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Ok, Jennie looks like Michelle Phiffer and our Buttler is Kris, and he looks like David Lee Roth in his younger days.

Sorry these are real people that really do clean my house on Fridays and babysit for me when I need them. As a matter of fact Kris is coming over tonight to crash so he can watch Robbie while Matthew takes me to the doctor tomorrow.

Oh, and I did say Jennie's name, but I just called her Jen.

The more the merrier. Mellie yells for Jen (the maid)

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[Edited on 1/10/2002 by MelliotSandybanks]
....and about the PVC thing?
I've just scoffed a bunch of grapes and three cream doughnuts while I've been sat here... too lazy to cook my tea earlier.
Does Anyone Here Like Sausage?
As long as I don't have to cook it, I will eat almost anything.

I have cake.

I just wanted you all to know that.

I also have pie, d@mn I'm a lucky guy.
Well I Have CANNOLIS! Big Smile Smilie
mmmmm, that sounds wonderful. Cannoli and cake and pie.
Well, today I have many, many biscuits. And there's still cake in the fridge. Life is good.
I eat pretty much anything chocolate. Big Smile Smilie Tongue Smilie
I think all women do... Smoke Smilie

I have a box full of ice cream and a whole evening to spend in front of the telly. What do yo think I'm going to do?! Big Smile Smilie
Eating and lack of time are both issues for me, god bless Planet-Tolkien Wink Smilie
I think you are in the wrong thread Taz. You don't have time to lie about with this motley crew. Big Laugh Smilie
*sirene starts to go off*

Error! Error! Attention to all the lazybones in here. A busybee has just entered the room.

All the lazybones turn around, say "oh, ok" and fall back into their old positions again.

*sirene stops*

Very Big Grin Smilie
Jennie and Kris kick Taz out the door for us.
Give me an armchair near the fireplace, a stubby and a sandwich please someone (I cannot even be bothered to find them myself).

What a day... Gruelling, stress-city. Spent an hour today getting a grilling of my life from a defence solicitor (and I'm supposed to be the "good guy")... Damn, she was good. I'd hate to be facing her if I was the "bad guy". Still, my mate who went in after me got an even harder time. I thought he was about to run out of court in tears at one stage.

And where's my stubby? This virtual room's no good. I've got to get up and fetch one from my fridge.
Poor Val. sounds like you need a shoulder rub. Drink your stubby and relax now you are here, and don't have to do anything but type.
I know how you feel Grondy my Driving instructor is one of my old neighboursand moved from Glasgow to Bury about five years ago. I speak with a heavy Lancashire accent he speaks with a heavy Glaswegian accent, hence I only understand three words when having my leasons: More Gas and CURB!!!!
Good Morning Smilie Someone give me an aspirine please!
You never saw my maths teachers. So many tweed jackets with leather elbow pads, Rrrhhhh!
homework minions dont look like math teachers. they look like a grammar or history teacher! lol. Tongue Smilie
Can i join? i'm really lazy! if ne1 takes a quick look at nething of mine they'll c that right away. I want cookies!
You are in Crystal. Happy Elf Smilie

Are you related to Fredegar the Thin (only so named since his encounter with the Nazgul)? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
yes i am related 2 Fredagar. He is my cuzin! lol
OH NO! i dropped The Fellowship of the Ring! Oh Kris! Wink Smilie
Kris is cleaning the kitchen floor at the moments. lol. But he stops and hands Crystal her book. "There you go, my dear." lol

Btw Crystal welcome to PT and to the lazybones guild. Nice to meet you.
* thanx 2 Kris*

nice 2 meet u 2 mel! Big Laugh Smilie
Hi i'm real lazy. just thought i'd tell you all i'm so lazy i can't be bothered typing the proper words.
lol Ross.

Well, Mellie, relaxes in front of her computer. I think I am going to give Robbie a free day. I am too lazy to teach today. Jennie and Kris did not come over today. (Thank heaven!) A nice quiet day, it is cloudy outside, cool and looks like rain (again) Just going to enjoy doing a whole bunch of nothing. lol
Welcome both Ross and Crystal! Waving Hello Smilie Help yourselves to a seat cos I can't be bothered to get up.

I gotta go and eat now, but I'm too d@mn lazy to get up. Can't I have Kris take it to me? Big Laugh Smilie
hi Tommy! hi Ross!
just sittin on my chair eatin halloween candy (cant believe i wuz unlazy enuf 2 go trick-or-treatin and volunteerin) and watchin LotR:FotR. have it nearly memorized by now.
Happy new year to you all. Being from a family that can trace its family back to the Celtic origins of England I hope you all had a good Saim Hann (holloween) because thats the last day of the year. Its a cheery culture death is the begining of the cycle not the end. So bloated and lazy from all the scoffed parkin. Berp can't be bother to excuse my self. Let the festivety begin. Oh *** it I can't be bothered.

[Edited on 10/11/2002 by Allyssa]
Halloween is New year's Day? well now i learned sumthin new! thank u Ross!
No Halloween is New Years Eve
Nope thats the point, now pass me a beer and cut my toenails please, I really cant be bothered and I can't afford the prices the corsairs of Umbar charge for a galley slave. D**m it.
Oh No! I've just been promoted to a friend does that mean I'm not lazy enough to be in the guild anymore. If it does tough I can't be bothered changing guilds.
ok Halloween is New Year's Eve then! Wink Smilie
i have suceeded in doin as much of nothin as hobbitly possible the last 4 days and i m incredibly bored! specially since i had 2 make a new name on this site, which i wuz 2 lazy 2 do 4 a couple of days!
Help! i need help cleanin my room by sat. or i cant have a surprise party 4 my best friend! i guess Kris and Jenny couldnt cum over and help, could they? (i guess not since they dont even know where i live)

[Edited on 8/11/2002 by Meia]
Nope, Kris and Jenny can't help you clean your room Meia, because we need them to do our bidding around here. So, you will have to clean it on your own. And you better get cracking young lady, 'cause us'ns needs a party. Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie

I'd come and help, but I just can't work up enough gumption to get off my backside to do so. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
You could have a surprise party by not bothering to throw one in the first place. Then we could surprise them by not botheering to show up or even congratulate them.
ok, Kris and Jenny wont help me clean my room and neither will Grondy. Very Sad Smilie oh well. i'll clean it l8r 2day w/ country music blarin outta my stereo! oh yeah! Cool Smilie
whatevers cheapest Inder, after all, you're only going to shove it up your **** anyway aren't you?
my favourite bog roll is the one from iceland as its B-O-G-O-F I just think with an offer like that you can't refuse it. Hey I just thought we can say craper as it was Thomas Craper who invented the toilet.
i dunno Ross. i dont think **** is a bad word neway. i mean, my best friend's teacher says it and she goes 2 a Christian skool. i think that he would b fired if he wuz sayin sumthin that should b a bad word

[- Sorry, some words are considered offensive in some regions and not in others. We try to remove all offensive words.]

[Edited on 10/11/2002 by Allyssa]
Let me have that comfy armchair near the fire and a stool to prop my feet up again. I'm too cold and damp to even contemplate having a stubby, and as I don't drink hot drinks, I can't have one of them either.

I've just spent the past two days wading through sticky mud, in the pouring rain, and with a gale of wind, while trying to survey a mussel bed. Why, I'm inclined to ask myself? I could be swimming in warm tropical waters, studying dolphins etc.... but no, Val's fate is to explore this muddy hole.

And my thigh hurts Sad Smilie I popped the joint when the leg of my waders got stuck in the mud yesterday. All day today I could feel the joint rubbing against the socket. Man, I'm going to pay for this lifestyle with some serious athritus when I'm older.

All I want is a warm bath but I've got to wait for the water to heat up.
Ross: You are right on all counts. If you will remember, when Arthur Dent drew his homemade scrabble pieces out of his rabbit skin bag, one at a time sight-unseen, as a way of divining the question of "Life, the universe, and everything", the resulting question was "WHAT DO YOU GET IF YOU MULTIPLY SIX BY NINE". The problem was he already knew the answer to the question was 42; therefore, the Golgafrincham Arc B was an extraneous bit of data that fouled up the Earth's entire 10 million year calculation.

Chikakat: You should not be frightened about your Differential Equations course, unless your professor is like mine was, a Pakistani who spoke English with a very heavy accent. NO, DO NOT BE AFRAID BECAUSE OF HIS NATIONALITY OR HIS RELIGIOUS PERSUASION, but because you, like myself, may only be able to hear and understand about one-third of his words. Which in my case lead to the lectures being quite incomprehensible.

At that time we had close to one hundred Palistani students and graduate student lecturers at Washington State University and they were some of the friendliest people I have met, but this one fellow had great difficulty with my class. There were many tests where the average scores were 27 out of 100 and if he hadn't been grading on the curve would have had to flunk the entire class of tweny-five, except for a couple of Hermione types. I finally escaped with a C. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie
Hey, Kris. Pour poor old Val there, hot buttered rum. He needs to get an inner glow on, so he won't cool down his bubble bath once his boiler gets it up to Temp. Elf Winking Smilie
Hot buttered rum sounds excellant Grondy, thanks. The hot bath did the trick though. Inside I'm glowing from the heat, and my skin's all tingly from the temperature. I can now sit here and really appreciate the cuddly soft fleece that my parents bought me for last Christmas. Typing's a bit hard with my feet up though.
The toilet paper thingie: inclined to agree with Plastic here. Animated Wink Smilie (talk about a lazy subject!)

So feeling better now, Val? Great.

Oh well can't be bothered to say much today.
i call tissues, tissues.
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