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Gosh Celebrian, that really is terrible. All my little problems seem to fade away now all of a sudden. Me who wanted to come in here and moan about how terrible a cold I've caught and how horrible teachers at school can be and stuff like that. I think I just landed with my two feet on the ground again. Terrible sorry for you and Niniel of course, and I sure hope everything will turn out all right with your friend again in the end.
Celebrian, I cry with you. (literally, your first post was heartbreaking). I have never experienced anything like this, so I can't really give you any real advice. Except: have you talked to anyone but us about this? If you do, it might help. Sad Smilie
Celebrain, I first read your post about your friend a couple of hours ago. I was crying so hard, that I could not respond. I am very sorry to see that you had to be a wittness ot something so traumatic.(sp) Well, as your friends here at PT, we will do what we can to help you. You may want to go talk to someone at your school. Like a counciler or someone. S/he maybe able to help you handle your own feelings of dealing with your friend, or give you an idea of the best way to help your friend.
Thanks guys..glad to see the support I`m getting from all of you Wink Smilie
Please Tom, moan your heart out, I`ll do for you what I can Animated Wink Smilie
I`m sorry that I made you cry Mellie and Sam, that was not my intention! I feel bad now or what?! I`m stealing all the attention! Please, have no worries for me, I`m doing fine and hope my friend will feel better let`s talk about stupid teachers and headaches! Big Laugh Smilie

And I really appreciate your support guys, thanks Look Around Smilie
Sorry to hear about your friend Celebrian. That is truly tragic.

Pressure from parents can be the cruelist thing in the world. Sad Smilie

Stupid teachers and headaches: I have had more than my share of both!
Celebrain, don't feel bad about making me cry. I tend to cry too easily sometimes. Your topic about your friend just hit too close to home for me. I have been through a similar situation and had to keep things in perspective.

ok, now for my brood. 8 year old little boys that won't go to bed at night and then sleep late during the day. I know he needs his rest and if I wake him up, he is very fussy and I don't like dealing with that. When he is fussy, it is difficult to get him to do his school work. If I let him sleep late, he does it with out a problem. But I like to stay up late, and have alone time to spend here and do Val's quiz. I may go to bed between 4 and 6 am, but I am still up by 9 or 10. I get my house clean before he wakes up, sometimes, but I like to do that while he is reading. Very frustrating.
Mellie, it sure beats being woken up really early on Sunday mornings by 2 kids telling you how bored they are. Sounds like it's not so bad really. If it really bothers you, then try giving him a "nightcap" Wink Smilie (some help I am eh!)
Don't think the thought hasn't crossed my mind about the night cap, but I just can't bring myself to do it.
If I just start waking him up earlier, maybe he will go to sleep earlier. But I had the same problem as a child, (still do too). I remember going to bed at awful times (even elementary school) and still getting up in time to go to school. my mom hated trying to get me out of bed in the mornings. I think that is why I have not pushed the issue too much yet. but 2:30 or 3 am is just awful for a child. He still needs his sleep, and his body wants 11 -12 hours of sleep. If he gets less than that he is really grumpy. I don't like Grumpy. Unfortunately he is just like his father and I both. That is why his father works nights. lol

It really puts a damper on what you can do during the day. Not everything is open 24hrs a day.

It is my fault and I know it, but I will start re-working everyone's schedule tomorrow while Matthew is on Vacation. Maybe, Robbie will start going to bed and getting up a bit earlier.

Sure he's not a vampire Mellie? Maybe you should bring him to Britain so that the time difference would tire him out.
If he is a Vampire, then so are Matthew and I. I would love to take him to Britain. I have never been there, but my Dad says it is great. He loved it! I got mad at him, because he never took me with him. For about a year Daddy was in Britain every other week.

Maybe I can convince Matthew to take all of us to Britain next year. That really would be great.
Yeah, come have a drinky or two with us here in Ol' Blighty Melly, I'd love to meet up with you and yours. Make Devon your first stop. Smile Smilie
Sounds great to me Plastic. Now, Matthew just needs to get the money, and I need to convince him. lol He has promised me a trip. So, we just might take you up on your offer.
WOOHOO! Smile Smilie Now that would be great Melly.
Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie You go girl! Very Big Grin Smilie

Well my broodings at the moment are that I still have a **** headache (how did you guess Celeb?) and that I have so much work to do for school and keeping up with all your posts here that I have to get up early even on Saturdays. Good Morning Smilie
Big Laugh Smilie
yuck i hate getting up ealry. now i have to work on matthew.
he checked prices the other day. it is only $600 a person. not too bad
Where's Mellie gone. Sad Smilie Get better soon!
I am so relieved to hear your news Chik! I am sorry your family had to go through all that needless worry.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving! Big Smile Smilie
I hope you get well soon Mellie! Miss you! *hugs*

My current brood is still (and will be for some more weeks) the exams. They're getting closer and closer and closer. I start next week. Super Scared Smilie Keep your fingers crossed for me please!!

*gone now, off to study*
Hmmm, this is scary. I have no broodings at the moment. Thank heaven. Now, I just have to save money for plane tickets to Europe. (Especially the UK)

Any suggestions on making quick easy money, for a stay at home mom, that can't drive?

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Oh dear. I just discovered this thread and read it all the way through, top to bottom. I have only one thing to say...


It really, HONESTLY, seems to me sometimes, that life is not worth living...
Cheer up Prog, things could be worse... Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

And maybe we are heading for the end times. Which is why I feel the religious-right is pushing for this confrontation with Iraq: they want to bring on Armageddon. Orc Going Huh Smilie

But we must not give up hope, for I can see him coming. Yes, he is coming. There he is, just toping yonder hill; a little furry-footed creature with a gold ring in his pocket, out to save the world from self-destruction. Will he be able to achieve it? That my friends depends on you and me. Happy Elf Smilie

Any suggestions on making quick easy money, for a stay at home mom, that can't drive?

Heh, that's just way too easy Melly... Wink Smilie
*slaps Plastic to save Mellie the trouble Shaking Head Smilie
Thanks Allyssa. lol
Umm, Plastic, get your mind out of the gutter and give me some real suggestions.
Ouch! I`ve got an out of this world headache, crashed my tiny toe against a brick wall (I think it`s sort of broken...a little bit) and I`ve got TONS of homework! Very Sad Smilie what`s new guys? Smoke Smilie
Here's something:HELP!-it's sentimental problem-and don't laugh cause if you'll do I'll do this: Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie .So I like a girl wich i asked out in spring and she said no cause she liked another guy but he didn't know it and now she hates that guy and likes me (I have a spy or two Cool Smilie )but she doesn't know I know and what should i do?I'm way too shy to got straight to her and tell it maybe if i get drunk i'll get some courrage but than I'd look bad and......HELP!
Hey raptor.

Shyness can be a problem, but what you have to ask yourself is this:
If you like this girl but never ask her out, unless she asks you, you'll never get to go out with her. If you do ask her and she says no (again), you'll feel an idiot for a while (and disappointed). The end result, however will only be the same as not asking her out, ie. you're still not going out with her.
By asking her out, however, there is the possibility that she will say yes, in which case you'll be pleased you asked her. So in this scenario, being too shy to ask her out is exactly the same as her turning you down.

I often find, however, that shyness is not the only issue. Your dreams are also at stake.
Until you ask her out you can dream that one day you will be together. If you ask her out, however, and she rejects you, your dreams are now shattered.
Obviously, if this is the case, you have to decide how strongly you value the dream of one day being with her, and whether you are willing to lose that dream with her turning you down.

Maybe the question you should be asking yourself, is how good your spies are.

Don't forget also, there are plenty of other fish in the sea, and in this case I don't mean other girls for you to pursue. She might want a boyfriend, and while you are dithering, someone else might come along and snap her up.

You might as well ask her. You haven't really got anything to lose, but potentially lots to gain. You don't have to go wading in like a ton of bricks. Just find a way of spending some time with her. Compliment her, or smile a bit etc, find an excuse to be with her. Don't look at it as a date, or the pressure will probably make you clam up. Just be yourself and enjoy yourself.... Oh, and insulting girls to get their attention only works long enough to get their attention. Do it too often and they'll just get the impression that you don't like them.
Oh, and insulting girls to get their attention only works long enough to get their attention. Do it too often and they'll just get the impression that you don't like them.
I'd never do that!

ps.But,and here's the enourmous 'BUT'....She likes LOTR!!!!!!!!!That's why i'm so confused....I'll let you know if anything turns out of this.Thanks,Valedhelgwath!(boy,you sure have a long name! Wink Smilie )

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Valedhelgwath!(boy,you sure have a long name

Yeah, tell me about it! I keep forgetting the "w". Now I always do the cut and paste thingy.

But,and here's the enourmous 'BUT'....She likes LOTR!!!!!!!!!

Not an enormous but, at all, Raptor. It is a conversation starter. I wish I could find a man who loves LOTR. In Love Smilie
Yes, Rednell. Where are all the men who like LOTR? There must be some, since it stands to reason that of the subgroup of men who have intelligence, some must also have good taste. Wink Smilie

Raptor: Please, please, don't get drunk. Nice girls really hate that. Otherwise, Val's advice seems good to me, but dont think about it too much, just do it. Big Smile Smilie
Raptor, don't get drunk, get her drunk instead, much better plan.Wink Smilie (joke, Alyssa, joke) And just go for it, life's too short to spend p***ing about. Honestly, if I had a quid for every chick I missed out on cos I wasn't sure, I'd have, erm... a couple of quid cos I worked out that I was being dumb pretty quickly.

And I'm a bloke who loves LOTR, there's loads of us out there, and some of us aren't glued to these PC thingummijigs all the time either, so you DO stand a cat in hells chance of meeting one.
And Val's name isn't that long, if you don't bother to type the whole thing.
All I can say raptor, is: good luck! Cool Smilie

Surprisingly, there are some guys out there who love LOTR, but I don't like them. (the ones I come across in everyday life, I mean). Very Sad Smilie
Cool Smilie ok i asked her to the movies....and.........

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'VE SEEN ICE AGE WITH HER TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(and a few classmates,but who fu*** cares?)-she's seen LOTR 3 times and also read the books(my preciousssssssss books I never take out of the house),and the hobbit.And she's smart,and funny and good-looking.YPEEEEEEEE!!!!!(*knocks head on computer screen and chills*).thanks guys and girls,for your HUGE support!!!!!!!!!ps Plastic,that wouldn't really be possible-she never drinks,but I think I coulde use some,to calm down.
WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! In Love Smilie

ps how the 'd'uck do you change your avatar(I mean put a custom one,cause I can't seem to manage it-step-by-step-info,please)

*finally goes to sleep
Good for you raptor! And Celebrian, it's okay that you made me cry. I do a lot.
Okay, all I have to brood about is this: one of my best friends parents are getting divorced. She is thirteen. I have only met her father and he is really nice. His other daughter (an adult I work with, she has a different mother than the friend in question, however) told me. She seems to not think it is a good idea to talk about it. My friend had never even given a hint of this turmoil to me, and so I was shocked. She has given signs though that she is not doing well, but everyone thinks it's a bad idea to talk about it with her...I really know the answer to this question, so you can just ignore it, but, well, that's what I have on my mind.
ps how the 'd'uck do you change your avatar(I mean put a custom one,cause I can't seem to manage it-step-by-step-info,please)
You have passed the first stage, in that first you must reach the status of Friend by posting 50 posts. You must then find a picture that you like. You must then send it to Taz as a 70 x 70 gif. file and ask him very nicely if he will change it for you. You must then never, ever again change your profile in My Account or you will lose it.

Oh, and pleased the advice worked out okay for you. Hope you find love and happiness because of it.
Ok,now that I'm i'm in shape:Sam,i think you should talk with her.The girl i like I Love You Smilie has her parents divorced,too and she once told me she doesn't like to chat on it but it's helping?!So,my advice it to talk,but more to listen.
Thumbs Up Smilie Way to go Raptor! Thumbs Up Smilie

Samwise: I agree with Raptor here. If she doesn't want to talk about it, you can't drag it out of her either. And it's better to listen, anyway. I know it's hard cos I've been there as well, but it's the best thing to do. If she really wants to talk about it, she'll come to you, if she knows you're there for her.
That's great news Chikakat, now you really have something to be thankful for on Thursday while you are stuffing your face on turkey, candied sweet-taters or yams, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, and pumpkin pie; not to mention cranberry relish, tossed green salad, olives, home made rolls, and maybe even a secondary and/or tertiary mince meat pie or pecan pie. The forgoing is the standard Thanksgiving menu here in the upper left-hand corner of the USA.
It bugs me how now days doctors always seem to fob you off when your children are ill. I know the NHS is stretched, but when I was a kid I can remember on a few occasions the doctor turning up at the house and making me better. My girlfriend's 3 year old has just spent the last four days throwing up (she cannot even keep water down). In the past we've been told leave it for three days because that is often normal with stomach bugs. This as gone on for four days now, however, but all the doctor advised was give her some flat lemonade or coke.

I know it's Sunday, but do you have to die before they want to see you?

And Virus's. Everything now days is put down to a virus. It's a virus.... Go away and come back next week if your kid hasn't got better.

My girlfriend's 3 year old has just spent the last four days throwing up (she cannot even keep water down).
Now-a-days I don't think doctors ever make house calls, unless you are rich and have them on retainer. A child that age can become dehydrated quite fast, as we said in the chat room. Try her on frozen Popsicles and get her to a doctor or the emergency room soon, especially if she has a high fever. Good luck, our prayers are with her.
Hope she gets better,Valedhelgwath.We're here for you.
OMG Val, just keep pestering those doctors until they listen. Sometimes I think medical practitioners must study a year of 'come back in a couple of days if she isnt better' or something. Even when you tell them that your child has already been sick for 'a couple of days'.

Keep us posted on the little girl's progress. I will also say a prayer for her. Big Smile Smilie
Thanks for your concern all of you, and to Rednell for the e-mail Smile Smilie

I spoke to my girlfriend about an hour ago, and Charlotte appears to be on the mend. She's managed to keep some liquids down today, and some dry toast at dinner. She was sick again after her tea, however, so she's not fully well yet.

She saw a doctor yesterday, who predictably gave her the virus/come back if it doesn't get better speach. I know they must get innundated with children being sick or with colds, and as parents we all believe our kids are seriously ill as soon as they start vomiting, but when something like this goes on for days, they can seriously dehydrate.
I am glad she is recovering Val, my prayers are also with you. Stupid doctors, these days! Big Smile Smilie
I am glad she is recovering Val, my prayers are also with you. Stupid doctors, these days! Big Smile Smilie
So good to hear that Chika! I'm sure you can have a nice Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year now. There's no fun in spending those in anxiety, is there? And I'm sure you'll feel a lot better away from home too now. I mean... Oh you know what I mean, don't you? Cool Smilie
I am so glad for you chika! Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie What a relief Big Smile Smilie
Now-a-days I don't think doctors ever make house calls

Then we must be very lucky over here in Belgium, because they still do here when it's serious and you can't go over there, or when children are concerned. It costs you a bit more than normally (the costs of transport I presume), but they do come.

Glad to hear she's recovering Val. All the best! Cool Smilie
I have a brood today!!!!!! I woke up around 7am, for some odd reason, looked at the clock and decided to go back to sleep. (I love being a stay at home mom!!) About 45 minutes later it is completely dark, no clock, no night light, no fans or air conditioner, no computer, no telephone answering machine!!!! Nothing! No electricity! I was not happy. I woke my hubby up, so he was not happy considering that he had not gone to bed unitl 6am. He goes out side and thank heaven it was not just our house. The whole neighborhood was with out electricity including some businesses. The electric gave some lame answer like there was a power outage, but no reason as to why the power outage happened. We were with out electricity for about 3 hours. I was going nuts. No way to get to PT or anything. We were lucky that it was not enough time for our refridgerator to defrost. I would have been very upset over that.
Sad Smilie I have been miserable and brooding.

I don't want to give up my study, but childcare is not only expensive, but almost impossible to procure.

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