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Thread: The Official Footie Thread

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Guys and gals, you need to stop posting YT links. It's not allowed. See rule #9 in the list of website rules

broken heart

Sorry, but that's the way it is. 

Fixed it.

*lol* No Cheesy, you can't link to YT in any form, shape or colour. 

DISCLAIMER: It doesn't matter how cute, fun, interesting or topic related the image/text/video is, if it is on a website which have links or content which is unfit for children to see, then you cannot link to it. So sayeth the Family Friendly Guidelines

I was allowed BBC Sports...? 

Who do you guys reckon will be the top 7, and who will be relegated?


Top 7

1. Chelsea

2. Man City

3. Manchester United/Arsenal

4. M.U./Arsenal

5. Tottenham

6. Aston Villa

7. Bolton



Everton, Liverpool, Blackpool

Rooney might be leaving. If we didn't have the Glazers, we would be able to afford a replacement. 


Our schools Rugby kit is Green/Gold, so because it was tipping it down when we did football in PE Today, we put our Rugby kits on instead, and I did the Cantona thing with my collar. Random but it was kinda funny.

Rooney is leaving.It's official.Got it in the morning papers.

Your rugby kits sound like the Slytherin Quidditch kitsSmile Smilie

Man City are the only team that would win a bidding war, but apparently their manager doesn't want him. Real Madrid might have him, but they will never play him, same with Barcalona.


He'll change his mind in a few days.

We had another footie match in PE Today, and all of my team wore Green/Gold again, but I was picked for another team. When we played against my proper team, they took a shot, my keeper got a touch on it, but I was in the position for a Goal-Line Clearance, so I back-heeled it in, pulled my Bib off and joined our proper team again, which was pretty funny. My mate also switched teams just before their first match, so the Green & Golds ended up with 7 v 4 Matches. (And one 7 v 5)

And he has changed his mind.

I went to watch my local Evo-Stick Premier Division (North) team a few weeks ago. We got beat 2-0, had a player sent off in the last minute and scored an own goal. Then me and my mates decided to go to Old Trafford to watch United play. We had a long debate about who to watch out of Wigan or Blackburn. Guess who we chose.

For those who are wondering, it was Wigan.... 





Welcome back, Cheesey! Big Smile Smilie Haven't seen you on here for a while. As for the footie - well, don't rely on me for any great amounts of knowledge. The only games I watch are the international ones. Wink Smilie

To be honest the Internationals are usually the worst ones. (Apart from for Scotland, Spain, Argentina, Brazil or France, who get lucky and play well)

Good to have you back CheeseySmile Smilie

Did you see that recent back-flip goal by Rooney?

Uh the man is backSmile SmilieSmile Smilie

3 Goals in 3 Games, but he hasn't actually played well for the last 2-4 games, so I'm not sure. 

Anyway; Ronaldo (Brazil) and Red Nev have retired Sad Smilie


Did you get that Forlan Signature like you mentioned a few months back? 

No I didn't get the autograph,too much security and stuffSad Smilie

Yes I know about Rooney not playing that well but the man wasn't doing anything when he came back from(and also within) the madness in Africa,so let's wait and watch.

I'm sad about the retirements too.Ronaldo was one of the very bests ever.

And Barca lost to Arsenal.ughSad Smilie

P.s:Arshavin is quite cuteSmile Smilie

He looks like a Mole-like Rat in my opinion. 

The Emirates was full of Glory Hunters that match, I bet you.

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