Sam has a lot of insight, common sense, as well as a high level of education for a hobbit. Consider these things:

Sam, for all his possible insecurity, seems to be emotionally and socially smart...he does not try to hide his feelings, and yet he chooses his words carefully. He is good to people and knows who his friends are. He may take himself a bit too seriously (specially for a hobbit) but on the other hand, he doesn't go pranking around and making an ass of himself either. He is a respectable hobbit.

Another thing that blew my mind is that Sam got away with spying on Frodo for months and months, maybe years? to report back to the conspiracy of himself, Merry, and Pippen, formed to help Frodo get out of the Shire. Sam only got caught ONCE and it took Gandalf to do it. In addition to that, he and the other two hobbits had put together years and years of that information to come to the exact conclusion that was Frodo's dilemma, with very few unanswered questions, and they didn't run to the libraries of neighboring lands or seek high counsel to do it. We see from this that Sam is not only smart but even sneaky and has good deduction skills. Stupid people can't get away with sneaking, nor are they usually too good at putting information together in an IF/THEN way.

Sam also knows his limitations and if you don't think this is a characteristic of wisdom, just ask Boromir. Just after Frodo leaves the fellowship to finish his journey alone, Sam talks himself through the process of finding Frodo when no one else has a clue where he might be. He does this by acknowledging to himself that he can't (and it would be foolish to) run around looking for him without stopping to think...and then Sam methodically retraces Frodo's steps, JUST LIKE SOME SORTA PROFILER, and finds him. Both Sam's insight about his friend and his tracking skills, in addition to having the sense to stop running around like a chicken with its head cut off and work his brain instead...make him look very intelligent to me.

I mention insight, and Sam proves that he is smart in this many many many times in his relationship with Frodo. Frodo isn't really a whiner so he mentions his difficulty with the Ring, it becoming heavier, etc infrequently. Even so, it is usually SAM who notices that Sam is having a rough time on the trip FIRST. Sam learns to recognize when Frodo is starting to fade into the Ring, sometimes even before Frodo himself, and he keeps Frodo from using the Ring, as well as being able to empathize with Frodo's situation without any first hand experience of what the Ring is doing to Frodo. He also has insight about the others in the Fellowship, and the many people they meet along the way.

Put all these together with the fact that Sam, unlike many hobbits, is literate...and even bilingual (at least I THINK somewhere in his fascination with Elves he picked up their tongue), and you may just agree that Sam is one smart guy.

Too bad for him that he doesn't quite know just how special he is.

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What a wonderful post, musicimprovedme. I'll say that because I know my fellow Council member, the Sam-hating Squirrel won't (except maybe to prove me wrong Big Smile Smilie )

I agree, Sam was no dunce. I think being working class, he possibly looked down on himself a little and acted the part of the servant rather than the master. He had been taught his letters by Bilbo and Frodo, but he did not let this ability go to his head either.

What Sam really had lots of was good, old-fashioned, common-sense. He must have had something about him, otherwise he would not have been elected Mayor of the Shire seven times.
Yes! I The SKWRL may find himself out voted on this one; little Sammy is one heck of a guy.

Miss Rosie Cotton knew that too; she was mighty thankful to get him back in one piece, I might add. She thought it pretty stupid of the older folk, sending the younger off to war like that: 'Lands sakes, can't they do a better job of keeping the world affairs in order.'
I think you've just won yourself a cuddly Badger musicimprovedme. Contrary to what others may think, I've been waiting for an eloquent defence of Sam like that ever since I started Sam-bashing around here some 3 years ago.

Don't get me wrong, I still hate the bigoted little git, but that was a fine defence of him, well done.

(And Val, I was going to say this even before I saw your post, okay? Smile Smilie)
Hey, PlasticSquirrel....thanks for the badger. I thought it was a puppet but boy was I wrong! PEOPLE: Do NOT put your hand up there.

You had to wait 3 years huh? Well...I'm glad the wait is over. Did you see it coming?
You should name your cuddly badger and tell him about us on the pets thread's, Ithink Sore-Arse would be a apt name! Big Laugh Smilie
You should name your cuddly badger and tell him about us on the pets thread's...
I think Plastic Squirrel named the cuddly badger "Grondy" a couple weeks ago, but if he wants to change his mind, I won't stand in his way. Elk Grinning Smilie

[Edited on 6/2/2003 by Grondmaster]
Never thought the day would come MIM (heh, look at that, your acronym IS a tolkien related name!) but now it has.
And yeah, the cuddly Badgers have all been given the suggested name Grondy (in honour of his Badgerness, read the Wind in the Willows if you don't know what i'm on about).
But feel free to call it anything you like, and watch out, they may turn nasty again (they were the Ninja Badgers of Death for a while about a year ago). Especially if you go using them as puppets!
Cool, please can I have a ninja badger of death?
I have named the badger PlasticSam. He is up for adoption? Hey Ross? I don't know about his mad skillz as a ninja, but he is a smart badger. After all PlasticSquirrel gave him to me! Maybe you can teach him.

I DID read Wind in the Willows and Badger is a wonderful badger. Cantankerous and inhospitable yes but he's probably sick of pulling the slack for his life-loving adventurous friends (Poop-Poop!)

What is MIM in Tolkien? Been a long time since someone called me that.
What is MIM in Tolkien? Been a long time since someone called me that.
Mm: The Petty-dwarf, in whose house (Bar-en-Danwedh, the House of Ransom) on Amon Rdh Trin dwelt with the outlaw band, and by whom their lair was betrayed to the Orcs; slain by Hrin in Nargothrond. - this taken from the Index of The Silmarillion. Mm with his two sons (one killed by one of Trin's men) were the last of the Petty-dwarves which had nothing to do with attitude, but rather stature as I remember.

Were I not being compared to WitW Badger, I'd like to be a wise old owl like OLW from Winnie the Pooh or Howland Owl from Pogo. Elf Winking Smilie However, to bring this back to Tolkien's characters, I'm not anywhere near old enough to be as wise as Galadriel the wisest of the Elves left in Middle-earth during the Third Age. And wisdom only comes from the experience of making mistakes; if you lived through enough of them you get to be known as wise until you again screw-up on something; then you are merely known as human. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
There are some pretty cool dwarves out there, from Azaghal to Dain Ironfoot to Gimli, but they don't do enough cool stuff (that is written about) for anyone to notice. Beren and Earendil are pretty much the biggest heros out there, you must admit.

And it's WOL, not OLW, if I remember correctly. Wink Smilie
It just has to be LEGOLAS!!

Why?? Because he's the most versatile, suave and inteligent (he is thousands of years old!!) person in the Fellowship!!! Elf Smilie

Second would be the Merry & Pippin duo coz they are soo cool and funnY!!!
I have more than one, it is hard to deside.... I think Pippin, Treebeard and Gandalf!!! They are the coolest!!! Oh, yes indeed!!!!!! Big Smile Smilie
My favorite character in LOTR is King Theoden...yeah...before you get all shock or anything, I find King Theoden the coolest because he is so brave and is able to get on his own feet even after Saruman bewitched him...and he treated the hobbits really nice too! He is to me kinda like a fatherly character in LOTR, kind, wise(arguably), generous, brave and has the resilence to stand up against amazing odds(In Helm's Deep)
And it's WOL, not OLW, if I remember correctly. Wink Smilie
Yes Dain II, you are right. Thanks. I knew it was mispelled but couldn't quite picture the illustration in my mind's eye, having not seen it for twenty years when I read it to my children. Out of the five available misspellings I grabbed the wrong one.
Welcome to the site, BlueChille and ElberethGilthoniel. I hope you both enjoy yourselves here.
It just has to be LEGOLAS!!

Why?? Because he's the most versatile, suave and inteligent (he is thousands of years old!!) person in the Fellowship!!!

What about Gandalf!

I have named the badger PlasticSam. He is up for adoption? Hey Ross? I don't know about his mad skillz as a ninja, but he is a smart badger. After all PlasticSquirrel gave him to me! Maybe you can teach him.

I've got a cudley badger, arghh his head has just fallen off.

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You feel sorry for Melkor!
Favorite characters eh? Let's see...
1-Sam, 2-Eowyn, 3-Aragorn(specifically in the movies In Love Smilie ), 4-Gandalf, etc

I also think that the Mouth of Sauron is a really interesting character. Not a 'favorite', but I've always wondered where he came from and who he is... Question Smilie

[Edited on 23/2/2003 by faramirsgirl]
Faramir is the best. and then Tom Bombadil. no doubt about it !!!!!!
I've said it before and I'll say it again: No one beats Turin Turambar. Smoke Smilie
Well, my favorites are:
1. Faramir
2.Tom Bombadil
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