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Forlan is a Legend! Butt is as good as a Butt at goalkeeping.
Jansen is also a Butt.

What is Butts first name? Hugh?
Cavani and Forlan were just so great but their game slackened horribly in the end with a slew of bad passes.And i guess Germany took care of all the mistakes.I so wanted Uruguay to win.Forlan and Suarez.But Suarez backfired last night.

Can anyone tell me if Forlan will still be in the running for the Golden Boot if Sneijder or Villa fail to give goals in the final?

Paul strikes yet again despite wondrous efforts from UruguaySad Smilie
Schweinsteiger looks so hot!
And true Cheesy Butt is a funny name.But i wish the Uruguay goalkeeper was taller.

but the best is St Iker
We are going to Penalties, so my hope in Holland is lost. Can I borrow a fiver?
Bloody Octopus! Jinxed it, bet ya! Mad Smilie
For Gods Sake...

"The Best Team Won" According to the Commentator. Whatever.

So; who wants a EUFA Champions League Thread when the group stage of that Starts?
You could perhaps continue in this thread at The Forasken Inn? Footie Anyone?

Just a suggestion, not an order. Happy Elf Smilie
Oh heavens!I am so happy for Spain though i believe they got mighty lucky.

Paul strikes yet againSmile Smilie
For 1 moment i thought Iniesta was offside.And i loved it when Casillas burst into tears.
What joy.
Wish WC would happen every 2 years.Going to miss late nights with friends.Back to sleep.
I thought that I wasn't allowed to post in threads older than a few months?

So; EUFA Champions League Thread in September?
Rugby world cup next year anyone?.......
I thought that I wasn't allowed to post in threads older than a few months?

Oh no! Feel free to post in any old thread you may find!

There are many threads with lots of information and interesting thoughts, ideas and theories in the deeps of this Planet. It would be such a waste if they couldn't be brought back and added too. Happy Elf Smilie
I dont mind a EUFA thread but sadly all my exams will be crowding in September.But it would be very nice,Cheesy if we had a football club thread or something.For throughout the year.
Will set one up Shortly, Odette. I will probably set a Rugby World Cup one up when that happens aswell.
The Official Footie Thread has been set up.
Thank you cheesy
I cant get over the WCSad Smilie
THIS IS PATHETIC.I am missing messi and forlan and schweinsteiger more than i thought i would.
And i dont get rugby at allSad Smilie
And I miss complaining about Rooney. In exactly 1 Month, when the Premiership starts, he will be back to normal and we will all love him again.
Yes and Ronaldo tooSmile Smilie
And later my Barca players
Forget missing complaining about Rooney. He should be sacked from the England Squad, IMO. Doesn't even want us to win and he is hardly helping us. Zamora, Jagielka and Gerrard would have won that world cup. Gerrard could have won our group and got us further with his goal against America, but Green goofed up, and we can forget Jagielkas own goal. He had a few great chances earlier on, and it was Dawsons(?) fault that was a OG anyway. And Gerrard is epic (For a LFC Player).
Glad you are back CheesySmile SmilieYes you are right.Saw Drogba's hattrick?That man is good though it doesn't mean I am dumping Man U.
Nailed it on the WC mate
Drogbas hatrick was amazing. I am surprised Scotland didn't even qualify with great players like Darren Fletcher. I can see how Drogbas team (Ivory Coast?) managed to do reasonably well, with him.

And thanks Odette.
Ivory coast had another good player whose name escapes me

Drogba? He's been doing very well this season.

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