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Thread: Glorfindel and Lindir

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I think they are one and the same.
Ah yes, the discussion of Glorfindel comes up again. I'm still not sure what my position is on this: is he a genuine first edition born in the First Age or is he a reincarnation of the Glorfindel of Gondolin? I can't decide, my feeble mind can't take it...
Linder was the very polite Elf who asked Bilbo to repeat the poem about Eärendil that Bilbo wrote and then had the cheek to recite in the home Eärendil's son, Elrond. Shocked Elf Smilie

After all these thousands of years. Bilbo the hobbit brought a refreshing new breath of air into the Elves dusty lives. This was why they excused his faux pas, that his interest in their tales of old was for real, also endeared him in their hearts.

When he took up residence in Rivendell, Bilbo had already developed his reputation as an elf-friend, due to his fair handling of the Arkenstone between the Dwarfs led by Thorin Oakenshield and Bard, who was backed by the Mirkwood Elves. And of course, being a friend of Gandalf didn't hurt either. Cool Elf Smilie

Happy Elf Smilie But this thread is about two others of Elrond's household, one who got little print in Tolkien's story and the other whose part in that story was usurped by a mere maiden in PJ's film.
Any Lindir fans out there, you might want to read my fan fic: "The Demons Within". Big Smile Smilie

I liked Lindir too. I always find polite and tollerant elves very refreshing.

Glorfindel. Well, what is not to drool over? (I assume Laurëlin_Mallenuial has no objection to drooling in this thread? Big Smile Smilie ) He finds the hobbits and Aragorn floundering about in the wild, he tries to help Frodo and even risks his own horse. There is little doubt in my mind that Aragorn and the hobbits would have been lost without the good Elf-Lord.

Glorfindel was tall and straight; his hair was of shining gold, his face was fair and young and fearless and full of joy; his eyes were bright and keen, and his voice like music; on his brow sat wisdom, and in his hand was strength.

Pixie Smilie
And Glorfindel also had the aura of one who had seen the two trees about him, if I'm not mistaken, or was it just because he was an Elf that his countanence glowed when Frodo saw him while wearing The One Ring?
Your not mistaken Grondy. He had seen the two Threes.
How had he seen the Two Trees? I thought he was one of those Elves who was born in ME...
I love Glorfindel too. Your quote, Allyssa, is one of my favorite parts in LotR, the description of this Elf is amazing. I must say that I did not like Glorfindel much when he first arrived, but liked him much better when he got to Rivendell (and when I read the book a second time) And of course I loved him when I saw that they had replaced him with Arwen in the movie! Mad Smilie (Don't ask me about that topic or you will get a LONG reply.. Wink Smilie )
I never really got a glimpse of Lindir. I liked him being nice to Bilbo though. It is good that we are not told much about his character, I think, because then we can just imagine it up ourselves.
How had he seen the Two Trees? I thought he was one of those Elves who was born in ME...
I don't know if Glorfindel was born in Middle-earth or Valinor; however, many of the Elves were born in Middle-earth and were called by the Valor to emigrate to Valinor when they found their love for the Elves so great that they wanted them "Up close and personal" so they could teach them new tricks, which they could not do from afar. After a time many Elves got bored and returned to Middle-earth. Glorfindel could have numbered among Fëanor, his sons, and their friends, which included Galadriel and her brother. This senerio presupposes that in the LotR we are talking about a reincarnated Glorfindel rather than an a separate 'Glorfindel II' being born later, otherwise he couldn't have seen the light of the two trees.
I would not say that they were bored....they went in anger and rage with Fëanor after the death of Finwë and he pushed everyone with fiery speaches!!!
Hey Grond! After the elves died or sailed west over the sea, where they allowed to go back to M-E again?
If they weren´t then it´s easy:P Glorfindel is not the Glorfindel from Gondolin!
I think Glorfindel was born in Valinor, because Gandalf himself says, after Frodo mentions he saw a shining guy on the Fords of Bruinen, that that was the true form of Glorfindel, the way he appeared in Valinor. (something like that)
So, either Glorfindel in LoTR is the same Glorfindel of Gondolin, or he is someone else of the Noldor who carries the same name. But, this cannot be since it is mentioned that of the Noldor, only Galadriel stayed behind after the First Age. So LoTR-Glorfindel = Gondolin-Glorfindel (in my humble opinion).
About Glorfindel:

From The History of ME Vol 12, Chapter 13 "Last Writings"

An elf who had once known ME and had fought in the long wars against Melkor would be an eminently suitable companion for Gandalf. We could then reasonabley suppose that Glorfindel (possibly one of a small party, more probably as a sole companion) landed with Gandalf-Olorin about Third Age 1000. This supposition would indeed explain the air of special power and sanctity that surrounds Glorfindel - note how the witch king flies from him, although all others (such as King Earnur) however brave could not induce their horses to face him. For according to accounts (quite independendt of this case) elsewhere given of Elvish nature and their ralations with the Valar, when Glorfindel was slain his spirit would then go to Mandos and be judged, and then would remain in the Halls of Waiting until Manwe granted him release...When they were re-embodied they could remain in Valinor or return to ME if their home had been there. We can therefore reasonably suppose that Glorfindel...was released from Mandos and became himself again...It is indeed probable that he had in Valinor already become a friend and follower of Olorin.

Tolkien goes on to speculate on when Glorfindel arrived in ME. He was unsure (undecided) as to whether it was with Gandalf or if it was earlier (in the Second Age). It still seems clear that Tolkien liked the idea that the two Glorfindels were one and the same.
Thanks Allyssa, that should clear it up for us.
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