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Hello all.
I have some time away from work, But not much, So I decided to check out the guild and leave a quick message. Thanks for all the warm welcomes, and kindness I have been shown.
a hearty greeting from me aswell Smile Smilie
Welcome to our fellowship Smile Smilie
yeah welcome friend......Happy Elf Smilie Happy Elf Smilie Happy Elf Smilie
Nice to see you around, Manveru! Welcome again. We will be pleased to hear more about your works in fantasy games area (I know I will look for it).

For those who have mist Manveru's presentation:

I am a bit of a writer, when I can find the time, my latest work being a world setting for a Dungeons and Dragons game. I find myself fascinated by the Elves in Tolkiens work and have even visited a few sites, and found a few books, on the study of the Elvish language. (by Manveru, the whole text see here)
Let us do something together, can we!?

I propose a conversation.

Could one find happiness if there is misery surrounding?
I'd say that it is possible.
Even in the countries ravaged by wars the people will find something that cannot be broken such as love. Smile Smilie
But is love additional pain or ultimate happyness?
That's a good question that I think has no answer or they vary alot Smile Smilie I myself would say that it is happiness. Something to hold on in the sorrows of war Smile Smilie
I believe happiness is above all joy of life. To enjoy the very simple and by my opinion most important things- someone to love and love you back; child(ren); food on your table; roof to settle; to be healthy, as well as your most beloved people.

Nai Eru anta mee alasse! (May God give us joy!)
Namaarie! Manen nalye? I know that I am not an Elf, but I have taken intrest in Quenya and have been trying feverishly to translate and learn all sort of things, and I read here some Quenya sentences. Thus I will stick here a bit to improve my Quenya if you lots won't be very angry at a hobbit intruding you guild...
Hantanyel tulesselyanen! (Thank you for coming!)

Every Hobbit is welcome here. I believe Thinker will enjoy your presence most of all- another Hobbit in PT.

Harya alasse! (Have joy!)
Perhaps better to be used as "A harya alasse!"
yeah i am happy to see you around here Clyryam. Happy Elf Smilie i haven't see any of my kindred friends for months......this is the first time. if your a new member introduce yourself under "Introduce yourself!" thread, so the other members will know you! Big Smile Smilie
Paranoid Smilie Paranoid Smilie seems everyone is sleeping.........! Paranoid Smilie Paranoid Smilie
Some may have the right reason to be asleep, Time Zones and staff like that...

Do not regret any moment of your life and specilay no moment of your life in PT. In my land we say: "The lonely warrior is still a warrior!"

Swords out and up! Hail, Thinker, the friend of the elves!
"The lonely warrior is still a warrior!"

i do accept that even the lonely warrior will get a chance to show his quality,a last chance may Faramir showed his quality (but he is not a lonely warrior) " Very Highest sir Genius Smilie" Sam said that.

"Hail Ammornil,the friend of the Hobbits" (who let this hobbit to stay around in an elven guild)
It is perhaps more correct to translate this speach of old as "Even single warrior is a warrior" (maybe also alone rather lonely). I am not very good with English, as one may see if read more than two posts of mine.

who let this hobbit to stay around in an elven guild (by Thinker)

It is up to the Thinker the Hobbit of Hobbiton to be or not to be friends with Ammornil Henduluin of Mirkwood, and friends of any elf are always welcome in the Elven Guild. You are one of the sparks ("tinwe") that keeps the fLight of life in this elven realm burning.
This old Dwarf enjoys the liveliness of the light-hearted hobbits and the wisdom of the long-lived Elves, even though the latter can sometimes resemble stuffed-shirts; but then some of we Dwarves can often be irascible and hard headed. Still when we all try to get along we are better for it. And while we are visiting this guild we best play by any rules the Elves in their wisdom deem to lay down.
And while we are visiting this guild we best play by any rules the Elves in their wisdom deem to lay down.

Correct Grondy Happy Elf Smilie

i also enjoy here as Grondy said. there's no big different in here with Elves.....but Elves don't have six meals Orc Going Huh Smilie like we have,i think. and Elves are not very interested in Orc Smiling Smilie food like we do...if this is OK with Rules... Can i have something to eat? Look Around Smilie
I am afraid an old wanderer as myself, can offer nothing more than lembas, honey and miruvor. Be welcome to have a snack with me anytime we meet Happy Elf Smilie. I will see to it, that more food and drinks arrive soon. Meanwhile the Khazad-doomish Inn (not far away from here) can provide more than even a Hobbit could have for a single meal. Winking Smilie

And we all know the Bartender, for he is one of our "tinwi" also. (Look two posts above)
My journey, once full of hope, is now full of doubts. Spells have been casted and the Door to the Outrealm has been opened once again. Few days have come to past since I have not seen the stars. Dark clouds cover the face of the Moon and even daily sunlight is not able to pass trough. Snow has come back to my lands and sorrow has taken place in my heart for a wild. Spirits of old, guide my path! For I see no road ahead...

Ma tarsa nin teele?(Is my task finished?)

What feelings does that inspire in your mind?
Other than needing an edit, it feels like someone suffering from cabin fever: they are quite depressed. But what do I know. I know next to nothing about some things and even less about others.
cabin favor... did not saw that one coming... anything else? Elf Smilie
that stirs my want to wander this globe of ours Smile Smilie
It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door... ("by Bilbo Baggins")

It may be a dangerous business, Arath, going out your door if not knowing where your path leads. For many paths have cross roads, and even more dangerous the choice could be, once set before your steps. But as a wanderer of old I will have to say also... the best of each journey is the coming home. And how could you value something more or most if never parted from it?

About my question before... it is quotation from a work of mine, where a character leaves his home to find the cause of a change in his lands. I just was not sure if it reflects despair or fear... Obviously none of them, so I will have to work on it a bit more...
On your journey through life, when you come upon a fork in the road, take it. One should never turn up their nose at a free eating utensil, because one must seize the moment when opportunity knocks. You Elves undoubtedly have learned this wisdom during your long lives; we Dwarves often have to have it explained to us in the school of hard knocks.
One could argue that Humans, Dwarves & Halflings are all wiser than Elves, since they are not as long-lived, rendering the number of mistakes they make (which erroneously is called 'wisdom') much smaller.

Then again, one can't make much mistakes if one shuts oneself out of the world, even out of time, and hides in forests and vales hoping somehow the other races will keep the forces of darkness at bay.

In a way, the destruction of the Three was poetic justice, a fitting punishment for the Elves' apathy & cowardice throughout the Third Age.
Methinks thems is fightin words in these parts.

(Note: The above text should be read to oneself in a think "country" accent)
If wisdom comes with experience, then the more time one has given to live, presumably more experience one will gain. And yet long life is not necessarily related to more experience. In my homeland we say: "Ask the one who did it, not the one who lived long enough to see it."

As for staying away from other races, "hiding" in the woods, I guess never shall humans understand it. It is about living in your inhabitance and not taking more than you need. Expansion is change, but also destruction. And elves do not look to destroy, but to keep the original idea of the Valar for it is the way of nature.

As "evil" and "good" are relative qualities, I will not like to argue. Though the way of war may be a good way to permanently stop an invasion, it is also good way to destroy much along and around that path.
Is the Elven-light fading? Where are now the bright stars, once shining in this Eleven-home?

Spring is back in the forests of the world (Northern Semiglobe) and birds are back with their songs and games... Love is all around. How do we meet it?
We meet it happily as always in the north Smile Smilie
Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Ai, Coire! Oorenya enliira. (Oh, early spring! My heart is singing again.)
I too am enjoying spring very thoroughly. Where I live it is only a brief hiatus between the 10-40s of winter (Fahrenheit) and the 85-100s of summer. Therefore we must be careful to appreciate the nice temperatures while they last.
no spring for my home place
What geographical coordinates is that?
Oh, I will never understand you but I do think your ability to speak like that is amazing.

P.S. ( I am supposed to be from mordor but when I was making my file I accidentally pressed elf.) Look Around Smilie
P.S. ( I am supposed to be from mordor but when I was making my file I accidentally pressed elf.)

that's Funny but you could change it. go on to my account then Edit profile.....

Only Sunny and Rainy days here..... Pumpkin Smilie
It is not how you start things, but how you decide to end them, that matters. (by Mike Mignola, Guillermo del Toro, Peter Briggs)

No matter if you change shape, face or color, as long as you stand for those who would be there for you when you need them.

Live well!
Remember, I'm new so I don't have enough mithril, thinker. Sad Smilie
You will gain it sooner than you think! Visit the site every day, that's all. Meanwhile do not regret your "mistake". Elves are more related to the Valar, as the Orks or Nazgul will ever be, and since Morgot was/is Vala and Valar are not an option you may even reconsider to remain Elf, only switch places and come to Dol Goldur (Mirkwood) [commercial of residence 24/7 provided by Ammornil Tumnasanwir - come and you'll see Elf With a Big Grin Smilie ]

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true, true, but sauron is a direct descendant of the valar because he is a maia. So his descendants are the orcs and ringwraiths. Very Evil Smilie
Can not agree... Saruman breeds orks also, but they are not his descendants. Ringwraights are men in nature, only enslaved and their free will is negated. So Morgot was Lord to Sauron, as Sauron is lord to the Nine, but as Souron does descend the ways of Morgoth, the Ringwraiths do not. They are servants to his will and with Sauron destroyed their faith is uncertain. It can not be insured that after Saurons "death", his minor servants will continue their servitude to His "captains". As Gandalf once said to Saruman on the top of Ortanga: "There is only one Lord of the Ring and he does not share power." (FoTR, the movie, director P.Jackson)
If you read silmarillion you will see that sauron once served Aule, the blacksmith.Saruman mixes orcs wit elves. Sauron isn't directly related to morgoth and the orcs and wraiths aren't related to sauron.
descendants are the orcs and ringwraiths.

I'd say that if any lineage can be given to orcs then they would be the descendants of the Quendi. As for the ringwraiths on the other hand... Only existed to serve the ring and the wielder of the ring sauron. Smile Smilie
In a way, raiths remind me of mind controlled zombies. Very Mad SmilieI tink orcs are just corrupted elves.
Yet many theories can be found about the origin of the orcs and no legends or story facts to support any of the theories.

Some say orcs were created from stone and brought to life by Morgoth. I do not believe Morgoth was able to give life after the end of the Grate Song (even if during Ainuindale he could) and specially after he felt in Darkness. So this is by my mind not possible.

Others say orcs came into being before First age to come after elven-slaves were twisted by torture in the dark dungeons of Morgoth's fortress. That can not explain how are they multiplied/bred later in history.
Question for Elves

What kind of Elda would you like to be?
perhaps of the eldar firstborn one of those whom never left the starlit plains and woods of middle-earth Smile Smilie In all of those years you could really reach a harmony whit the land Smile Smilie
The Avari are so mysteriously cool. I wonder how they lived. They don't really feature in many of the stories; I've often imagined that they'd sailed off the other side of Middle Earth and discovered a new continent Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

But I'd like to be the travelling type. Probably a Wood Elf. I'd get bored of pretty waterfalls and golden leaves pretty soon, I think...
A Shadow-elf scout (Fuinelda) will suit you good then, Cloveress! I'd choose it too. For they live in the shadows and are always on the move.

About Avari: some say Orcs were once Avari, corrupted by Melkor; true it is that they do not appear much, but there is a lot of mystery both in Far South and Far East of ME; I was thinking about the Avari, living in the Forests beyond the Sea of Rhun; we could open a nice new thread for discussion about Avari, can we not?

About Avari: some say Orcs were once Avari, corrupted by Melkor; true it is that they do not appear much, but there is a lot of mystery both in Far South and Far East of ME; I was thinking about the Avari, living in the Forests beyond the Sea of Rhun; we could open a nice new thread for discussion about Avari, can we not?

As you said there is not much known or mentioned about the Avari so our discussion would be mostly speculation. but i think that by speculating and discussing them we could "create" their history and enlighten the shroud of mystery that now surrounds them. Im eagerly awaiting for you to create the thread Smile Smilie
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