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I'm glad you liked of it, Elbereth, and thanks. I've thought about joining to a choir of some kind, it would definitely strengthen my classical side of singing, also I could take some classical singing lessons. that would be nice. My range is bass-baritone, or something like that.

Hello, I've two new songs online in my youtube channel. Those are more darker and heavier songs.

There's a lot of simple mistakes in my drumming, but I was quite tired at the moment we recorded, so it kind of doesn't matter.

Hey! They await in the shadows.. this is very Metallica first years style, isn't it? I like it. I've been listening to some of your songs in the web and you make a good work. For me it seems impossible at the moment to put music to any of my lyrics. I don't know how to do it? Is it easy for you? I mean to write a poem and then write the music? drums, guitar, etc. It's really hard man!

I will put some of my poems here in PT for you (and the other members of course) to take a look and give me the sincere opinion.


broken heart

Well, always when we've recorded those short songs, I've just said to my friend that 'Play something that goes well with these drums.' and so on. It's quite inspirational stuff so far, but after we've recorded a bunch of those 'one-shot' songs, we'll pick up the best of them and begin to practise 'em for possible full recordings with mixing. I can arrange that too, but I won't do it in such an early state.

My drums weren't that awesome in those tracks, but I guess I can't blame myself endlessly for it, since I was quite tired at the moment we recorded.

I am not good at drumming/singing combo, but if I'd learn to be, you'd hear some great bits of my vocals, since I've only scratched the surface with the ones I've in my youtube channel.

And please, do post some of your song lyrics/poems. I've experience about being a lyricist and how to write them to be singable, so I would be glad to read some of yours, and maybe I could try and do some honor to them by doing some vocals. Smile Smilie

I've a habit of singing poetry with differing vocal styles.

You work really hard on the music stuff, so I can imagine how much you love it! I don't have such patience. Related to my lyrics, yeah, I will choose some of them and post it here. Anyway, I want the sincere opinion because naturally my friends say: it's quite good! But I have my doubts...

About your voice, I can say that the little I've heard sounds good but if you let me explain, I think you can try and sing in another style because you have a great voice and it seems as if you feel unsure, I mean, you sing in this style (Peter Steele) maybe due to the practice you feel more comfortable, but you can also make tons of different things, I guess you can do it pretty good. I would like to listen to you singing as Jorn Lande, I love his voice.

And the last question? do you play drums and sing? Wow! I love music and all that is related to it, last summer I went to Gate Studio in Wolfsburg for seeing personally the work in an studio from the very beginning until the album is almost in the shops. It's really complicated. I was lucky I could met Mr. Sacha Paeth there, he is very nice and humble person. Even if the work in the studio is tired. He stayed there for 2 hours showing me some details. It was a beautiful experience!

Here's a short vocal cover that I did yesterday without using microphone. I used likely same vocal technique as Abbath of Immortal (Nor), and I added some twist to it. It's nothing so serious, but it's certainly grim.

I guess I finally blinked out and decided to start to do some vocal/voice tests. My first video from that category, shows my ability to do a very real sounding robot voice. Next ones in line are: Some pirate voice acting, evil ways to laugh and something rather demonic.

Here's the link.

Dear Oerath, today I could hear some of your music with a little more calm and I only can say "You are at the beginning of your career, go on!". I have listened to the song of Immortal and also Amon Amarth and you sing wonderfully. I cannot tell you if you make mistakes, surely you do but I'm not an expert. Anyway, I like this kind of music but not all the bands and your stuff is pretty good. Not only the covers (that's easier I suppose) but the own creations.

Who Knows? maybe one day I will be watching you in a concert! I have a friend working in a firm which brings bands to Vigo (Spain), he had organized tours for new bands (last one I saw was The agonist from Canada) and also for famous bigger bands such as Cradle of filth, UDO, Gamma ray, etc. When you decide that you and your friends are ready for a "jump". Do not hesitate to ask me and I will talk with my friend in order to give you the chance to play here. It's not easy because of the lack of money actually, new bands must travel low cost and in small hotels meanwhile they grow and get known.

Courage, keep on working!


Thanks for your comments and though the videos you mentioned are easily ones I would like to remove from youtube, 'cause they do not meet my own expectations, I won't do that. What is done is done.

It's not so serious after all. What is serious, is my desire to move on in music industry field. I've been trying to contact some bands, and who knows, I may end up to do more vocals, than just for the band I'm currently in.

Here's a link for a cover that I did yesterday. I got from work and decided to sing a song, 'cause that band just quitted recently. Magnificent finnish black metal, sang in finnish. I can't really sing bm in finnish, but I still tried my best, while I drove. (Note from this that my best vocals, definitely, are the harsh ones, since those are as easy as eating breakfast).

What I'm saying is not that I'm so superb at these things, but I'm actually really good. Like I've said before, I don't want to show my real potential through some petty youtube videos. It's just too pitiful way of doing things.

And thanks for the info. Once we get things rolling again, including some new members and second demo, I think we could see about that concert thing after that. Smile Smilie

I've been doing some little black metal sessions, and my voice is in a very good shape. Some covers inc. in near days or 1-2 weeks.

Hei Oerath! I have listened to your new video in youtube and I found out that you sing in a more harsh than ever and not only that, you also change the style a little bit. I don't know how to explain it but it doesn't sound "Oerath" typical sound, it's different. I must think about it. It's strange.

I wish you good luck for finding some guys in order to have a band and try to make path in the field of music industry. I think it is not easy because there are many bands, specially in Finland!! at least band of metal. Even so, you are very young and work hard, writing lyrics, improving your voice, playing drums, trying to define your style, etc. You will play in a big band not too far from nowadays.

I wish you the best!!!

Yeah, I know what you mean. In our band's first demo, I used those kind of vocals, 'cause I had not thought about anything else, since those ones require a lot from throat and it sounds quite low. It's not so powerful sounding, but it makes single words sound pretty awesome. Like: 'The priest has come back again to the church.' part from The Chapel of False Beliefs. Those words are sang with small breaks, making them sound more powerful, but still very low.

And well, if you've paid attention to my vocals that I use in those 'cover' videos, I love to change my vocals a bit and try to use a variety of different growls/grunts. Mainly to suit my mood or the nature of song that I'm singing. In vocal levels, I sing from low grunts to harsh yells/normal yells, often imbued with a lot of vocal power. And when I use my scandinavian style singing or screams, in levels, those go from normal to high-pitched or screeching screams.

And being capable to use my vocals that well without a microphone is a result of my self-training. Once I get a better amp and a new mic, I can assure you that It's going to be pure destruction to ears.

I'm prolly going to upload a few vocal videos during next week, and those will feature most of the vocals that I use. Clean ones, harsh vocals, whispers, small and middle-grunts, story-teller voice, some power metal and classical vocals etc. Smile Smilie

Well, that surely turned out to be a long post. That's pretty much everything I can tell about my vocals. And the reason why I'm going to do those youtube videos is to show people that I can sing more than just black metal.

Hi! it's fantastic to see that even if you love metal, you try to find new ways to sing. You know that the best way of learning is looking in as many directions as possible; I think you will define your style soon. For example something strange you said in one of your post is that you aren't able or you cannot sing properly in Finnish, why? Anyway, that is a point you have to take into account: you will sing in English!

By the way, how do you manage not to hurt your throat? I use to scream a lot in concerts (even if I am among the audience and not on stage, hahaha); sometimes I shout louder than anyone in that place but I never hurt my throat, I have a good voice indeed. But making such harsh sounds is quite different. It seems as if you sing you will leave no voice for the next week at least. Which is the way you learned?

Too many questions as usual....

Nah, a good number of questions it is, Elbereth. Smile Smilie

Well, speaking about singing bm in finnish. My voice doesn't fit too well.

English and even some other languages are so much better, but if I sing with low or clean vocals in finnish, it's a whole different deal.

And well, in concerts, it's proper to scream and shout. If I get too drunk by myself, I'll start sing and mosh until I lose my balance, but then I'll just march over to bar desk, order something, drink it up and proceed. Big Smile Smilie

It doesn't hurt my throat or my voice that much. Even so, changing from harsh vocal styles to cleaner ones, while I sing is quite easy. And normally, those vocals cannot cause any pain to my throat.

But especially back then, when we were recording the demo, or doing our 2-3h band training sessions. It dried my throat a bit, it may've even hurt a little, but I've always recovered from it in a matter of hours or in under a day.

But for me, it's so minor. And of course, water helps a lot. Any drink in general helps. But you just have to learn that it is your voice that you use, and your will that allows you to sing on and on. It's an iron rule. If you stop and cry about being not able to sing well, you'll end up like that forever.

My use of harsh vocals could be called a natural gift, since I learned by listening to other bands and their singer's singing. Then I just started to sing harsh vocals at the age of 13, when my voice matured a lot, and meanwhile, I sang clean vocals on occasions. No singing lessons, no band activity, until I met the guitarist of our band over two years ago, when I was 19. I told him that I can sing pretty well, but I haven't been in any band. I've just been singing other band's songs without a microphone. Smile Smilie

But when he gave me a mic, he was surprised and said that I'm pretty good, and I said that in two years, I promise I'll get even better. And I've done that.

Here's some untold details:

My other grandfather was a poet and my other grandmother used to be a choir singer, and my father used to sing and play keys and listen/play metal music in his youth, so that explains it all, I think.

Sorry for a long post. After that, I don't think there's much to be said.

That is first one of those vocal videos that I will upload into youtube.

Featuring a little photo of me. Smile Smilie

Go and check it out, if ya want.

First of all, so everything comes from your family tree, isn't it? Hahaha, I knew there must be something hidden after such passion for music! In my family there are no such likes for heavy metal music, more pop, folk and classical music.

About the youtube link, you always surprise me, another different style. I think I've never heart you singing like that, have you something similar in the internet? Definitely no. And regarding to your picture, I had made an idea of you like that more or less, long blond hair. A true Viking!!! yeah!

Yeah, I'm glad my hair is long again. I did cut it off at one point, but now it's slowly starting to be as long as it used to be. Over 2 years ago, my hair was long enough to reach the bottom of my back. It was nice to have a short hair for once, but it didn't suit my style more than my long hair did.

And I've only one sentence to say about the latter: 'I'm a man of many vocals.'

Sorry for not writing a post earlier but I was busy these days. As I told you I am looking for a job abroad and it takes more time than I thought. Fortunately, I begin to see some good results...

What you said about your hair, I know what is wishing it to grow. It grows more slow than wished but be patient! Have you been writing or singing something new lately? Here I am waiting for a good band to play but it doesn't come.... Last week I saw a concert of Tibet bowls and it was fantastic. I have cried at the very beginning, the sound of some bowls brought me emotions that I was hiding and I bursted out into tears... Moving! Some others fell asleep angry Beautiful experience, nothing to do with what I am used to.

That sounds quite, something. Bowls?

I've never ever heard of such concerts or bowls being used as main instruments, but I guess it's of same category with bottles and how to make sounds or music by using them.

I bet it was an extraordinary experience.

Yes, hair is hair and slowly it grows. So annoying.

Anyway, here's a recent vocal session video of mine. I've recorded other stuff too, but they need some editing.

In this one, I used, what could be labeled as my most 'strangest' vocals. I can stretch my voice in many levels. From low to high, and this features something from between the two + a higher powerful yell and some mid-grunting followed by a harsh ending word. (I'm speaking about a particular sentence/verse).

And the last bits of that video show a higher clean scream. That's one of my ways to do it. It's usual in power metal genre to do such screams/yells that go from lower to higher.

PS. I know posting links is always questioned on this site, but I hope posting youtube links that contain only vocal material is and can always be allowed. It's partially this guild's purpose.

I'd also like to advice people that if you have something, recorded etc. that you wish to share, then by all means, do so! I would love to hear what kind of musician's we have on this site and what they're capable of. Smile Smilie

- O.W.

Hi Oerath! I have heard your lastest stuff, I rather prefer your darker voice. This style, nope, it doesn't suit you or maybe I am not used to listen to you singing like this. Anyhow, the final scream is amazing!

Do you know last weekend I went to another concert? This time was a power metal band, they were Spanish and it was nice even if the pub was almost empty! Nowadays people run out of money and don't waste it so easily in going out, it's sad to see how most of the families are almost touching the poverty line.

Well, just a question. At least this is a Tolkien website. Have you ever composed something inspired in Tolkien work? not only poems or tales but a song. If not, why don't you try it? There you can do a melody and use several voices: orc (hard breaking voice), elf (deep voice -you have it!) and man (more usual voice such as the one in this last video). Your comments?

Yeah, I must agree with you.

By the way, power metal is one of my favorite musical genres in general. Hails!

And well, Tolkien inspired music can be good and even better than good. Summoning has proven it along their years of activity. In my opinion, their band is the best one out there. The band's two members, Protector and Silenius (artistic names) have inspired me and I respect them greatly.

Because of their harsh, but beautiful music, I started to sing black metal and other goodies. Silenius a.k.a Michael Gregor is one of the best black metal singers in the whole Austrian UG Metal field.

I've always thought that if I'd write a Tolkien themed song, it would be a story one. Featuring narrating for most part and some cheesy choruses filled with power metallish fury and beauty.

In the vein of this post, here's a vocal cover I did today. It's pure black metal goodness. I'm slowly starting to realize the beauty of that genre again. I haven't been this interesting in basic black metal for years. Horns up!

Hullo, folks. I've decided to make some power metallish vocal covers in near future, also, this post will be strictly about power metal.

I am not sure are many of you familiar with a italian musician and composer called: 'Luca Turilli'.

The man is a genius and very talented. In my opinion, his composing skills are simply outstanding. He was main composer, lyricist and guitarist for a band called 'Rhapsody (of Fire), but he left last year when the band members agreed to do a friendly split, with Luca Turilli choosing a new path.

So, he formed Luca Turilli's Rhapsody, since he had contributed nearly 14 or 15 years of his life to make Rhapsody of Fire's music. It's his right after all.

Anyway, they released their new album: 'Ascending to Infinity' 4 days ago in whole Europe. And I must say that it's so damn kickass that in some terms, it could be even better than his solo career stuff or anything he composed/did with Rhapsody of Fire.

The whole album is a killer in my opinion. Full of cheesy, symphonic and powerful music, magnificent vocals and great melodies. The musicianship is totally fantastic, but to be mentioned, he has always composed longer epics, and this album has one track that truly kills: 'Of Michael the Archangel and Lucifer's Fall'. A very christian oriented entitle, but it doesn't matter to me.

That's link to the song itself. I hope you'll all enjoy it as much as I do. I've listened to it over 10 times in a couple of days, and I'm not going to hold it!

It ended up to be a long post, but at least I managed to say it all. Hails!

A new vocal session video. Easy stuff. I used my normal vocals this time around.

I do know Lucca Turilli, I like it! But actually I am listening continuously to your "neighbours" Sonata Arctica. I love the new album, I listened to the song " I have a right" in the radio and I said, I have to buy this album. It's brilliant, the lyrics, wow! Have you listened to it? or is not your stuff? I want to see them live but I must wait until autumm.

Regarding to the latest video in youtube, well, it's not bad but I prefer your darker voice and screams.  Smile Smilie

Here's something new for you fellows to dig out!

That naming is final: Oerath Windsoul - This Is Sorcery!

I've some info for all of ya fellows.

Somewhere between August and November, I plan to record some music, for both my 'finnish rock schlager' project, 'Esko Rautakanki', and 'Oerath Windsoul', which genre is kind of heavy metal with some progressive elements. (Later, I want to expand this into a band, and fulfill my plans about doing some folk/viking themed music. For now, heavy metal will do).

And 'Oerath Windsoul' projects music will be mostly instrumental, but there will also be some singing.

Planned OW songs so far: No time to mourn, The Hounds of Darkness, They await in the shadows, This Is Sorcery! and The Battle Is On

That's all for now.

Those of you that enjoy of youtube and my videos, remember to check out the channel in a matter of days. There will be some new material!


- O.W.

Dear Oerath, will you record an album??!!! If so, that's wonderful! You know I'm a fan of yours, hahaha. Even if at the moment I didn't listen whole songs but with the short pieces in youtube is enough to draw an idea of your power. You say, it will be a part in Finnish? Good, as I am trying to learn Suomi, it's a long story but remember about last time we chat and that thing about the job....

May I give you a suggestion? As you said most of the songs will be instrumental, why don't you try to write stories or poems and put music to them? So when someone reads them, the music can sound in the background and it will be beautiful. You know? me, I began long ago to write a book about death. It's the point of view of death as if it was a Dark woman who needs to explain to the world the reason of her existence. A bit weird yeah, however very gothic and philosophic.  My idea was to write the story and at the same time play something with my guitar so it can be read and listened.

Maybe too complicated..... Well, please keep us informed of your works!

Yeah, just wait there, you! There will be some material in due time.

By the way, concerning death, I guess I never told you that I've always believed that Death is a tall woman, who moves silently in a dark, quite midnight colored dress with a matching silky hood in her head. Her eyes are a mix of white and black and glowing. Her hair is very long and she has two long braids going down her face and her chest, black roses holding them together. Thorns grow out of her dress, every shadowy creature follows her, and she has a long scythe made of black steel with a blade that is made of stolen souls and broken glass. In shadows she walks unseen, in mirrors she hides. In dreams she cuts your head with her scythe, and in real life, she comes to your doorstep as an elegant woman, dressed in a black dress.

That's how I'd picture her. Smile Smilie

- O.W.

By the way, I named two projects. One of them will be a project that only features vocals that I shall sing in finnish.

- O.W.

Yeah, it's beautiful the description of Death; very similar to mine. However, the way she comes to us before she takes us to other path is different. I would say that she is a high spirit who comes near us to take our hand and whisper to our ear: "It's time to leave. Come on, follow me and enter your new place. Your time here is over and your work already done. Come with me now, you will be free and you must bring no sorrow with you. Stare the never-ending light and be part of it."

I think death is dark because we have drawn the idea of loss when someone dies. It's natural of course but it blurs death's meaning. Talking about this, a question comes to my mind: who wants to live forever? Moreover, I remember the words Gandalf says to Pippin in Gondor minutes previous to the last battle. The end? Death is another path...

One last thing, I want the lyrics of the Finnish songs. Just a funny way of learning a language!

I'm glad you liked of my description. By the way, here's something new for once.

It's many months old, and it's just a three-verse version of 'The Dragonborn Comes', which is a TES V song. (The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim)

My friend said that my voice would sound good with some echo in it + edited echo, so that's the case.

Smile Smilie

- O.W.

I finally got a chance to listen to your practices dear Otto. And I had a dreadful shock. Is that you ? You wear your hair long like all the elves in my family and you look like my brother that died a short while ago, my dearest Nelson. So it took me a few moments to compose myself. And then the timbre of your voice, it is precisely the same as the first dwarf that begins the song Misty Mountains. Remember dearest, unless you drink a lot of plain water, it will not give you the perfect voice sound and remember to sing from your diaphram. I am excited for you.

Yeah, that's me. It's not actually practising, but that's one way to put it.

Anyway, I'm very glad you liked of it, and woah, could try that one out as well.

In The Hollow Halls Beneath the Fells.

Yeah, when I sing, I do only drink water, mineral water or lemonade/juice. Plain water gives the best performance though.

I've always singed with the feel, but my breathing is alright though, while I sing. Enough to give me a chance to sing everything I want to.

And despite my smoking, I still manage to do some low notes or high screams or yells that last from 10 to 20 seconds, depending on the fact, am I focused enough.

Thank you, Rachel.

- O.W.

PS. I am still going to start taking lessons at some point of life, since I want to complete my classical choices of singing, though I won't ever give up on singing black metal. That's my only real genre.

Hey Leelee, you have made a complete description of Oerath! Yeah, very good one indeed!

I have watched of his stuff at the internet and it's incredible how he can change his voice in so different ways, he is versatile and loves what he does. Good luck with your career in music, no matter if you choose to be a singer or playing drums, whatever. My best wishes!

Do you know? Lately I have been thinking of many things about life, death, relationships... and if I could make the choice and try it, I would like to write and become a lyricist. I have always loved music and despite I don't play any instrument, writing about deep things is beautiful, helpful and some people say I do it quite well so, if I only could, I would dedicate my life to this and decide to live as lyricist. Whether that is a true job...

PS: Now I am listening to Stratovarius, have you recorded some of their stuff? I would like to hear you singing this Forever or also Destiny's song Oerath. Amazing, both of them!!

I haven't tried any songs of Stratovarius. I am not sure 'bout singing their songs. It could work, of course, but I am not sure..

But, I like to sing Hammerfall's songs from time to time, when I want to sing something power metal-ish.

I've been a big fan of theirs for a long, long time. I started to listen to their music at the start of 7th grade of comprehensive school, or maybe a bit earlier.

Great band. One of my fav. songs is Ravenlord. It's a cover, but man, what a cover.

Smile Smilie

I decided to write this post, 'cause I really feel like to thank you Rachel, and The Council for granting this opportunity.

I'm glad that I got to moderate this thread. I love music, and I've a feeling that this thread will grow in due time, once we get more people around that are interested in music and musicianship.

So, let me say it one more time.

If you're a musician, if you play something or sing, or if you just purely enjoy of listening to music, please do pass by and share something with me and with those that have already posted unto this thread.

Musician's Guild awaits!

- O.W.

You are very welcome and deserving Otto. And thankyou Taz and Fen , Am and the rest for such a quick response.

Now you just go ahead and nurture this thread and help all the others that are interested to participate with happy hearts and freedom from any shyness . I am excited for you Oerath Windsoul.

Elbereth, there are many avenues you can walk down in pursuit of what you would like to do. I would suggest looking up your interests at a nearby university or college . They have many books on every conceivable job, however obscure. Some of the books will have graphs on the percentage of people pursuing your interests, what the success rate is, the money made on average per annum. Go for it. blush

Interesting thread, it seems Oerath and me share the same taste in music.

Regarding Tolkien related music, I used to like Battlelore a lot (Finnish, too) but their last three albums are not too good compared to their first.

Hello there, Vir. I agree with you, Battlelore hasn't been the same since they released Third Age of Sun.

Storm of the Blades and Ghan of the Woods. Brilliant stuff.

By the way, concerning Tolkien related music, I always speak out for my fav. band, so..

Have you heard of Summoning?

Anyway, hail and kill. Smile Smilie

Actually, I own all of Summoning's albums. Brilliant music that perfectly captures the darker themes of Tolkien's work, in my opinion.

Very nice! I also do own all of those cd's, but some of them remain hidden from my eyes, 'cause I'm truly good at making things disappear from time to time. Smile Smilie

Luckily, I've their discography on my comp, some songs on my phone etc.

Summoning is a band that simply stands out, 'cause their music is pretty unique and atmospheric. I'm glad they decided to use black metal oriented vocals as the main vocals in their music, 'cause that is, in my opinion, what adds more beauty to it.

I knew there had to be someone else, who admires these two brilliant Austrian musicians. 9 years of Summoning for me, and there's always room for more.

(I hate to sound too excited, but that's just me)

Wow, two days and you have this thread rocking and have pulled our Vir out of whereever he was holding up. No one else has ever been able to do that. You go boy.

Music is the key, Rachel. Smile Smilie

Yeah, I love to get things going, and in a few weeks, there'll be some new material incoming.

Some vocal session ideas, some drumming and a new song.

'Marlboro Man' is the title, and it will be kind of rock, but sang in finnish.

But no matter, I'll translate the lyrics, once I get to it. Smile Smilie

I forgot to mention something during our last conversation, Elbereth.

I went to see Ensiferum at one club last night. And it was a damn good concert!

They played most of my favorite songs and some extra songs that I hadn't even thought about.

Best in it all was that we got in for free. My friend has some connections, and he managed to get our names in the guest list. Awesome stuff!


- Oerath.

How nice Oerath! I saw Ensiferum in Wacken festival last summer and they were amazing, not only for the music but for the clothes. In that concert they were dressed as warriors in Braveheart film.

Do you know that Korpiklaani will play here at the end of October? I would love to see them live as I listen to them since only one week but find them pretty good. And by the way, do you know the German duo Lacrimosa?

Oh well, they always do dress like that. Smile Smilie

Good band, good music.

And oh, I do know Lacrimosa. Anne Nurmi, other member of the band is a finnish singer.

A russian friend of mine listens to Lacrimosa a lot. For me, german is a hard language to grasp in a singable form, but Lacrimosa has many nice songs.

I like this thread. Glad it re surfaced. Talking about European music. Does any one listen to Of Monsters and Men or Savant (Aleksander Vinter)? If you don't know either of them OMAM is kinda folk music and Savant is electronic and dubstep. Savant is not that famous but OMAM is famous enough that at least someone in hear should know them.
Sorry about the triple reply my phone is stupid

No harm done, Beredras. I corrected your phone's little error.

Nice to see ya over here.

And oh, I do know Aleksander Vinter, He's a norwegian musician. I stumbled upon his music at one point, and well, I'm not that much into dubstep and stuff like that, but I know Savant too. I mainly listen to his Vinter in Hollywood project's music occasionally. That kind of dance or house styled music is not my thing either, but little exceptions can be made every now and then. Smile Smilie

Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with the other names you mentioned.

Thanks for passing by!

In this guild, you can talk about anything that is related to music. Tell us your favorite bands/artists, what kind of music you like, what kind of instruments you play etc;

And this message is to all of you music loving people out there.

The Musician's Guild awaits!

Wow I can't believe you know Vinter! I listen mainly to the songs where he singa but some of his electronic ones too. But my favorite bands are the black keys and Mumford and Sons. Dubstep is not much of my thing, I don't hate it it's just there are many other genres I'd rather listen to instead.
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