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Thread: Treebeard

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I agree with your description, Tommy, except for the long white-grey beard...I always pictured his beard as being more...well, tree-colored...maybe kind of leafy...
I tried to imagine a friendly looking Treebeard, but all I got was an angry dendroid soldier thing from some stupid computer game. Sad Smilie
I imagine a huge greenish/brown guy with arms like tree trunks. He did say trolls were an abomination make to mock Ents, so they should look kinda troll like. Kinda like that troll in Harry Potter, but a bit more tree looking and a bigger head (and thus bigger brain). Both frightening and friendly at the same time... boy this is long winded, isn't it??? Just really big and very earthy looking. (of course, I skipped a lot of description in the book...) And his voice I think RysDavies could do well... I imagine a kinda thoughtful, raspy voice.. sometimes clear, but most of the time sounding like he's talking to himself.
Tommy, John Rhys-Davies is a fine Shakespearian actor and will be more than able to pull off a perfect Treebeard voice. Do not fear. And I agree about the slightly tree-er Potter troll thing, though much skinnier I think. Oh, and there's no ****ing fireside in Wellinghall!
Well, since I don't know who Brian Blessed is, I'll just wait for TTT & listen to JRD's real voice.

Hang on, I remember a documentary that JRD did for National Geographic, about some ancient Rhodesian civilisation. Hmm...boomy enough, that'll do for me.
Rhys-Davies will do fine. But I would have liked Sean Connery's voice too. Friendly, warm, deep and soft. Humming... Smile Smilie

"The name'sh Beard, Tree Beard." Big Smile Smilie
I liked Connery as William of Baskerville in the Name of the Rose, and he would have made a good Denethor, not Treebeard. But he's too big a name though...he'll be more of a distraction than anything.
I agree 100 percent with all your Connery remarks, Ungoliant. And a major distraction at that.
Golly, Brian Blessed= Boss Nass in TPM, bug Hawkman in Flash Gordon, ummm.... Richard 4th in Blackadder (series one) know any of them?
Oh, Boss Nass. Yeah, boomy enough I reckon, except that I hope he wouldn't do a Gungan-rasta accent on Treebeard. :P
Don't know him. But I loved Connery in Entrapment. And he was the best James Bond ever! Big Smile Smilie And his voice is what I expect Treebeard's to be like. Smile Smilie
I heard a rumour that there are sound bits and pieces of TTT on the Internet. Anyone heard? Big Smile Smilie
Tommy, check my last post under "nervous" in the bottom tavern.....
I did... Big Smile Smilie But I actually meant sound bits. I heard somewhere on the net that you can listen to the voices of the LOTR characters somewhere. Anyone? Big Smile Smilie
Here's treebeard and mumaks and others!!!!HURRY UP!!!!!!IT WOWN't be there for a long time!!!!!!!!
U'r welcome!
i think they did a great job of making treebeard in the movie! He looks real