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Thread: Who is the coolest chracter on midle-earth

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Harry Goatleaf of Bree was the greatest.
um....who is Turin Turambar??
um....who is Turin Turambar??
Possibly the greatest human warrior in the history of Middle Earth. Having just answered your question in another thread a few minutes ago, though, in which you asked "who is Eol," I guess you haven't read the Silmarillion.

As the Silmarillion covers a far greater scale of Middle Earth's history than LotR does, you will come across many names here which you won't recognise if you haven't read it.
Go out and buy the Silmarillion now! Read Smilie
Fanor is by far my favorite. He's such a firey bad-***! He doesn't listen to anyone and he does what he wants, everyone follows him, he's probably really rich, even the way he dies is so cool: spontanious combustion. Big Smile Smilie
Wow this is a tough question. Tolkien has soooo many great characters. Of course, I like everyone in the fellowship. (Boromir is my least favorite of the fellowship though) Faramir is just really great in the book, not in the movie.

Gandalf is just a neat character. So wise, and yet appears to be unassuming to look at him. (Just an old man)

Aside from the characters in LOTR, Sil and UT, I think I like Aelfwine from Lost Tales 1 & 2. He is so inquisitive and really wants to learn as much as he can. He just asks question after question. I guess I really identify with him.
Very Sad Smilie

what is this crap! ONE mention of gimli... ONLY ONE! you people ought to be ashamed of yourselves.. if not for him ME would be nothing but a land of stuck up, snotty elves and little folk... well.. men too, but they dont count, we all know they are selfish!

argggggggg. the nerve of some people....
I think gimli is right! what's the deal with dwarves and their lack of appearance here? you people should be ashamed of youselves. just look at my quote!
Lol Gimli..I agree, he is worth a mention, fascinating little guy. Big Smile Smilie
My favourite is Aragorn/strider..always the hero Smile Smilie
Gollum is great too. The slimey, fish smelling creature looks good on film Smile Smilie
He does listen to his father to some extent!
Smoke Smilie ....well I really like when people are mysterious- so Gandalf is very close to me ...and in the book yes was Eowyn who impressed me...so I can say that I don't have the one real favourite
Little guy!!! pshaaaaaaaaaaa

I prefer to think of myself as verticaly challenged thank you. Wink Smilie

and yes.. gollum!!!!!! I got a new appreciation for him watching the film.
Just think Gimli, if you were taller, you wouldn't be so plump Big Smile Smilie

I'm sure you have a huge fanclub out there.....somewhere! Big Smile Smilie
Definately Fingolfin, Finrod Felagund, Turgon, Erendil, Melkor aka Morgoth Bauglir, Fanor, Beren Erchamion, Olrin, Manw, Ulmo, Aul, Orom, Tulkas, Mandos, Irmo, Ar-Pharazn, Amandil, Elendil, Anarin, Thranduil, Crdan, Uglk, Curumno, Oss, Thoden, omer,Thengel, Boromir, Aragorn, Eru Ilvatar, Gothmog, Glaurung, Smaug, Scatha, Ancalagon the Black, Durin, Thorin Oakenshield, Fangorn, Beechbone, Quickbeam, Skinbark, Frodo, Bilbo, Bandobras 'Bullroarer' Took, Gerontius Took, Elw Singollo, Ingw, Finw, Olw, Glorfindel, Echtelion of the Fountain, El, Tar-Palantir, Tom Bombadill, Ungoliant, Shelob and finally Enw!

These are the coolest characters in Arda and beyond!
Okay must i choose one from the Men Kin it woud be Boromir. Yeah Aragorn is pretty good but he had a pretty good mentor. Boromir is fighting all day long for his country with nothing then hope of and end>>> and this end did looked around the next corner! He was a great caracter and he fought when his chance to be Steward of Gondor was nothing (then Aragorn apeard)!

And must I choose one of the Eldar it woud be Beleg the Boweman and frend of Tour.

Yeah that woud be my choise Bey.

And and bey the way I think I wrote choose /choise past form wrong? How is it right??

As long as we are having an English language lesson here: the word "bey' is or was the title of the governors of a minor Turkish districts, so one should use the spelling "by" in "by the way" or "by the seashore". I do believe; however, that the archaic "bye-the-bye" means the same as "by the way". Teacher Smilie

All this is minor and we knew what was meant due to the context. Oh, except the use of "Bey" in "Yeah that woud be my choice Bey." I chose to ignore the word, which made the sentence completely understandable. Of course we on the Left coast of the USA don't speak the Queen's English so I may have missed something. Happy Elf Smilie

Your English is just fine Nessa; let us know if you want us to help confuse/clarify you on any other words. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Is my english any good Grondy? Because I sometimes think that I didnt deserve an A+ in english.....
Your English is very good, Aule.
However, I think it is time we got back to the topic of this thread: Who is the coolest character in Middle-earth Moderator Smilie
Aule, how can you like Ar-Pharazon?! I respect your opinon but dang, that's rough. Bullroarer was awesome (except for inventing golf, curses!) but i definitely like the great princes of the Noldor. Fingolfin, Finrod, and Maedhros were cool and so were Hurin, Huor, Turin, and Tuor. You don't get much better than the mightiest warriors of ME. oh, and then there's Gimli...
[off-topic] @Perwing and Grondmaster thanks for the lesson Read Smilie


By the way [ ;-) ] I like realy Felarof 'Bane-of-Men', I think he is a great caracter!

Aule, how can you like Ar-Pharazon?! I respect your opinon but dang, that's rough.

@uruk_slayer I think it is a question of the definition: cool (what means cool for Aule?) she also named Melkor as cool!
My favourite character is Morgoth. And Sauron definately settles for second place!
You take the evil side I take it. Well to answer the first question:

1.LEGOLAS!~ he is by far the best! I`m lost for words so I can`t say anything about him except he`s so cool!
2.Aragorn~ I think he`s pretty cool. I like him because he`s cool and he would sacrefice he`s life for people who deserve to live a long life.

3.The list goes ever on and on,
from the top of the screen where it began,
Where ever this list may have gone,
Try to follow, if you can.
Pursuing it with eager feet,
Until it joins some larger way,
Where many names and descriptions meet,
And whither then, I cannot say.

TTFN! Big Smile Smilie (ta ta for now)

[Edited on 7/4/2003 by Sheryl]
Maedhros and Pippin are sharing the first place-Maedhros,because even at the time of his utter defeat and knowing the end had come he still followed the oath to wich he was bound;Pippin-well he's just funny and he's really got a way to mess up things!(as I mostly do).And the second i guess it would be either Turin or Theoden.
@uruk_slayer I think it is a question of the definition: cool (what means cool for Aule?) she also named Melkor as cool!

You are right at one point Nessa and that is that it depends on my definition of coolness.....but then you made an error....I am not a girl but a man as the Vala Aul!
Aule as a girl, it`s a nice combination! Big Laugh Smilie
Cool having a lesser amount of heat energy than the state of warm, but more than cold.

Cool, a state of hipness most eloquently displayed by one Arthur Fonzarelli of "Happy Days," who was known as 'The Fonz' or 'Fonzie'. He wore a leather jacket and shades, drove a motorcycle, and had a stable of good looking women.

What did you say Sheryl???? I am no girl but a MAN!!!

Oh and by the way uruk_slayer this is for you: Khazad-Dm!
You are right at one point Nessa and that is that it depends on my definition of coolness.....but then you made an error....I am not a girl but a man as the Vala Aul!

MHm Okay yeah thats a bad mistake...............never tell a Man he is a women *gggggg* Okay I am sorry .........But now I understand better ...........Melker and cool, this cant be a girl who is telling such things *g*

(Okay dont get me wrong it is all a joke ;-) )

I think that Morgoth is cool because he is evil and horryfiyng and scary.....the perfect enemy....Evil himself!
I'd have to say Legolas and Pippin (cause I can't decided between them!) and after them...probably Aule Cyclops Smilie
I have to say the number 1 is for Finrod Felagund, the one who finds the men and loves them and he saved Beren's butt. close in second is Fanor because he made the Silmarills even Aul couldn't make.
Thanks... and yes Finrod he is so selfless

[Edited on 24/5/2003 by Tauron]
hmm, that's a hard question. . . I think I'll have to say, Legolas. He's just to cool. Elf Smilie
Finrod? Ach...he was boring. Feanor anyday, maybe Hurin, Mablung, Beleg, Maedhros., Aragorn, Gandalf, Finduilas, Turin, Fingon, Fingolfin, Finwe, Miriel, Ecthelion, Glorfindel, Beor, Bilbo,Andreth, ...give him a good run for his money butthere are too many.
IMO Finarfin is very underrated.
It can be no other than Treebeard. Cool Smilie
He's dangerous as well as the single most charismatic character in LotR!!
It has to be Gandalf. He is #1!! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
I don't just have on favorite. I love different things about everyone. like a mother loves different things about her children.

I love Frodo's dedication to seeing that the one ring is destroyed;
I love that Sam has such dedication and such resolve for Frodo not going o9n his quest alone ( I'd love to have a friend like him);
I love the fact that Merry and Pippin are not so serious at the beginning but once they realize what has to be done and the fact that not everyone will make it through, they really get serious and do there best to help middle-earth( I admire them, they truly are heroes);
I love how much Legolas and Gimli grow to be such good friends ( even though there people's have been estranged for so long. that show's true friendship);
I admire Boromir ( I cried at the end of the fellowship when he was talking to Aragorn);
I love Gandalf even after he becomes Gandalf the White he has such an awesome sense of humor;
I love Aragorn ( however I don't like the fact that he let's Elrond tell him not to love Arwen and to leave her);
I love the fact that Arwen doesn't give up on her love for Aragorn just because, everyone tell's her that she will know nothing but pain if she choose's him.
" I would choose one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone."
You go girl!);
I think Elrond and Celeborn are cool. Although I don't think that he should have meddled in Arwen's lovelife. (other than that I'd love for him to be my dad.);
I love Eowyn's dedication to her people, and her need to be a part of the world not standing on the sidelines watch while the men she loves go and risk there lives. (She is a true heroine! I would be honoered if she were my Queen!!!!)
Last but certainly not least Galadriel. What is there to say, she is truly a queen!!(I'd love to have her as my grandmother!)

That's my list and I'm sticking to it!!!!
thank you for your time.

Told you it was Tolkien's best work!
The Silmarillion is definitely on the Top 3 of Tolkien works.

My favorites are:

Morgoth, Turin, Beleg (pretty obvious), Aragorn, Osse (sorry, Gandalf Wink Smilie , but he's my favorite Maiar Big Smile Smilie ), Aule, Sam, Frodo, Galadriel, Legolas, Uncle Bilbo, Celeborn, Kili, Fili, Merry, and Pippin

I forgot Gilgalad. He's one of my favorite elves!

[Edited on 23/6/2003 by Beleg_Strongbow]
Frodo-by far the hottest and most wise.he is so loyal to his task.

Arwen-by far the most strong in sprit and loyal to her choice of mortality.
Frodo-by far the hottest and most wise.he is so loyal to his task.

Arwen-by far the most strong in sprit and loyal to her choice of mortality.

I take it you're getting this from the poor excuses from a movie? If you read the books you will find Olorin is the wisest of all the creatures of Arda. As for Arwen in the truth that is the books, she is nothing more than a concubine. I think from the Lord of the Rings Eowyn would take this place, but if it is from all of Tolkiens works, it will no doubt be a joint venture by Beren and Luthien!

[Edited on 26/6/2003 by Ross]

Moderator Smilie (Grondy modified a word to "poor", not wishing a string of asterisks to be taken for something more strong than puppy excreatment.)

[Edited on 26/6/2003 by Grondmaster]
Not really, it was Arwen who made Aragorn his banner so that he was able to take the paths of the dead so on and such like....

Hold up... why on earth am I defending Arwen ?????
Hold up... why on earth am I defending Arwen ?????

Virumor, cause you have a valid point.
I know she was great for armpiece,but she also played a part in LotRs,and stole the hearts of many people.And who else would have Aragorn picked for his lady? I love how Tolkien made and designed the characters for the best fantasy book ever,and woulndt have asked or wished for anything more.
I'll have to say frodo, those hobbit feet are sexy.Kiss SmilieKiss Smilie
And Arwen she is so strong in sprit and knows what she must do.And so there is no turning back.
I almost forgot my three favorite men (or as my cousin likes to call them, the Three Musketeers!)


(not in order of favorites)

I think Feanor was by far the best elf out there, and second is Beleg, I must conceed Very Sad Smilie .

Actualy I'd have to say that Elrond is the spiffyest. Possibly the only elf ever to pull of a succesful Peoples Eyebrow. The Rock would be proud Very Big Grin Smilie
Again : there's a universe of difference between movie-Elrond (just call him Mr Smith instead) and the real Elrond from the books.
Again : there's a universe of difference between movie-Elrond (just call him Mr Smith instead) and the real Elrond from the books.

Yeah, the one in the books didn't do the peoples eyebrow! Tongue Smilie
Feanor, no doubt! All that passion, the genius, the spirit that burnt in him ... The greatest among the Children of Iluvatar, he was the only one to create something not even the Valar could fully understand: the Silmarils!
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